OK, OK, we’ll do a proper game threat. Yes, it’s been a lazy couple of days ’round here on DJF mountain. Don’t expect that to continue next week, but it seemed as good a time as any to check out for a little bit — even though I actually was at Rogers Centre for the past two games, the latter of which was one of the most enjoyable of the season (at least among those I’ve been to, I think) — and to give the ol’ mind brain a reset. Which I’m totally going to keep doing over the long weekend, I suspect, unless anything too crazy happens.

This, of course, will mean there will be no weepy paeans to Deh-reck Jeet-ah from these parts, as “the captain” makes his last appearance in Toronto, save for an unlikeliest-of-unlikely trip back here during the post-season. He’s had a pretty terrific career, though, obviously, and it’ll actually kinda be nice this weekend that Jays fans won’t reflexively boo him just because he’s the only name on the other team that half of them recognize. Y’know?


Meh. Oh, except for this!…

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET vs. New York (AL); Sunday, 1:07 PM ET vs. New York (AL)

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And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (R)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
DH Colby Rasmus (L)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Poo Yuck Stankees

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
3B Martin Prado (R)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
C Brian McCann (L)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
LF Brett Gardner (L)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
2B Stephen Drew (L)

LHP Chris Capuano

Comments (158)

  1. I always thought it would be way classier to announce a retirement after the season ended.

  2. Also, unrelated, I got tickets to the angles and m’s in the last series of the year. Pretty stoked, been to Seattle lots but never been to a game.

  3. I think the thing I don’t like about the Jeter thing is it feels so forced. Mo’s farewell tour last year felt more organic and “grassroots” if you will.

    Jeters thing just feels like the Yankees are telling us we need to do this, and so we do.

    don’t get me wrong, Jeter is a fantastic player, one of the best Yankees ever and has always been a class act. But Mo was all that and had a cetain je ne sais quois.

    And maybe it’s just because Toronto doesn’t really have any “natural” Jeter moments that seem worthy of all this. I can see Boiston doing something as a bitter (but respected) rival…..I dunno.

    I might be drunk too.

    • I flew into Toronto specifically for this homestand and stopped going after the 11-7 loss in extras for the homestand.

      Having more fun at El Furniture Warehouse, Underground, and Sneaky Dee’s anyways these days.

      That whole ‘meaningful baseball in August’ thing really lasted long.

      On a side note, this has been my best time in Toronto yet…maybe cuz of been less touristy and more, y’know, let’s just drink.

      • Youre doing it right nego.

      • How’d you make out sneaking your cheap booze into the RC?

        • It’s crazy easy. Didn’t realize you can bring food in from the vendors.

          I’d just fill up a can of coke with crown and walk in with my hot dog n pop like I just bought it (made the transfer in that lil park out front of the Renaissance)

          Back to Calgary now. But great time in Toronto, jays shittyness aside. I actually ran into Stro and Sanchez and Hutch one night at a bar. Was actually pretty cool.

  4. It may be time to switch to the YES broadcast.

    I’m sensing a lot of deep throating of Jeter ahead by Buck & Tabby.

  5. “…. save for an unlikeliest-of-unlikely trip back here during the post-season. ”

    So, what you’re saying is, there’s still a chance?

  6. He’s old as the hills and older than dirt, yet he STILL almost didn’t miss an easy out.

  7. No one almost turns a double play like the captain.

    Fuck Jeter. Who cares about his career. He’s a Fuck.

  8. Gotta take at least 2/3 or else jays are done

  9. Fuck of Cocktardi.

  10. One wily veteran.

  11. I have a feeling that Colby is going to have himself a game

  12. David Cooper should have tagged him.

  13. Good test for Pillar’s new-age tree-sway batting stance.

  14. Pillar didn’t even look like he wanted to swing at that pitch – he just couldn’t help himself.

  15. Currently at the game and boy if you’re not here you are sure to miss what will be a gem. I held back tears as Jeter made his first appearance, the majority of the crowd saluted (rightfully so) a warm applause for the great one — save for a couple jackasses near us who heckled him worse than Seindfeld’s nightmare. In short; I am pleased to announce our brethren Jays nation have the great captain respect. Let’s play ball! Go Jays go!!!!!

    • Well played (I think?)

    • I’m at the game. There was applause and some people stood, but get a grip. Would you be so emotional if the guy played his entire career for milwaukee? This farewell tour stuff is just lame

      • I sensed some tongue in cheek, but who knows?

      • As usual Karen, you are correct.

      • karen, I’m sensing a little more bite to your comments lately.

        And I like it

        • I didn’t mean to imply everyone was jumping up and down like school girls but from where I was seated and where I could see over yonder the crowd saluted the captain. I have always liked Derek Jeter and not the Yankees of course. Was just very happy to see most fans aren’t scum over here like they are in Philly.

  16. Keep telling us inchresting things, Buck

  17. Pillar has a habit of making things interesting.

  18. Turrifick catch

  19. Pillar!!!

    Pillar vs Gose in CF in 2015. Discuss?

    Is Pillar the 4th OF with Gose in CF?

    • I’m not saying neither are possible, but both of those feel like nightmare scenarios compared to what’s in the outfield this year…

      • How so? Not saying its great but nightmare may be a bit of an exaggeration

        • Definitely an exaggeration. I just think Rasmus’s ceiling with the bat is so much higher than Gose’s, and their floors aren’t much different.

          This of course doesn’t take into account payroll parameters.

          • The real nightmare scenario is both of them as everyday OFers.

          • I think the decline in Rasmus’ defense this year can’t sustain his streakiness so much anymore. Love Colby but this team needs defense up the middle and less streaky hitters imo

    • Platoon

    • I could handle a Pillar/Gose platoon in CF and as 4th OF, but only if Melky is in LF and Bautista in RF

  20. We have a Captain as well.
    In his prime.

  21. fuck yeah Joey

  22. Bautista says Boom!

    I think the Jays would probably put Gose in CF since he is better defensively.

    I hope Melky comes back.

  23. I’m not sure Zaun knew what Campbell meant by “competitive reasons”

  24. Seeing that pillar catch again.. Damn. That was legitimately amazing.

  25. hello kevin pillar
    Bye bye colby

  26. Fuck Trevor May. Zero control.

  27. he loves that first pitch

  28. I HATE pop ups

    Things I hate from/as a hitter

    1. Strikeouts
    1a. Pop ups

  29. WTF

  30. Well shit

  31. Jesus christ fucking Brett Gardner. Can we trade for him or break his legs or something? This guy ALWAYS comes through against the jays. fucking Always

  32. why the fuck did Tolleson throw that ball? Beltran was already on the damn base!!

  33. Navarro with a cherry on top.

    • He heard Buck say we could get out of this inning with a double play and wasn’t comfortable with that scenario.

  34. Another ugly offensive effort by the Jays again, aside from Dinner and Joey Bats.

    ….and they just committed another error. What a horrible baseball team they have become.

  35. At least we now know what gift the Jays are giving Jeter.
    We’re watching it.

  36. Glad I didn’t pay for this

  37. and just like that WTF Navarro? pick-off plays are cool and all, but they rarely ever work. why risk getting burned by such a low percentage play?

    jesus fucking christ this team

  38. Shit. Shit. Shit. This teaaaaammmmm is shit.

    Honestly though, all blind positivity aside, this is baseball almost as ugly as last season, and I don’t see how that can be argued.

  39. and fuck fuck fuck

    just like that we look like the fucking gulf coast league jays

    we just couldn’t have 2 respectable team performances in a row could we?

  40. On an up note I can stop watching in September.
    Fuck me.

  41. Jays season by the month:
    April: lots of losing
    May: lots of winning
    June: lots of losing
    July: lots of winning
    August: lots of losing
    September: ?????

  42. Nice move Gibby! Way to trust your proven vet who is paid big $$$. Less than 100 pitches is a disgrace. This is the fifth time this year Gibby has short-changed Buehrle. Leave it to Gibby to break his streak of 200 inning seasons. Pathetic. Fire Gobbons.

    • actually, i think this outing highlights exactly why Gibby has had the short leash on Buerhle lately

      he’ll get his 200 innings unless he gets hurt, dont you worry your little heart about it. who the fuck cares about individual accomplishments in this travesty of a season?

      • I wwanted Buerhle yanked after the Beltran walk. Gibby left him in too long, which has been a problem.

        • He gave Beltran garbage because he had a base open for a double-play.
          Brutal that a starter isn’t allowed to work his way out of a jam. To a fan since the 80′s, it renders the game almost unwatchable.

    • @McGriff
      ON PTS this evening one of the panelists said that Gibby has the physical demeanor of a coach tat expects to be fired in October .

      I am surprised by this comment.

      I think Gibby will be back next year.

  43. Shittacular D killing this team again. That sportsnet article I posted in the other thread is so bang on.

  44. Pillar seems like a changed man. He has hit some balls super hard since being called up. When I was at the Boston game, he had the loudest crack off the bat of the night on his deep hit to center

  45. Jeter with a gift of his own! haha

    Time for Lord Melk and King Bau to put the Jays back in this

  46. Shit man I dunno that 7th inning was as fucked as barb’s scalloped potatoes

  47. Crickets in here.

    Guess there must be a tidy couple of DJFers at the Dome.

  48. How many people are gonna call into jays talk chirping about that homer hahahaah

  49. Oh fuck. I hope RobA didn’t see that.

  50. Did anyone hear the stat earlier in the broadcast, the Yanks haven’t finished behind the Jays even once over the entire career of Jeter.

  51. It’s not over (the season yet) but fuck it’s getting damn close to be

    • You have to be fucking kidding me…I don’t know if you are some sort of sickening sycophant trying to please someone in charge of this blog by fighting the obvious truth, or a troll genuinely trying to irritate people by defending the indefensible.

      Or maybe you’re actually fucking delusional enough to believe your own bullshit, but this season’s potential for success unhinged shortly after the all star break, chief.

  52. Is it September yet? No mas, no mas.

  53. Drat, the Burly Dog and the streak. I went to the game sober and am home now to drink some rum and cokes. To go to the CNE tomorrow or watch the Jays..

    • We’re only 2 weeks from being 2 weeks from meaningful games in Oct… when are playoff tickets going in sale fuk ya….sheeeeet that’s what they should give Jeter since in his HOF career he also hasn’t witnessed this…

  54. I love how every loss someone says the season is over blah blah. If it was over the previous game why do they feel the need to say it’s over after every game

  55. The streak of not leading a game stem to stern continues !!

    That’s right folks . Not since August 6th have the jays scored first and held the lead the rest of the game .

    It’s a pretty damn awesome streak

  56. If the Jays had any sense of humour, they’d give a morning after the night before parting gift to Jeter.

  57. The liquor am flowing tonight randy.

  58. Sooner or later Beurhle will get that elusive second victory against the worst Yankee team of the past two decades. I mean I’m sure our genius manager won’t rotate the starting staff to avoid the Yankees. Lord give us strength with Gibbons managing.

  59. Got to give our genius G.M. who in four years didn’t manage to draft a quality every day prospect. Some one clue A.A. in that it is fine to build up your pitching but surprise, surprise you have 8 every day positions to fill. Quick how many current Jays are from the farm system??? Name more than one every day prospect who will be ready in the next two years to help the big club. Yes, yes you got it we will be going on 25 years with no playoff games. But then again that is only half of the futility of the leafs in their bid to win another Stanley cup.

    Yep if K.C. makes the playoffs the Jays and their $8 billion dollar owners will be the only team in the A.L. to not make the playoffs in the past two decades. As Rogers rakes in the money their only response to you is TAKE THAT YOU SUCKERS.

  60. A long time ago, I went to a tournament in West Virginia.One diamond was cut out of the side of a mountain,in the middle of nowhere. Was talking to a guy who went the tourney every year.Asked him about one of the teams. He said they from Boone County.I said Boone?. He was annoyed and said yeah Boone,like Daniel Boone.Extremely poor county and baseball was a distraction for the kids from there.They played with intensity, he said.See that catcher,he pointed out a kid clad in the tools of ignorance.He said, you watch that kid.If a ball is hit on the other side of backstop,he’ll go through the chain link fence to get to it.
    I got to witness one of the most electric games I’d ever seen.Tension with every pitch and every at bat.Players going after balls like they may never get a chance to play again.
    Like the next play may be their last chance to prove something,that they belong to be here.

    Whether he makes it or not,I get that same feeling about Pillar.If he doesn’t make it,it won’t be because he didn’t give it his all.His aggressiveness will lead to mistakes and adjustments will made along the way but I think he’ll leave everything on the field.
    To prove he belongs.

    • @ RADAR
      Yup. Same sense I got re Pillar. I think I posted something to that effect last year when he came up. He learns very quickly and does what he’s told. But his best tool is his effort. And I think that’s what got him into trouble with Gibby. He tries so hard that when he gets frustrated he let’s loose. PS. That will never happen again. Guaranteed.

  61. On a different note, shouldn’t there be accountability for two lost seasons in a row? Or not?

    • Sure.
      Accountability for the worst August in franchise history?


      Accountability for the best May in franchise history?

      The team that gets beaten by the Astros or the team that swept series against Oakland and Detroit?
      The team that went 38-24 or the team that went 29-43?
      The team that was odds on favorites to win the WS before the 2013 season or the team that looks like it can’t win a series for the rest of the 2014 season?
      Some point to injuries,which is a part of it,but there are more factors in play.IMHO

    • A public hanging perhaps?

  62. ok, ok — marry, fuck, kill:

    Joe Siddall
    Leah Hextall
    Greg Zaun

  63. Richard Griffin ‏@RGriffinStar ·now
    Rasmus not in #bluejays lineup. Gibbons said Pillar playing well deserves it. Rasmus not sick. EE is DH. Kawasaki batting 2, Melky 3

    • that’s gotta hurt. still, ya reap what ya sew…mostly.

    • @radar.

      Gibby must be upset with Colby.

      A year ago, Colby had a great season & now the Jays want to run him off the team.

      • I think the message is ” goodbye Colby”, let’s see what we have for next year.

        • It so many words, Yeah.
          The R’ship between Gibby and Rasmus has been downhill maybe for ahwile, but certainly since he benched him for being chronically late a few weeks ago. I’ve said for two years they won’t keep him so i’m not personally surprised at this. I know Spuds and i have had this running disagreement in my former world.
          Interesting comment by Blair the other day when he intimated that Gibby was less than enamored with a “few” players this year. ik.e. more than one. Anyway, Gibby may also feel the noose tightening a bit so is not inclined to give playing time to a guy who has pissed him off and is leaving anyway. Wins at less than 79 could see Gibbons axed, rightly or wrongly

          • Post as fukstik. That is the one redeeming quality of your worthless posts – that self-honesty.

            • I honestly don’t know why Stoeten allows worthless sacks of shit like you on here, seriously. Go perform an anatomical impossibiliy you crawling member of the toentose who has to hide behind a keyboard, eh tuff guy?

          • @kilgore.

            Who else is Gibby upset at?

            On PTS yesterday, the panel said Gibby looks like he will be fired at the end of year.

            Give how close Giby & AA are , I doubt that would happen.

            Gibby has been pretty good at in game managing, & gets along with the media.

  64. Going to the game today, and I feel like Smasher did yesterday.

  65. There’s a lot of fucking Yankee fans here today.

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