Has Colby Rasmus lost his job? Find out on today’s very special long weekend version of As The Blue Jays Turn…

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  1. My 1st thought would be it’s a bargaining ploy to get his price down.

  2. Don’t make a fucking joke of this shit, Stoeten.

    • Hey Stupid! nobody wants your sardonic comments, ok? Stay out of the sandbox, arsehole
      When you have something that requires critical thinking then try to respond in more than one line bullets

  3. Gose has been a different player ever since Pompey arrived in Buffalo

    Colby who?

  4. Has Rasmus cleared trade waivers?
    A team like the Tigers could use him as Sundays deadline comes closer

  5. Yankees broadcast team dogging Pillar for “needing” to dive all the time. “Not a true center fielder.” How many time has Els laid out in his career. WTF?

  6. I remember the excitement in July 2011 when the Jays acquired Colby. I expect Tony Rasmus to bash the Jays if they don’t resign him.

    Pillar with another diving catch!

    • I think Tony holds Colby accountable for his poor year. At least that’s my impression from anything I’ve read from him.

  7. I bought a Rasmus jersey soon after the trade.
    I regret nothing.

  8. Jose “Bomb”-tista!

  9. funny how scouting reports on a prospect’s defensive ability can be so patently false. the best example is Brett Lawrie, who everyone thought would get moved to a corner because he couldn’t play anywhere else, but then there’s Travis D’Arnaud, who got a ton of praise for his work behind the plate, but currently sports a -12 DRS and the Mets are contemplating moving him to a corner OF spot.

    you wonder what eyes the scouts were using when they watched those guys.

  10. Bautista is still a thing of beauty. All cynicism aside… I Fucking love watching him hit dingers.

  11. Where’s Stoten

  12. Oh fucking hell. Shut up about Jeter already, Buck and Pat! Saying he caused the Yankees to rebound and find success in the late 1990s is beyond absurd.

  13. gah!

  14. So my record this year is 2-10. I have tickets for two more games, but I’m giving them away.
    I’m not a fair-weather fan of course; I’ll have a fresh post-up at home so it’s a good time to put my social/entertainment life on hold anyway. But it sure isn’t fun to witness so many crappy games.

    May (the month) was such a damn tease.

  15. It’s the first year in a long, long time that I haven’t gone to the SkyDome for any games. + with this being the final time the Yankees are in town I guess that’s officially it for me for this season. I can’t say my presence is a positive or negative influence on either team.

  16. Tabler and Buck just said that shifts even out, while talking about how much Rasmus has been killed by them. Huh?

  17. Now these wanker Yanks broadcasters are whining about all the great pitchers the Yankees beat, but are being stifled by a nobody like Hutch.

  18. Highlight of the day: watching two lovely ladies share a foot long at the same time. Couldn’t get my camera out in time.

  19. Hutch throwing a gem through 6 innings, 80 pitches. Gibby probably getting ready with the hook. “Bullpen management “.

  20. Bautisa addressed the question about his future with the Jays this week but I missed it, anybody hear what he had to say?

  21. This is way too similar to last night…

  22. Yep, Sanchez up two innings early.

  23. You know, for all the talk about Hutch’s home splits, his two best starts of the year have been Aug 6 vs Orioles and tonight vs Yankees. And it’s not close.

  24. If they pull Hutch throwing a 1-hit shutout, that is bush league. Not a “players manager ” thing to do.

  25. OT
    So would a rod be a good pick up if the Yankees cut him?

  26. Not bringing Colby in to face the right handed pitcher instead of Pillar seems idiotic.

  27. Awful execution

  28. What is this shit? Did Colby kill someone?

  29. Fuck off gibby

  30. I can’t believe they couldn’t cash at least one run there.

  31. I find watching Gibby baby his starters to be equally as frustrating as watching the Jays offense blow yet another ‘runner at third-base, nobody out ‘ situation.

    • As it’s the 4th time you’ve mentioned it I thought it might be irritating for you.

    • I find it irritating when people assume their opinion is somehow a proven fact. And we are talking the opinion of someone with no professional experience.

      • Most – if not all – teams baby their starters. Nothing new there.

      • Sons, nowhere do I state that I’m dropping facts. I acknowledge that my view of the game is more in line with managers who are not slaves to the magic unicorn 100 pitch philosophy. See Jim Leland or Bobby Cox…or remaining in the game today : how the Reds manage their starters.

        • think back to Hutchison’s start v the Tigers early-ish in the year. he was allowed to continue a game after a bad inning and a lot of pitches and went a couple more innings at least. Gibbons has also let Stromeister go more than 110 a number of times. it’s my perception Gibbons manages to the situation.

  32. very frustrating to watch the Jays unable to cash in runners.at 2B & 3B with no one out.

  33. Eat flaming death, Derek.

  34. Guess that ump will be running Jeter for talking balls and strikes.

  35. Sanchez!

    I’m not sure when my birthday is but I hope the Blue Jays are playing that day and get a win.

    • you can’t remember your birth date? ask your mom.

      • I’m sure she’d give away her second born to forget it.

        I know it’s soon but I lament it rather than celebrate it.

        • i feel ya, hugs. i was asked my age just last night: i lied, got called on it, then remembered it wrong. i’m older than my brain wants to be. old as dirt, some say. shame, really, ’cause i’ve never enjoyed life as much as i do now.

        • I have a feeling you’re referring to something deeper than your age

          • that comment was for hugs

            • With the amount of double entendres and innuendo on here, i always assume every post has a deeper meaning and that i’m too shallow to get it.
              I will say that birthdays are a time to reflect, so it’s no wonder people decide to get shitfaced.

    • I’m willing to celebrate it tomorrow if you are.

      • It might even be tomorrow or the next day. I haven’t worked in two weeks so the calendar may as well have gone out the window.
        Whenever it is, it’ll be a must-win for the Blue Jays. That we inow!

        • *know.

          Sp, like i said, i don’t celebrate…i go to a strange bar and act out that Hank Aaron song.
          Chico, drink lots of water and moisturize daily. I am pretty much mid 30′s now and still get IDed all the time.

  36. Well now we know who the closer is next year.

  37. Sanchez is the messiah!

  38. the kids are alright!

  39. Nice finish.

  40. Dam that kid works quick.

    • SP is no kid

      • Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you
        If you’re young at heart
        For it’s hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind
        If you’re young at heart

        • And if you can survive to a hudred and five
          think of all you’ll derive
          Out of being alive
          But here is the best part,
          you’ve got a head start
          If you are among the very young at heart!

  41. We need 5 more Sanchez’s ! (Oh and a couple of Hutch’s would be nice too.)

  42. Hey McGriff how would you have managed this better?

  43. Great win off of some damn fine pitching.

  44. Very impressed with Sanchez & Hutch. Gibby said he spoke to Janssen about not closing & JJanssen did not complain.

    • Janssen, like Rasmus, won’t be here next year. It is possible AA has passed word along, that wherever possible let the younguns show what they have in games that still matter.
      We already know what casey and rasmus can do and, who knows, maybe they both get traded by tomorrow night and that is why they are not using them. Stay tuned

      • If they were going to trade Sanchez, they’d have done it by now. I doubt they’ll trade Jansen and Ramus because they’re “technically” still in it and they have tickets to sell. The Leaf fans would be irate.

      • Not so sure a soft tossing closer with an ERA of 3.93 for a month is going to bring back anytjing of value.

        Obviously those of us who follow the Jays know Jansen has been fantastic for the last few years, but I’ve always got the idea that outside of Toronto, Casey isn’t exactly a highly desired piece. His less than impressive numbers this year prob won’t help.

        Same for Rasmus.

  45. https://twitter.com/lottonbaseball/status/505891004105625600

    Don’t be too quick writing Morrow’s obituary.

    • The organization would be dumb if they didn’t have him back.

      • They kept Dusty around, why not Morrow too. I hope he can through a full season next year. What a fucking rotation we’d have.

        • I’ve always been a big Morrow fan but I am starting to wonder if one of the main problems with this organization is not knowing when to cut their losses.

          • I get what you’re saying, but we wouldn’t have EE, JBats, or Dusty if they had cut their losses early, likewise with Halladay. We’ll find out soon enough where they are with Morrow.

            • I hope Morrow recovers & is healthy for 2015.

              Can the Jays afford to spend $10 million on him ?

              AA won’t spend it if he just a reliever

  46. The Star is claiming Janssen is pissed at not getting the save opp on Saturday.


    From Janssen’s comments, if taken at face value, Janssen’s not so much pissed as he is confused/disappointed.

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