Visual approximation of Mike Wilner taking JaysTalk calls about Derek Jeter.

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  1. Wonder what’s going on with Kazmir. Last three starts total 7 innings.
    Didn’t get past two today.

  2. Off topic:

    Anyone else of the opinion that the Jays should just go “full Latino”—at least as far as the starting nine is concerned—and hire a Latin American manager to guide the group next year?

    • What in the hairy shit does nationality or ethnicity have to do with the ability to win baseball games?

      • Just a thought experiment. Race and ethnicity have nothing to do with winning, however, if it’s possible to enhance unit cohesion and esprit de corps, then why not take a chance?

    • oh, yeah, TOTALLY with ya, brother!


      hire black people, to teach them fast and strong;
      hire Asians, for analytics and massages and such;
      hire white people, for executive positions, of course, and marketing, etc.


  3. Is it crazy to say that Bautista when his career is done is the postion player gboat?

    Nestor Molina outrighted down to AA.

    Wonder if the Sox are as mad at the Jays as we are at them?

  5. I wonder if it’s worth hanging onto Morrow and making him the closer in 2015. It’s expensive by Jays standards, but not really by league standards for a closer. And the short commitment means it’s not an albatross of a contract. Kind of a trial, kind of an opportunity for him to build up his value differently, and a way for him to fill a position of need for the Jays. Honestly, I’ve loved Casey and I can’t blame him for being upset that the Jays didn’t invest more in this season, but you can’t complain and then fail to perform.

    I think he’s gone regardless, and it would be nice to have a replacement in-house.

    Morrow could be pretty effective in the role with a simplified pitch selection and role, no?

    • Bet they’ll give him a few shots at it in Sep.

      • They should but they won’t. I’m sure they’ll give him some high leverage innings but this org has a track record of playing the vets leading up to FA (Casey) as some sort of good will gesture. (perhaps to sway opinion of possible future FA signees?)

        • @smasher

          True. I rmembr they kept playing John Buck before he became a free agent so that He could get 20HR.

          Cito said he needed a good free agent contract to feed his family.

          This delayed JPA’s playing time in 2011

        • If they pick up his option, they’ll put him in the bullpen as a last resort. He’ll get another crack at starting in spring training. His potential is tantalizing, if he could just stay healthy for a full season.

          • i’ll be disappointed if they don’t pick up his option, given the dearth of solid FA options (if nothing else). the kids are comin’ along, sure, but the Jays ought to have learned a lesson or two the past couple years — depth, depth and more depth chief among ‘em.

  6. Osuna got added to the AFL.

    Maybe to watch some Jays in October we should go to Phoenix

  7. Derek “goat” Jeter. Has a Nice ring to it!

  8. 5 gb in wild card chase
    It ain’t over till it’s over
    Unlikely, but never get out of the boat

  9. 3 1/2 Hours till the deadline…..Any rumours floating around?

  10. nice piece on Lawrie and his obliques at Blue Jays Plus:

    warning: contains words / few pictures / zero nudity

  11. John Mayberry Jr.!

    • He of the sexy .200/.300/.400 slash line.

      • his old man was my first favourite Blue Jay!

        ahhh, memories.

        ergo: shitty slash line or no, Jr. gets a pass.

        • Much better against lefties (.260/.340/.600), so could make sense.

          • not sure i dig them giving up Pierre for him. i didn’t realize ’til now you hadn’t just blurted out his name, for no reason. you know, Tourette’s-like.

            • Meh, Pierre hasn’t really done anything to impress at any level.

              • i hate to see young guys go, is all. too cautious, maybe — it’s the reason i’m no GM (well, that and lack of smarts, knowledge, ambition, etc.).

      • Even with the less than stellar slash line, he’s got an OPS+ of 101,

        Would love to have the 2011 JMJr. Maybe a fresh start is what he needs.

        • And might this make it that much more likely that Cletus isn’t coming back? JMJr is cheaper and if Melky resigns, that leaves Gose/Pillar/JMJr to fight it out for CF and the latter can also play some 1B and DH to fit in with Lind in an ideal platoon situation.

        • a fresh start atop the cold shore of Lake Ontario, minutes from the place it (kinda) all began for Dad. this game, man. i tell ya.

  12. So Mayberry is a perfect platoon guy for Lind if you bring Lind back right?
    This move also means less chance Colby is back
    I wouldn’t mind Melky in lf and a gose/pillar platoon

  13. Considering Mayberry doesn’t play D particularly well, I could see him more so at 1b/DH than in the OF.

    I personally think both Lind and Rasmus will be gone next year

    • they gotta keep Lindy! he’s my spirit animal!

      • The “Adam, you’re my faaaaaavourite!” lady in the upper deck won’t renew her season tickets if Lind isn’t brought back.

        • Madam, I’m Adam.

          • you never cease to amuse me, spuds. keep it up.

            • Sadly, that’s what she said.

              • yeah, i get that quite a bit, too. so much for those “big hands / big feet” theories.

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          • Too hot to hoot?

    • No on Lind, Mayberry is a perfect platoon mate for Lind

      • Had a twitter conversation with Scott Carson about Lind where he was quoting his RBI and saying he was overpaid because he wasn’t a full time player due to his platoon split.

        I’d rather hope one of the teams stats guy would have a better understanding of value than that, which lead me to think it was some party line talk, having me afraid that Lind won’t be back despite the fact you can’t replace his production at that salary.

  14. God love the Yankees and the press that trail along with them. Two awesome quotes from the ESPN New York coverage of today’s game:

    Considering all the circumstances involved, this 4-3 defeat to the hopeless Toronto Blue Jays has to be a leading candidate for worst loss of the season. (The hopeless Jays that are 7-8 vs Stanks this season and only 1.5 back of this same collection of plucky wild card chasers, oh and at $200 million in payroll)

    Girardi responded angrily to a pregame question about Masahiro Tanaka returning to New York by criticizing the Rogers Centre weight room, which he described as “smaller than this area here,” indicating the dugout.

  15. Well would you look at that . Yan Gomes 4/5 today .

    Ops up to .800.

    You a believer yet ?

  16. Mayberry can hit.
    He doesn’t get much playing time but when he plays, he hits.

    That is all.

  17. We need Cliff Johnson.

  18. Playoffs!

  19. 5 gb
    Need to gain a game a week for the next 3 weeks
    Only need to be ~ 2 games back with 7 left
    It ain’t over till it’s done

    • They essentially need a repeat of May in order to make it (i.e. another 20-4 stretch). Anything less, start planning for next year. Even a good 16-10 stretch, for example, doesn’t do it with all the teams they have to leapfrog along the way.

      Going 16-10 means Detroit only has to go 12-14 and Seattle to go 13-14 to stay one game ahead. 21-5 would require a 17-9 finish for Detroit and 18-9 from Seattle to stay ahead.

      Best shot for us is for Detroit to continue to go in the toilet and for us to sweep Seattle in the second last series while winning almost every other series 2-1 (vs the Cubs, Sox, Yanks, O’s x2 and TB x2).

  20. Sounds like the reinforcements are on their way. Johnson, Goins, Gose, and Norris (!). Maybe Gravemen and Nolin too.
    Should be fun.

    • Kendall GRAAAVEMaaaAAAAAAN!!

    • Almost like a call-up too, Mayberry should also join the team tomorrow along with these guys.

      Just read that Mayberry has a career .856 OPS vs lefties. That’ll certainly work for the Jays.

      • Yeah, I like the pickup. And with 12 straight against sub-.500 teams (albeit the Rays and Red Sox for nine of them), maybe they go on a run.

        • Also, with the O’s running away with it, maybe they start resting guys at the end of the season when the Jays play six more against them.

        • I’m kind of confused by the pick up, or at least how he fits into next years team. I kind of took Valencia as Lind’s platoon mate. But I guess a lot can happen (and will) before next spring. An important off season coming up.

          • I see Valencia as a 3B for when a lefty is on the mound, so we are spared the sight of Fat Juan flailing away against them. So JMJr would be at DH replacing Lind while Valencia is at 3B.

          • Gives them options. Plus, maybe they’re thinking of moving Lawrie to second permanently. Valencia becomes the 3B against lefties and Mayberry’s the DH?

            • That works, and 2nd base would be hard to find a good one as the only one who might be available is Daniel Murphy

              • I think there’s a lot of potential scenario’s to fill the Jays infield vacancy other than Murphy. I mean, they could get a 3B, a 2B or a SS. I have no idea who all would be available. Personally, I’d be talking to the Cubs quite a bit.

    • what about Wallace? Seems like he’d get a call up too if there’s room

  21. Pretty much impossible to jump 4 teams Id love it to happen but to play better than 4 teams by a large amount in one month is very unlikely

    • Agree it’s quite unlikely. That said, if such a thing was going to happen, you couldn’t ask for a more favourable schedule to make it happen with, as other posters above said, 12 games to come against sub-.500 teams and then potentially having the O’s start resting players for the playoffs by the time the Jays face them – and even if the Yankees were to suddenly find themselves falling further down, they’d start playing some younger guys by the time the Jays go up against them. Finally, we have a four-game series against Seattle who may be the most likely team holding down the final post-season slot (Tigers look bad lately).

      All in all, it’s a scheduling dream for the Jays in September … now they just have to figure out how to take advantage of it, always a tough task for this maddeningly inconsistent team.

  22. Hynes, Nolin, Rasmussen, Hague, Mayberry, Jiminez, Johnson, Drabek, Goins, Gose, Morrow, Delabar all on 40 man already

    Mastro gets cut to make room for Norris?

    Not sure how they make room for Graveman and Wallace as well

  23. I suppose Kottaras and Pompey are other options as well

    • Pompey isn’t coming up
      He was added to the Arizona fall league roster last week
      Usually means he’s done after today until then

      Remember last year stroman didn’t get a September call up and he went to the afl.
      Pompey will be in the bigs around next June anyway

      • Right, forgot he was added to AFL

        Yea, there really wasn’t any reason to bring Pompey up anyway – Pillar and Gose should get the lion’s share of play in CF to audition for next year.

        Delabar is on the 40 man, he will be called up at some point, it’s possible they keep him down in Buffalo for today, last game of Bisons season. I imagine the same applies to guys like Hague, Wallace, etc. Need some warm bodies to play out the string

        • Yeah, though even though the jays are semi in the race this month is huge for winning jobs going into next season

  24. With Norris promoted
    The number one prospect the jays have is Pompey?

  25. Over under 1.5 starts combined for Norris and maybe nolin in this month?

  26. Jester makes us all look like peons. In other news Verlander’s tush lawl. Instead of fans with blowup pics of upton, use those!

  27. I’m guessing the Norris callup news means that Buffalo did not make the playoffs.

  28. could a trade be made of Osuna + nessy for starlin Castro?

  29. From Jonah Keri, this link speaks for itself:

  30. No official confirmation of the call ups
    Probably not until tomorrow when media is there

  31. Bye bye Sergio
    @ChrisCotillo: #BlueJays outright Sergio Santos to AA New Hampshire

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