Visual approximation of Mike Wilner taking JaysTalk calls about Derek Jeter.

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  1. Seriously though. Enough of all this love fest already. Just need a win here.

  2. Holy fuck comments-
    “Gordon beckham is a massive upgrade over Kawasaki”

  3. All of the Jeter love is causing perpetual puke-in-mouth-swallow cycles. Please make it stop!!! I

  4. Have the Jays thought of putting Jeter’s name on the wall of excellence?

    • I’d put Happ’s name on the Level of Excellence if he intentionally beaned Jeter today.

      • seriously that would be amazing, just to see how MLB justified the lifetime suspension they would give happ

        • Given all of that, just how far inside does one pitch Jeter today?
          Move – back – inside …or
          Fall – on – your – ass – inside ?

  5. There is no way that this farewell tour of Jeter’s would even happen if he played for teams like Kansas City or Tampa Bay.

  6. how the fuck is it 31 august?! what happened to june? july?

  7. Big day for AA. Will he make any moves to trade Rasmus or Janssen?

    • From a purely monetary POV, given that both players are finished here at EOY it would save them approx 2m, which hopefully could help with other stuff.
      Colby has been in Gibbons doghouse ever since he benched him a couple of weeks ago for being chronically late and they might as well find out a little bit more about Pillar anyway.
      AS for Janssen, for whatever reason he appears to have pissed Gibbons off as well , so we’ll see.
      Gibby himself may be feeling a little tension here and wanting to go with others who are hot as a less than 500 season could see him getting the royal toe as well, rightly or wrongly

  8. I didn’t mind the farewell tour last year for Rivera I mean he was the all time saves leader. That’s different. Forgive me if I’m wrong but did teams do gifts for players like drank Thomas who had 500 homers or other players who had 3000 hits. Sure jeter is the Yankees all time hits leader and he played on some great teams blah blah blah but why should teams bow to the Yankees just because one of their greats is retiring. Did alomar get a farewell tour? How about some sure to be hall of famers from other teams? No. So why In hell does mlb bow to the Yankees. Rivera deserved a farewell tour because he was best in baseball. Jeter is best on the Yankees so why are we honoring him?

    • As I have said before, Rivera would have been more impressive if he could have gone at least seven innings every fifth day and if he had developed two additional pitches. Fuck him and Jeter!

  9. And for the record I know alomar didn’t retire until spring training and the situation was different I was just using him as an example because he is a jays hall of famer

  10. I had tickets for Friday and today – sold them. Couldn’t bring myself to sit through the awkward weirdness of 50000 people jacking off jerek deter

  11. A’s got JPR’s favorite player Adam Dunn

    Orioles got Kelly Johnson and Alejandro De Aza

  12. As needed a slugger and bal is hurting with their injuries. Smart pickups. The only thing I see a lex doing is maybe trading janssen he looks like he’s lost the closers role

    • I am sure there are many other team lining up to overpay to a guy who lost his job as closer….

  13. Somebody on the Jays Facebook page just complained that team has “too many catchers” and should drop Thole for “a real utility guy.”

    My head hurts.

  14. On the plus side, the Jays haven’t been below .500 since the beginning of May, and now they won’t be able to go below .500 in August.

    That’s actually pretty good for a typical Jays season.

    The season is practically over, but if the Jays can get hot in September…

  15. Video tribute for Derek Jeter, boo Vernon Wells… Seems about right.

    • Why does Wells get so much shit? I blame JPR or whoever for offering him that contract. Otherwise, he put up good numbers pretty much every year, just not enough to live up to that contract.

      • Vernon got a huge contract and immediately sucked. Juice? Fuck that guy. His dad’s cool tho

        • How many other guys have done that though? It’s not like he sucked THAT bad. Definitely declined though. He shouldn’t have gotten that contract in the first place. Fucking ridiculous especially then.

      • Exactly

      • it’s like when people shit on guys who got drafted 3 rounds too early for being shitty. It’s not their fault the GM thought they would be better than they are, they are still a pro player, just shoud’ve been drafted later, or in this case, paid less. Not the players fault

  16. So how long did Jeter play for the Jays?

  17. I was listening to a report that the “Farewell tour” was suggested and driven by the MLB marketing machine and not by Jeter or the Yanks.
    Also for all shit being rained down on Jays fans, if they cheer, they’re assholes,If they boo they’re assholes. No win situation.

  18. Gave up listening to JaysTalk a couple years ago. Too many stupid callers and Wilner is an ass.. If Wilner is being groomed to take Jerry’s place someday, I’ll never listen to another broadcast. Wilner should be used to torture confessions out of people.

    • I really don’t think Wilner understands how condescending he comes off. Maybe he thinks saying the opposite of everyone creates debates and good radio but it’s aggravating to listen to. He literally says the opposite of every caller. I know it must be hard to host a show like that with the tools that call in but seriously…come on man!

  19. Whatever team gets Jeter a gift basket will be my new favourite.

  20. Sweet ad for that hotel. Everything is a god damned promo

    • @chone

      Rogers probably got a discount on the Banff trip since it was like an advertisement for the hotel.

      It would have made more sense for Rogers to offer him a cell phonone package.

      • 100%
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Rogers charged the hotel 50k for the honor of donating the gift, put 10k towards Jeter’s charity and are using the other 40k to have another sculpture of Ted created

  21. Why does Jeter have to DH in his final game in the RC? I’d much rather see him at SS *wink wink*

    • he’s been playing ‘wink wink’ SS for about 3 years, I guess they want to make the playoffs more this year than the last few….

  22. Fuck Brett Gardiner

  23. Jeter is number two, if you catch my drift.

  24. Good thing we didn’t get that Prado guy so we could perhaps maybe have a better chance to possibly sign melky next year

  25. Brett Gardner = Scott Caan.

  26. Funny story —
    took my nephew to a sports memorabilia store a couple weeks ago to meet Sanchez and Stroman. Both really nice guys, and great to my 6 year old nephew too.
    They were selling official MLB baseballs. Price? $30.
    They were also selling balls signed by JP Arencibia. Price? $15

    So basically, the signature of JPA depreciated the value of a baseball by 50%. My nephew said we should buy those to play catch with because they are cheaper.

  27. @chone.

    Given where the Jays were in th standings at the trade deadline, I wonder if AA regrets not making any moves.

  28. OK, we won a game yesterday. If we win today, it’s called “two in a row”. And if we win again tomorrow, it’s called a “winning streak”… It has happened before!

  29. @ccpd.

    It would be nice if the Jays could finish the season strong

  30. I’m sure glad that my parents didn’t name me “Zelous”

  31. First choice hair cutters needs to fuck off with their marketing technique on the radio

  32. Sometimes it’s just not your decade.

  33. Colby having a bad game.

  34. Waiver deadline is 4 pm?

  35. Nice!
    McCarthy must have got an Acura tattoo on his face!
    Soooo cool!

    Oh wait…now it’s gone…

  36. Bautista’s season now: .282, 28 HR, 82 RBI

    Fun with numbers!

  37. Sweet sassy molassy, just score a damn run.

    • It’s crazy. On the season they have the third highest wOBA in the Majors, and yet during August, basically one fifth of the season thus far, they have the fourth worst.

  38. well that’s great

  39. This is not good.

  40. Reyes is such a fucking moron

  41. Did you guys see this?

    Tara Reids tit went on to star in a successful remake of Scarface.

    So they all had great careers.

  42. Good throw by Reyes there. Elite defender. Wonder if he would fight a move to third

    • Happ should have been covering up though. That’s the first thing a pitcher does when a ball’s hit to the gap, head between third and home in case there’s a play.

    • If he moved to second we’d have a great infield.

    • Im afraid to move him anywhere because you need some range everywhere, no?

      • I think at third he’d b fine

        • Traditionally you’d like power in your corner IF/OF but he’d hit enough that it would work.
          Just have to make sure CJ is on board.

          • I think in this virtual dead ball era the idea that you need corner power bars is dated .

            There just isn’t any power out there .

            Wilner keeps talking about Melky as somewhat replaceable because he’s a corner OF without much power .

            Well as hard as it is to find players who can hit anymore , you have to scrap those old ideas about what positions should be filled with power bats .

            You find a 300 hitter with decent power and defense .. He’s worth his weight in gold

        • I dont know, I’d have to see it. A lot of diving plays at third and Reyes doesnt dive it seems. You’d also need a damn good shortstop.

        • I think I’d prefer Reyes at third, Lawrie at second and a new shortstop

        • I don’t think that half assed Reyes flip would play at third.

          • Diving plays and charging barehand plays… I just dont know if he could make the tough plays at third. Well, maybe if he tried.

  43. Colby making it easier and easier to not miss him…shame I thought he would be great when they got him

  44. I feel the same way about the Jays being bitch slapped by McCarthy as the Yankees felt about being dominated by Hutch yesterday. Do something.

  45. Reyes screwed up.

  46. Jesus, Buck, Headley is known to be a ball player. Could we get some known ball players?

  47. Happ doing alright

  48. Goddammit, Colby is so bad right now. Seems like the entire team, save Happ and Navarro are playing like they’ve lost the ball game already. Last six at-bats have been embarrassing.

  49. Jeter Threat: Herpes.

  50. Fuck he crushed that

  51. sweet melky

  52. moonshot from Melky

  53. back to back jack!

  54. It’s not over ’til it’s over apparently.

  55. boom boom

  56. I love some of these guys.

    Atta Kids!

  57. Honestly kind of like the Wilner & Siddel commentary team. Weird considering how much I disliked Wilner when he used to sub in every once in a while and on post-game. I think he’s really improved his calling style.

    MEANWHILE: NAILS! All hail the Dominicans!

    • Man those were some sweet swings. I would be supportive of them re signing melky

    • Nah, Wilner still annoys the fuck out of me. Between going crazy on the other team’s plays and relentlessly mentioning Stroman’s no-hitter while it was in progress, not a fan.

      Siddall is great though

  58. Just like the old days when we were reliant on homers ….only we actually hit them

  59. Reyes shitty lateral habenula looming costly now.

  60. What a lazy ass throw from clete

  61. Brett Gardner, rat faced boy, does it again!

  62. does Colby ever get tired of watching singles turned into doubles right in front of him?

  63. Our big three!

  64. Happy days are here again…

  65. “get outta here!”

    – B. Martinez

  66. Nice to see the parrot again!

  67. And Tom W. thought we needed some damn Cubans.

  68. alright Buck we can do without the old Hawk Harrelson “GET OUT OF HERE!!” HR call

    also, HR’s are fucking nails huh?

  69. funny thing is, EE should have been struck out on the previous pitch. it was very easily a strike.

  70. You can tell howarth biting his tongue when talking about colby.

  71. #teamKAWASAKI

  72. That was a sexy slide.

  73. fuck yes Muni!

  74. wow that was close at the plate

  75. 3 k’s on 9 pitches for Colby ?

    Is that an onyx sombrero?

  76. What a slide. Looked out till replay

  77. Get us out of this Goggles

  78. Stick your 5 for 7 in your ass Francisco.

  79. Excellent comeback by the Domicans today.

    Cecil’s pitches were going high today but he gets the strike out to end the inning!

    Good Job Goggles

  80. Cecil should take some hair grooming tips from JoeyBats. What a disasterous haircut on a man.

  81. %chance Rasmus is on a different team by 11:59tonight?

  82. I miss the Man from Muncie’s power.
    Too much yoga?
    Did he stop his daily 20 minute workout?

  83. When’s the last time Francisco started a game?

  84. Close it out Casey, come on lad.

  85. Ugh. Lucky bastard

  86. Ha! Fuck you Gardner. No cycle

  87. Fitting

  88. Die like a dog Jeets

  89. Isn’t this special? Jeter’s last PA?

  90. OMG a woman crying!

  91. Adam Dunn will retire after this season
    I guess his trade to the Atheltics today is to give him a chance to get a World Series ring

  92. Nice! Hell of a game

  93. Lmao jeter has been one of the worst postion

  94. Holy shit I thought that was was going to drop in.

    Great going Casey !

  95. Screw you, Jeter and every Jay fan cheering for you this weekend.

    • @dead

      +1. It was embarrassing for Jays fans to be crying over him

      • The lady with the Jeter beach towel bawling her eyes out looked like the Yankee team store threw up on her. I doubt she’s a Jays fan.

        • She may even be from NYC. it’s cheaper to fly to Toronto and stay at the Intercontinental for three nights than it is to buy a ticket at yankee stadium. And I’m only exaggerating a bit. My 200 level seat at yankee stadium cost me $189, equivalent seat at RC = $60-$71

          The place was half empty on a Friday night, no wonder.

  96. Good game Ladies/Gents

  97. Casey Janssen shuts the door on Jeter!. the Captain goes home without a gift basket.

    Good Win by the Jays.!

  98. In case you guys were pondering what to get me when my days at DJF are over, I love Banff Springs Hotel. And I will gladly do with just a king room, as long as I have a view of the golf course. Thanks.

  99. We should just give Rasmus to KC for free if no trade comes up. He gets to play somewhere he’s more comfortable, hes probably not playing much more after the call-ups anyways. Also we get to show some solidarity with another team mired in the slag heap of perpetual ineptitude.

    • We could help KC more by keeping him. He’s dogshit. I would love it if the Jays fucked him over by having him ride the pine all of September.

  100. Don’t look now, but the A’s outrighted Deck McGuire. Fire AA!

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