A lot of new faces are with the Jays tonight… and sitting on the bench. A lot of new faces that I… haven’t quite gotten around to writing much about just yet. So score one for me, I guess! John Gibbons has chosen not to throw any of his new guys straight into the fire, even if it means Kevin Pillar and Danny Valencia facing a right-handed pitcher and Munenori Kawasaki playing.

I get wanting to let guys get a little bit acclimatized to their new environment and all that stuff, but… well… I guess what I don’t get is Kevin Pillar and Danny Valencia facing a right-handed pitcher (Pillar more than Valencia, because I think we can all agree that Juan Francisco probably shouldn’t see the light of day any longer), and picking Kawasaki’s bat over Goins’ defence at this point.

Meh, I guess. Just struck me as odd is all. Doesn’t mean some of them can’t be used later in the game.

And hopefully it doesn’t matter much what the lineup looks like anyway, as R.A. Dickey gets a precious dome start, and will ideally get the Jays off to a winning start in a series they really need to win, and certainly could use sweeping, in a place where they haven’t actually taken a series since approximately the paleolithic era.

Meaningful-ish Septemeber baseball has arrived-ish!


Seriously, though. Reaaaaaally thought the bottom of the lineup might look a little better than that, given all the recent call-ups.

Scott MacArthur tweets that John Gibbons says Brett Cecil is “hanging” and won’t be available tonight, nor will Daniel Norris — he’ll be available starting tomorrow.

Brendan Kennedy notes that there was a late lineup change today, with Edwin Encarnacion moving to DH and Adam Lind shifting to first, where EE was originally going to be. Don’t particularly care for the connotations of that, but at least Eddie’s still playing, right?

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET @ Tampa

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And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Tampa Bay Rays

2B Ben Zobrist (S)
RF Wil Myers (R)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
DH David DeJesus (L)
C Ryan Hanigan (R)
CF Kevin Kiermaier (L)

RHP Jeremy Hellickson

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  1. Let’s Go Jays: Keep Delusion Alive

  2. Big difference betweeen the first five and the bottom four of the Jays lineup

  3. (But I get your point.)

  4. edwin walk bat toss 10/10

  5. It’s very very quiet in the Tropicana library reading room. Sssshhhhhhhh

  6. Dickeys. Line so far: 0 ip, 1 K

  7. Not sure why Gose isn’t in CF.

    Maybe Pillars wicked 4/15 “hot” streak has made him a bat you “need in the lineup”.

    • Would you rather watch Gose try to steal first base?

      Seriously,though.I think Gibby is trying to put out the best offensive lineup and work from there, depending on how the game goes.

      • Pillar has looked pretty solid in the few games he’s played since being called back up. I think the best way to reward that is probably by letting him play more and seeing what he can do.

      • Dumb

        Gose has a OBP 20 pts higher on the season than Pillar has put up with his “strong play” since his recall

        Sorry but if a .267 avg and .313 obp over 15 abs counts as “strong play” you’re jumping over a really low bar.

      • Even a clown like you is better than doubling down on this stupidity.

        Gose has a .333 OBP in 200 PA in the majors this year, and it’s .355 against RHP in 133 PA. His walk rate is over 10% and he’s at a point where the data shows the sample stabilizes. For someone constantly trying to pretend he’s the one looking harder and being more open minded than the next guy, talking about Gose needing to steal first base is a bit rich. He at least deserves to show if he can keep it up and not be sat against RHP. But hey, close-minded garbage from RADAR is par for course, I suppose.

        • U mad bro?

          • Thoroughly defeated, dipshit clown resorts to “U mad bro?”

            • Throughly defeated, hardly.
              Keep cherry picking those stats though.it helps your ego.
              BTW: Check out Gibby’s explanation in his between inning interview, about why he inserted Pillar and Valencia in the lineup.
              You might learn something.
              Unless you know more than Gibby and his staff.

              Owned again Stoeten,you make it too easy sometimes.
              Try harder please.

            • I have to agree with Stoeten here. ‘
              U mad bro’ is the calling card of dipshit losers ( yes, I am mad and I dare you to say that to my face nerd!)

              • Because Stoeten gets a little nuts sometimes and levity is needed.

                Stoeten grabs a couple of stats quickly and professes that this the only logical way to analyze the decision made.Without looking at everything.

                Let’s look a little deeper.
                AAA 2014 VS RHP
                Gose 128AB .219 avg .281 OBP 11BB
                Pillar 281AB .310avg ..346 OBP 15BB

                AAA 2013 vs RHP
                Gose 293AB .235avg .304 OBP
                Pillar 139AB ..259avg .316 OBP
                I can go on,if you want.

                Original question was “Not sure why Gose isn’t in CF.”
                Gibby said he went with the right handers to counter the changeup and they were swinging the bat well.
                You can argue sample size or MLB vs MILB but Pillar was the right offensive choice.
                Stoeten went off with his personal attack without the proper research.
                Just an anti RADAR rant without considering all the facts.
                Now, who’s a closed minded clown?

  8. You have literally 1 job Josh…..

  9. two hitters, two strikeouts…result: runner at second one out

    that’ll do nicely tho

  10. Dope inning Dickster

  11. ah the wonders of a knuckleball

    it giveth and then taketh away

  12. Maybe Gibbons knows something. Valencia just homered.

  13. Danny V!

  14. Valen -Seeya

  15. Valencia! puts the the Jays on top @ the Trop. Is he the 3rd base backup for 2015 ?

  16. heehee… opposite field Thole HR would have been something huh?

  17. Andrew, those righties are in the lineup in an attempt to neutralize Hellickson’s changeup. Similar to the way Maddon broke Ricky Romero.

    • And because Hellickson’s given up a .313 BA against righties this SEEEZIN

    • righties are crushing Hellickson this year in a very tiny sample size.

      his career shows a small traditional split however.

      • What Kevin said, yeah. Good point on the changeup/split stuff, though I’m not sure it’s quite as justifiable as it was with Ricky.

  18. Aa said on radio today morrow’s option is being declined, but could come back

  19. Perfect double play guy

  20. Oh cock.

  21. I wouldn’t hate the Rays so much if they hit one effing ball hard in these ridiculous innings they have

  22. Listening on the radio. Are all 5 TB fans cheering? It even sounds empty there.

  23. I’d like to punch Escobar right in the vas deferens.

  24. Surprised nobody mentioned the spat developing between Wilner and Hebscher.
    Wilner called him out on twitter because Hebscher wrote something on his blog, in response to something Wilner tweeted.
    Or something like that.
    Boys will be boys.


    • Hebscher is a washed up idiot.

      • Don’t disagree with ya.
        Not often you see a public cat fight though.

      • much as I’m not a Wilner fan, he was pretty dead right there.

      • I probably defend Wilner TOO much, but yeah… Hebscher seems nuts. Wilner was entirely right to say it was a lazy comment to say the Jays had mentally checked out.

        • At least there’s hope for him.
          He hasn’t gone full Marty York yet

          • “I’ve been in this business for nearly 40 years and I’ve never ripped another media member in print or on a broadcast”

            well…until now that is…

            Still, Wilner’s continual Rogering leaves him with a credibility problem.

        • True…but Hebscher is right to point out the possible link between Wilner’s insufferable toeing of the company line this year and the Suspension he got last time he spoke out against the club.

          • No, he’s not. People who want to be negative about Wilner because he rubs them the wrong way or says things that make their brain hurt seem to hear what they want to hear. Doesn’t make it real.

  25. I think I may be alone in this but I think we should resign Melky.

    • Edgy

      …but I agree

    • Melky, Jose and Edwin in the same lineup again next year would be pretty fucking fantastic with an upgraded bullpen and seasoned starting pitching.

      • yea the bullpen should be mentioned more as an area of concern – they haven’t been very good this year and without Janssen and Sanchez it starts to look kinda shitty.

        • Jitters has not been confidence-insiring lately. I’d be interested in seeing how Morrow handles the back end of games. I know some players hate not having defined roles but wouldn’t a Cecil-Morrow closer tandem be all right?

          • Cecil is showing very strong reverse splits this year – although that certainly hasn’t been the trend for his career. maybe he could handle the role alone?

            I’d wager that some team will take a flyer on Morrow as a starter this offseason. probably a shitty team with nothing to lose. kinda doubt he’ll be back.

    • I agree. I can understand if they don’t resign him if someone else grabs him for crazy money, but they better at least try to deflate his market with a QO. I’ll be really disappointed if they’re seriously worried about him taking a 15 mil 1 year deal.

  26. Sign Melky now.

  27. Well at least they are not completely out of it. So I guess I’ve come back to a relatively meaningful game in September.

    I see AA’s job is safe next year. Let’s see what he does this off-season.

  28. Nice tv dive Escobar you shit-heel

  29. If I had the choice of taking Dorothy Mantooth out to a nice steak dinner or kicking the shit out of Escobar, Dorothy get’s a rain check.

  30. Another nice bat flip by Edwin.

    He looked disgusted.

  31. My hopes for the Jays this season went from winning the division to winning the wild card to now simply finishing ahead of the Yankees

  32. Good work Lind. Walk, bases loaded so I swing at two pitches out of the zone. Brilliant

    • Big league pitchers are very good at getting hitters out. This isn’t beer league.

      • They’re even better at getting guys out when the hitter does half their work for them by swinging at pitches out of the zone right after a walk

        • Baseball is hard. Lind has a 1.273 OPS when putting the first pitch in play this year, so if he sees something he wants to swing at there, it’s very OK. Pretending the reactions to pitches are easy to control, or that MLB hitters go up against MLB pitchers with the playground approach of “he just threw a bunch of balls, I’d better not swing” is ridiculous. When these guys miss they don’t miss by much, and letting yourself intentionally get behind in the count is astonishingly counterproductive. And players swing at the wrong pitch all the time — again, MLB pitchers are very, very good.

          What’s not to understand here about how your reaction is absurd?

          • There’s absolutely nothing wrong w swinging at the first pitch if its the pitch you’re looking for. I kinda doubt Lindy was looking for a pitch 6 inches outside. Also what’s linds ops on 2-0 pitches? Cuz that’s what count would’ve been if he let the first two go

            • Again — AGAIN — pitches are hard to recognize. MLB pitchers are good. Stop being a baby.

              • We disagree. That’s allowed, right? What’s with the name calling?

                • Thing is, I’m pretty sure the whole concept of second guessing a swing against a big league pitcher is too ridiculous for there to be room to agree to disagree here. And while I get that fans get frustrated and want to vent, that’s all it is when someone pretends it should have been easy to have done better.

                  • “Should have been easy to have done better” is slightly different than not liking the approach, no?

                    • Sure, but I don’t think what you’re doing is the latter. “He just walked a guy, don’t swing” is not a big league “approach.” Not swinging at pitches outside the zone is common sense, but that happens so frequently, because pitches are so hard to recognize and big league pitchers are so good, that you have to give a tonne of leeway if you’re trying to be even halfway serious.

                      The whole discussion about that stuff overlooks how difficult it is for both the pitcher and batter. Even if one or the other does everything perfectly he can end up failing, and so I just don’t have time for the “how dare he swing at that!” stuff. Ideally he wouldn’t have, obviously, but how do you hang him on it? Certainly not over some idea of his “poor approach” which isn’t really about his approach at all.

                    • The “approach” I’m referring to isn’t “he just walked a guy don’t swing.” Its “I’m gonna look for something in a certain zone and if its not there I’m not swinging”. I will grant you that my snarkiness was borne of frustration and probably a bit assholeish

                    • Just fucking stop ‘rogers customer’. You have been defeated.

  33. Lind needs to take some pitches when its bases loaded, nobody out.

    • Let’s stop saying things like this.

    • trying to ambush a fastball isn’t a bad idea. we’re past the point in the game when we’re consciously trying to run Hellickson pitch count up (and to be honest he’s pitching shitty enough that we’d probably rather have him in the game anyways). exactly what would be the point of taking pitches in that situation?

  34. Holy fuck.

  35. That half inning was the last 21 years portrayed in 5 minutes

  36. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more – watching Lind swing at the 1st pitch off the plate with the bases loaded and no-one out (after EE just took a walk) or hearing fucking Tabler say “that pitcher to the catcher to 1st is better than that infield double play as you don’t give up the run”.

    If only he worked for Rogers or the Blue Jays. I’m also tired of the constant swooning over oposing players. I just can’t stand listening to that guy.

    • EE’s walk was pretty much of the intentional variety. not really a sign of Hellickson all of a sudden turning wild.

      Lind was guessing first pitch fastball and Hellickson crossed him up. it happens.

  37. That bases-loaded swing/strikeout/dp? That really is the last twenty years in a nutshell. I cannot count the number of jerk-offs I’ve seen do that over the years but Brad Fulmer’s name leads all the rest…

    • Utter nonsense.

      • Really? But Stoeten you are too young to have seen Fullmer in all his ‘raided glory. And I haven’t even mentioned Canseco, Cruz Jr and a bunch of other over-eager bozos…

        • I’m flattered that you think I’m that young, I guess, but no I definitely saw all of that. It’s so much easier to remember the negative that reality gets lost. Fortunately we can look this stuff up. Canseco grounded into 7 double plays over 658 plate appearance for the Jays, for example. Fullmer was definitely worse — 27 in 1097 PA — but we’re still talking about getting worked up about something that happened just 2.5% of the time.

  38. Anybody else think we need to make Graveman our full-time closer? His talent projects him as a maybe-major leaguer, but his name projects him as the greatest closer of all time.

  39. Escobar does have a great glove

  40. Pretty swing

  41. That was very nice! Makes up for last inning!

  42. Hehehe…

    I wish this was against the O’s right now instead of these bozos

  43. So does Joey go 6 games in a row and tie the record?

    What say you???????????

    • Holy shit, just as I finished writing that the Rays announcers just informed me that the Jays record is held by Jose Cruz Jr.


      • Yup, buck and tabby mentioned that on Sunday.

        • I was thinking maybe Delgado ,

          but Cruz Jr?????

        • While I didn’t mind Cruz he simply can’t be in our record books with the bashers that we’ve had. It’s for these reasons I’m 98 % certain Joey not only ties the record but breaks it tomorrow.

  44. Come on get a big lead I wanna see some prospecksss

  45. Knew he was having a good year but dang

    (from MLBTR) 9. Russell Martin. By measure of Fangraphs wins above replacement, Martin has been roughly as valuable as Jose Bautista this year while playing in 70% as many games. Martin has been one of the best catchers in all of baseball, with an uncharacteristic .414 OBP and his typical excellent defensive work. It’s hard to find even a surefire starter among the other free agent catchers, so the 31-year-old Martin is about to cash in. A four-year deal north of $50MM seems possible.

  46. September call-ups make for difficult viewing for me. Potentially. I can’t quit you, baseball.

    • September baseball means MLB and summer are finito soon. Despite all the whining and bitching and frustration, we’ll all be pining for baseball faster than we thought. I am sooooooo not looking forward to all the hockey talk on the radio too.

      • I don’t listen to the sort of radio that would talk hockey.

        But yeah – September means baseball is over soon + that’s sad making. I guess I just like seeing all of the regular guys. Not new guys who I don’t know. I am a creature of habit + baseball usually gives me a good routine.

  47. Wilner confirms what we thought
    Rasmus is done in Toronto :(

    • He said “it appears….” Hardly a confirmation. If you need Wilner’s help to find out Colby is probably done in Toronto, sorry.

    • Maybe I’m dumb [spoiler alert: I am]…but I don’t quite get what this means? Has he been traded?

      • No, it means it appears he’s lost his starting spot.

        • Gotcha. I feel like he hasn’t been an automatic starter in a while. But that’s probably just me being dumb.

      • Pretty sure it just means hes not playing, but not sick. ie He’s a healthy scratch, with no future with the club,

      • Rasmus will be lucky to get some swings in as DH for the remainder if the season.

        • It was his job to lose. Can’t really blame anyone except Rasmus for this — and I really like the guy too.

          • I actually like that they’re being proactive on this, we used to have to watch Vernon play every single game despite hitting .220

            • In fact I didn’t think it would happen, the Jays have had a history of playing out the vets who are due for FA.

              • That’s prob more of a managerial thing then an org thing tho.

                There’s a pretty good chance if Cito were still here Colby would still be getting the Lions share of innings.

                Cito is a pretty vet friendly manager

                • Yeah, some team will give him the two maybe three years, at ~12 million I think
                  Of market is bare after Cruz/Melky

        • So what is the over/under that Rasmus gets signed for in the off season – $15mil

          • Someone could pay that. “Potential” makes GMs do dumb things.

          • Fuck I dunno who’s gonna give him that kind of $ esp if he hardly plays rest of the year. Wonder if its just the way he’s playing or if its other stuff (late for game etc). Seems quite harsh to bench him in a free agent year. Tony must be shitting fire. Shame I thought he’d b really good for a long time when they got him for basically nothing

          • Think the BJ Upton deal scares some teams off that might otherwise have been lining up for a chance at him?

    • Meh.

  48. I trust we’ll be seeing Garth Iorg inducted soon as the next player in the Level of Excellence

  49. When Tolleson retires, he should become the home plate sliding coach.

  50. Time to get medieval on these bastards.


  51. Dinner is served.

  52. Dingers!

  53. This is the beginning of a really long, hot streak. They may not make the playoffs, but this is going to be fun.

  54. Looks like the Jays will (again) have two chances to finally break the streak.

  55. Holy fuck Buck is unbearable tonite

  56. Jesus Dioner crushed that

  57. Ok just throwin this out there.

    Is this the best Dickey has pitched all season?

  58. You know, I like this Sanchez kid.

  59. Is it pronounce pom -pay or pom-pee?

    @DrewGROF: Jose Bautista sporting a 154 wRC+ with more walks than strikeouts.

  61. Edwin with 4 walks

  62. Pompey is fast holy shiiiiiit

  63. Why is Sanchez pitching when we’re up by 6?

  64. Baltimore winning again tonight.

    You just get the feeling that the team that comes out of the wildcard race, after having gone through the wildcard playoff and race with the other 4 or 5 teams to get to the finish line is going to be peaking right at the time they play 1 of these teams that have been on cruise control for 2 months….

    • There’s a decent chance there’s a repeat of last year in that there is a play in game to the play in game

  65. Redmond is in up by 6. That seems to be more like it. I only mention Sanchez because he has an innings limit.

  66. Put one in this maricon’s ear, Redmond.

  67. Shouldn’t it be 0-22-1 for trop losing streak?
    Jays spilt a series this year

  68. 19 more wins to go

  69. Probably already covered in the abyss that is this comments section but Gibby said Valencia was in to counter Hellickson’s change up (Hellickson meet Romero). I think we need to give managers some credit when they do something that looks stupid to us.

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