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Runs? Pitching? Two shots left to slay the Tropicana Field beast? That’ll play.

And did Mike Wilner just say it was the Jays’ first win in a series opener inĀ nine tries? Jesus fuck.

Now just do that, like, twenty-five more times, and… uh… holy shit, they only have twenty-five games left! [tugs at inside of shirt collar]

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  1. was listening on the radio, so can anyone tell me: IS DALTON THE NEXT DEVO, like Jerry says?

    • Oh boy. That’s… maybe let’s see him play a game.

      Rogers guys really going with the hard sell on the “here is the future” stuff. A cynic would have a thing to say about that, I’m sure.

      • but what does he look like when he *runs*?

        GO JAYS.

      • A cynic would also poo-poo on playing Valencia without listening to gibby talk about hellickson’s reverse splits and neutralizing the change up. But. Meh. It’s not like you are always negative – Simmons and Cox have you beat

      • Yeah. I really have to wonder how counterproductive the Jays’ marketing folks are. Selling Pompey as “the next Devo” when he’s had a single appearance where he pinch-ran for the DH can’t be good for the kid’s head.

        (Yes, I’m pulling stuff out of my ass about psychology.)

  2. man, can’t wait for 2019 . . .

  3. Please keep it close until the final week…. I am still holding on the slim belief they can do it!

  4. fucking Tigers plated 3 in the 9th

    was hoping Indians could have taken a few in that series as they have been hot recently

  5. Can’t believe O’s are running away with this. Hate Showalter nearly as much as Joe Maddon.

  6. The knuckleball Dickey threw to strikeout Myers in the first was.. impossible.

    • yeah saw that on the jays video page this morning that was ridiculous how it made a sharp left turn

  7. Maybe at this rate the Jays will have both wild cards to play for, the A’s seem like they’re falling apart.

  8. Pahahahhahahahahahahha what time do you even think i eat breakfast

  9. What I love about this time of year is how quickly things can turn. In this series and the next if the Jays manage to win one and sweep the other (totally doable with the Cubs coming up) things could quickly get interesting. They can vault themselves ahead of the Yanks and Indians, and put themselves with threeish games of a wildcard spot (or even both wildcard spots).
    Blair was asking listeners on the Fan yesterday if this is meaningful September baseball. I’d say we’re getting there.

  10. Baby steps indeed. But I’m not gonna hate on Balto. They have done damn’ well and they deserve to win. After they destroyed Boston in that final game a couple of years ago they took off and never looked back. I wish our guys had zoomed away like that but I suspect the Gods of Baseball haven’t finished with us yet.

  11. What happened to all the comments?? Everyone banned, lol.

    • I can’t post from my house. Every time I try to – it says that its awaiting moderation.. Guess anyone with an opinion gets banned

  12. Since moving to Burlington before the start of last season, the Jays have been underachieving relative to their talent.

    Since moving to Mississauga last weekend, the Jays haven’t lost a game, and are 3 for 3.

    I think I found the problem, I fixed the team guys!!

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