In a somewhat surprising development, this morning the Jays announced that Brett Lawrie has been placed on the 60-day DL, ending his season.

This procedural move comes among a metric shit-tonne of changes made to the roster now that teams are allowed to activate anyone on their 40-man. To wit:

Brandon Morrow (who will pitch out of the bullpen) and Dan Johnson have been activated from the DL. Anthony Gose, Ryan Goins, Kendall Graveman, Sean Nolin, and Dan Norris have officially been called up to the big league club. Dalton Pompey and George Kottaras have been added to the 40-man and promoted to the Jays as well. And in order to clear room for these moves, in addition to Lawrie being placed on the 60-day DL, Darin Mastroianni and Matt Hague have been D’d FA, and Neil Wagner has been released. Sergio Santos, you’ll remember, was DFA late last week, when Chad Jenkins was recalled.

I’ll have more on the youngsters being promoted in yet another Assorted Weekend Thoughts piece later today (or… maybe tomorrow?), but for this one we’ll focus on Brett Lawrie, who somehow finishes 2014 with the fewest games played of any full year in his young MLB career.

Lawrie played 125 games in 2012, 107 last year, and finishes this season with just 70. His numbers don’t look particularly exciting, either, though the hopeful side of Jays fans will have reason to look beyond the slash line of .247/.301/.421. For one, he posted the best ISO of his big league career (.174), save for the explosive late-season cameo he made in 2011. His exactly-league-average wRC+ of 100 was incrementally better than the previous two seasons, the defensive metrics liked him (naturally), and the big one: though it’s an egregious use of arbitrary end points, Lawrie heated up immensely after beginning the season in a funk, posting a 125 wRC+ and a terrific .290/.344/.460 line from April 25th until his season ended on August 5th (three innings into his first game back after breaking his finger on June 22nd).

So, there’s bad — his overall numbers are not encouraging, and he’s done absolutely nothing to shake the “injury prone” label — but there’s also good. He’s still young, he still takes up very little payroll (he’ll be eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter), after the cold start he showed there still can be a lot of potential in his bat, and his versatility and willingness to move to second base (not that he had any right to refuse, frankly) allowed John Gibbons to maximize the value he could get out of his roster. It’s a hopelessly misleading number — the bulk of Lawrie’s playing time this year was accrued before Juan Francisco turned into Pedro Cerrano — but the Jays were 39-31 in the games Lawrie played this season. His ability to move around the diamond and keep Francisco’s then-scorching bat in the lineup was a huge asset to the team — as was his defence at whichever position he was asked to play, not to mention his bat.

Despite the disappointing campaign, he certainly has earned another year as an unquestioned regular in the Blue Jays’ infield whenever he’s healthy. Let’s just hope it’s not another damn wasted one.

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  1. Why the. Hell was Pompey called up? He’s sitting on the bench unless Rasmus gets benched

    • I’d wager Rasmus isn’t going to play much this month.

      They like to get these guys a taste of the big leagues, they also could use some legs off the bench, even if they’re not going to start him.

      • What does Rasmus get this offseason from any team?
        3/33 max?

      • Idk, you feel decently secure with him manning CF. A team with a glaring chorus of defensive blunders in that position might be tempted to bring in Colby to stop the bleeding there while hoping for an offensive renaissance when he goes to bat.

        I could see someone taking that 2-3 plunge.

        • Who would they be bidding against? Why would they need to bid that much to land him?

          Nothing’s impossible, I guess, but imagine your team did that and you looked at the numbers he’s put up in three of the last four years.

          And it’s almost certain that they’re not going to give him a qualifying offer, because they’re afraid he’d take it. Pretty clear signal the market for him is soft.

          • Some desperate team would Give him two years

            • I think some desperate team will give him 1 year. I don’t think any team is desperate enough to give him multiple years. Some team that misses out on free agency and can’t land someone via trade will give him a MLB job in the hopes of getting one of his good years.

              Frankly, I can’t help but think that a Gose/Pillar platoon and/or Pompey is a better idea for the Jays. Reallocate the money we spent on Rasmus towards retaining/bolstering a different position..

      • I’d venture a guess that a team gives him a Nelson Cruz type 1 year/$8 million deal

    • speed off the bench, see what he can do in a couple at bats

    • The AFL doesn’t start until October, so he’d likely be sitting doing nothing anyway. Why not get him acclimatized to the big leagues?

  2. why was brandy morrow called up ? So he can treat himself to the disabled list after 1 bullpen session??

  3. Real shame… he brings a lot of energy and shows an improving set of skills at the plate, when he’s healthy.

  4. What’s the role going to be played by Norris? I assume BP?

    And will Pompey start at all?

    • Norris: Yes, maybe a spot start, but probably bullpen

      Pompey: Probably not, but who knows, maybe a couple of games where we face lefties.

  5. “The last Boy Scout” is probably the orioles ws champs guy

    • He’s not. He claims “Im an old school DJF commentor back when you were allowed to voice your real opinion,” but he’s just a troll — a different troll. Sadly, there are many.

      • Not a troll man , ive been supporting this blog since you started it back in the J.P.R days.
        Whats wrong with a fan saying that he’s sick and tired of hearing the name Brandon Morrow? The guy is irelevant and useless for our playoff push. He is not in the future plans moving forward so why call him up ? to stay loyal to the undercover baseball code and audition him for other teams that may sign him in the offseason

        In my opinion the callups are not going to help the jays take that extra step and make key contributions towards a final playoff push.

        these correct statements = Troll ?

        You’ve changed man .

  6. This offseason would a great time to think about buying out Lawrie’s arb years and maybe tacking on a year or two.

    • A deal that’s 5 years for 30 million?

      • I don’t think that’s not a bad deal, considering what he might make in arbitration, even on the low end.

        I could be wrong though, I aint an arb specialist like mlbtraderumours

    • Why in the world would you do that? This was the same cost-fear-based decision making that led to the terrible Ricky Romero contract.

      • Yeah, that’s the only contract that’s similar.

        • I never said it was the only comp. It’s just a great example of how things can go bad. At And, as you know, and have written about, AA said many times that those types of risky deals would not be necessary going forward. At least in the case of Ricky Ro, he had one good season from start to finish when it was signed. Lawrie has not put together a single good season from start to finish yet and you want to buy out his arbitration years and a few of free agency? Come on.

          But if you want to be a dick about it, find me a pre-arb, multi-year deal that included a couple free agent years for a player that only averaged 100 games/season over 3 years and had an OBP < .300 that worked out well for the team.

          • Your argument against it was that it was a cost-fear-based decision, which pretty much goes for every single contract ever.

            • That’s not true at all. There are many contracts where market rate is knowingly paid over the life of the deal or where years at the back end will knowingly be overpaid in order to secure market rate or less at the front end of the deal.

              What we’re talking about here is gambling in order to try to secure a discount out of fear that we’ll have to pay market rate some day (which is all that Lawrie’s arbitration years and first few years of free agency would guarantee). My argument is that this is an unnecessary gamble that would be done out of an irrational fear. If ever there was a player that would warrant “waiting and seeing” before locking them up, it’s Brett Lawrie. The Jays are in a perfect situation with him and should not waste that with some unwarranted pre-arb deal.

              • Well I’m not talking about Lawrie at all, because I agree with you, but in the abstract, the sort of equation you’re talking about happens all the time in all kinds of contracts. Holding up the Romero one as typical of deals made under those considerations is encouraging an awfully one-sided way to look at it.

      • While Romero sucks, his $7.75 for the next two years isn’t very bad at all. RR is not the reason we can’t sign free agents. Frankly if he played to his potential that contract would be a steal, even as a 4/5 starter.

        • I disagree. $7.75 Million tied up in the minors contributing 0 to the major league roster is the definition of a terrible contract. And it is a huge contributing factor to why the Jays couldn’t bring in Santana or trade for anyone to help the team this year.

          • Lind, Encarnacion, Bautista are all contracts signed for the same reason. Please don’t just look at the bad ones.

            • Completely wrong. EE were on expiring free agent deals after years of service. Lind was a pre-arb deal I believe, and a strong argument could certainly be made that the Jays overpaid for a lot of those years.

              • Doesn’t mean that the EE’s deal didn’t require taking a risk to avoid paying a much higher expected market rate later on.

                • Very true. But that risk was taken due to the lack of control. The Jays already completely control Lawrie’s fate for years. I forgot to include Jose’s name in the above as well. Also not a pre-arb deal. Anyway, I think you and I are on the same page here.

      • Romero’s 2011 made that contract actually work out.

    • No. In the years he’s been here he’s a part time player. Let him prove that he can be healthy and productive before we shower him with money.

    • Whaaaat????

  7. Buck Martinez should never be interviewed regarding his analysis of the Jays. Just horrible and wrong pretty much all the time.

  8. Do the Jays (should the Jays) pick up Morrow’s $10M option for next year?

  9. isn’t much news to say Lawrie was done for the season; even if he progressed to what the Jays thought he would be what available mid september. No point then to get his timing and everything up to only have him play a handful of games. Let’s call it what it is and say that Lawrie doesn’t heal as fast as other players or that they BJs tend to understate the severity of the injury. I like to say it’s a combination of both.

    • “Let’s call it what it is…” he says, then completely makes something up.

      • what did i make up? the fact that Lawrie never comes back when the team reports he will be ready by? or the fact that the jays like to understate the severity of injuries?

    • Well it was an oblique injury, not to mention on the same side he got it before

      • kind of like Adam Lind’s back and the annual “few days’ he has every year because of back spasms

        • You do know that Adam Lind does not believe in working out right? I’m sure anyone would be hurt playing baseball with zero preperation. There is a reason he doesn’t play every day, and it’s not just his splits….

          • What are you talking about, he’s all about working out now, he’s well aware of his back aches here and there, he’s taken up yoga specifcally for that reason.

            • Ya, I don’t quite take his word for that one. Everyone says they will show up to camp “in the best shape of their life”.

              His body composition has not changed too much over this period of time. The yoga and reduced workload has definately helped keep him on the field if he is indeed still practicing in the last 2 years, but I wouldn’t say it was from working out.

              His comments on working out were down right ignorant, I doubt he has changed his stance much on this one outside of appeasing some fans/management.

              • @Paquin
                Your supposition that Lind doesn’t work out is downright ignorant. How the hell would you know?

            • Yoga ain’t working out bud. It’s like the opposite of a workout.

  10. The team needs to look into acquiring less injury prone players. Guys like morrow and lawrie just arent reliable. Even when they are healthy, their performance is underwhelming as well (excluding lawrie’s glove). Part of the reason why this season got derailed is because of relying on guys like that. Not the main reason but a contributing factor.

    • /yawns

    • So you are saying they should get out of the baseball business right? Aside from Dickey all pitchers are a ticking time bomb waiting for Tommy John surgery.

      • Uhhh no. Guys like buehrle exist. Buehrle and morrow are basically on the opposite side of the spectrum. Buehre’s are hard to find but you can avoid morrow’s pretty easily.

        • Buehrle also lives between the speeds of 75 and 87 mph all the while being a large man. That’s probably a huge reason he doesn’t get hurt.

    • /mentions the need for real grass at Rogers Centre

  11. I’d love to see Bautista at 3B and Melky./Gose/Pompey/Pillar in the outfield. They can shift the speedy CF/RF slightly to the left to compensate for Melky’s lack of speed (like the Yankees did when Gardiner player at the corner).

    If that’s at all a viable configuration, Lawrie can play 2B next year and Bautista can stay at 3B.

    Maybe I’m just reaching for positives here.

    • please stop with Bautista @ 3B. Hes got one of the best arms in MLB from RF. And its easier to keep him healthy (and batting) there.

      • @Kev
        Why would he not hit playing third? Why would he get hurt there and not right field? Why would his defence in rf be any more valuable than at third.

        The fact is the jays moved Lawrie off 2B simply to fill a hole at 3B and had him learn third in MLB. He is way more valuable as a 2B.
        OF are a dime a dozen compared to 2B and the jays have suffered mightily for two straight years with poor infield when they have had the players to fix the problem all along and could have (still can) rounded out the team much easier looking for of from outside the team

    • Not a bad idea if we’re looking to optimize offence platooning wise.

      Our roster actually looks a lot better with Mayberry on the team vs LHP, not to mention the new guys add some intrigue and speed to the bottom of the lineup.

      SS Reyes
      LF Melky
      3B Bautista
      1B EE
      DH Lind
      C Kottaras
      CF Rasmus
      2B Kawasaki
      RF Pompey/Gose

      SS Reyes
      LF Melky
      RF Bautista
      1B EE
      3B Valencia
      DH Mayberry
      C Navarro
      2B Tolleson
      CF Pompey/Pillar

      • I’m thinking it’s Gose and not Rasmus more often than not against RHP.

        • Yeah as I was writing it, I was thinking how Gose/Rasmus and pompey could all be interchangable in CF/RF.

          As awful as rasmus has been in laying off pitches, he still has a .700+ OPS for august, while most of the other Jay’s kinda wet the bed in terms of hitting.

  12. Hey Andrew, I think your being a little quick to label Lawrie as injury prone considering how long you railed against Morrow getting the same moniker. 2 of Lawries injuries are broken bones from being hit in the hands by pitches. No amount of ab crunches prevent that. The oblique thing could be an issue but none of us can peek in his Medical files so making assumptions is horeshit. To me his injuries of more been of the freak/unlucky variety. (see catapulting oneself into camera bay)

    Anyway, I’m wondering if the Jays just sent him home for the year to be fully healed for next year because everything he was saying on twitter was pointing to his imminent return. I’m too lazy to look it up but one of his tweets was something like “working hard and getting close”.

    Unless he reinjured himself rehabbing maybe the Jays just told him to take it slow and work for next year? Have you heard anything as to why they 60′d him?

    Anyway, I love Brett and one day (fingers crossed) I think he’ll be an elite infielder.

    • And…. here are 3 of the 5 comments on TSN regarding Brett:

      19 mins ago
      Enough is enough. Maybe it’s time to cut our losses with Lawrie? We are paying alot of money for someone who is always hurt

      1 hour ago
      Is it me or is Laurie really not panning out? He seems to be always hurt. Love the intensity, but we need him for more than just 30% of the season. report this comment

      1 hour ago
      Great year, Brett. What a joke.

    • to nitpick: he said that Lawrie hadn’t done anything to remove the label of injury prone. Not that he felt Lawrie was injury prone.

      But for realz though, with any player the fact that they have been injured previously isn’t really a great predictor of their future. Even Mark Buehrle will probably eventually find his way on to a DL… and on the opposite end, somehow AJ Burnett ended up having a decent run of healthy years after starting out with an “injury prone” label.

    • Not my label.

  13. Remember when there was discussion about signing Lawrie long term early in his career (like the Rays do)? Remember when that was a thing? I agree with what Tao is saying on twitter. Have him around but you need a guy who can fill in for a month here and a month there.

  14. From what I’m hearing, Norris, Pompey and Graveman were just added
    to the 40 man roster as is required for them to be called up.

    None of them needed to be on the 40 man prior to next spring’s rule five draft.
    Now, they must take up a spot all winter, thus reducing flexibility.

    They will now also have to use up an option to get back to AAA for next year
    and that also would not have been necessary without this “promotion.”
    So they will all be out of options at least one year earlier than they needed to be.

    And for what? Selling hope? A misguided notion that these guys could have
    some sort of effect on a playoff race that doesn’t exist?
    Chances these guys are all on the MLB roster next April? Next to zero.

    Chances one or more may have his career messed up by a wasted option year?
    Pretty damn good.

    I’ve been a AA supporter all along, but this smacks of roster mismanagement
    and squandering valuable resources.

    • Not unfair to be negative on it, but this goes way too far.

    • don’t be dumb, every single one of these guys have a chance at being on the 25 man roster next year, though pompey is a bit of a head scratcher.

    • Plenty of teams call up guys in September for first call ups and then use them in some capacity the following year, option be damned.

      Norris and Pompey might need more seasoning but Graveman is probably at the point where he could be done with the minors.

      Besides, the Jays are going to be losing several pieces in the offseason so even if these guys aren’t starting, that doesn’t mean they can’t make the MLB roster as depth for 2015.

      • This is something AA has done for a long timeous had issue with.

        A pro, which I think is biggest reason, is for these guys to gain experience for developmental reasons.

        Burning options too soon has led to lack of depth. Guys are put on forty man two years before they have to be when they are nothing special. Then they run out if options and leave team right when they would be a valuable depth piece in minors in case of injury. They aren’t significant cases each one in itself but it becomes a vicious cycle such that the guys who do come up from minors are themselves put on forty man too soon and out if options once they have become a useful depth piece to stash in the minors themselves.

        Norris, Sanchez ok they look like pretty good bets to be keepers. Nolin last year for one start, Jenkins two or three years ago, no. In three years or whatever the jays pen may be desparate and have to call up the next 22 year old fringe prospect instead of Nolin Jenkins 27 year old type who is near his peak.

        Would like to see jays have more Kawasaki tolleson types they use as well as flyer veterans off injuries on one year deals. As much as Laffey or Wong get ripped it’s better than getting the same performance out of a 22 year old while fast tracking his time to be out of options such that he is gone and not available to be called up from minors when he is better than Laffey

        • I’m not saying burning options too early isn’t a concern, but how exactly has it has it led to a lack of depth? Examples of pieces lost in this vicious cycle, please.

  15. What a fucking disgrace this team is…. Valencia and Mayberry Jr are their acquisitions?
    Maybe Alex can work on making a trade that has what we like to call an “impact”..?

    This season was their best chance and the players, but also Alex blew their chance like a batch in the face. Next season they won’t have Melky, CF will be worse and Edwin and Jose are 1 year closer to leaving… How can a Jays fan look to 2015 with any kind of optimism. And no, I’m not a troll I’m a real fan that spends real money in the form of flex packs and merch and so on… I voice my opinion with my wallet and guess what Rogers.. you ain’t gettin’ any

    • You’re absolutely a troll. HJ Birdie, in fact.

      Fair points to be disappointed about, but making the leap to “how can a Jays fan look to 2015 with any kind of optimism?” is, of course, ridiculous.

    • Both of those aquisitions are at least 45% better than the MLB versus LHP. Pretty solid pickups when you consider we traded scraps for them.

  16. It’ll be exciting to see what the Jays can do on the basepaths with some of these speedsters up. Thats the one facet of the Jays offense that isnt top 5 in the AL (SBs and triples)

  17. I’d decline Morrow’s option and offer him 6.5 million and tell him he will compete for a starting job, but has a guaranteed bullpen position as a backup.

    • Too much for a reliever.

    • Nope.

    • I’d decline the option and offer him a $2m base salary
      with incentives that could take it to $10m based on some
      combination of appearances and/or innings pitched.

      Too bad incentive contracts is one of the Blue Jays
      self imposed, “We don’t do that’s”

      • You’re going to sign a player to a contract that gives him an incentive to dog it in critical situations? Really?

      • Why (as a fan) would you want incentive contracts?

        It’s not like it’ll be budgeted at the lower amount (you don’t really think that corporate HQ would have that type of deal count only the lower threshold towards the budget do you?)… I suppose if you’re a Rogers stakeholder having the budget come in potentially 8M below forecast is a desirable outcome but as a fan it doesn’t help the team win so why do it.

  18. Pompeys AAA numbers are nice in a small sample size. he did slash .358/.393/.453 in his 12 games. I don’t disagree with the call up.

  19. How quickly fortunes change. We were looking at Colby potentially getting a 100m contract (80m was more realistic), and now we won’t even give him a QO.

  20. I’m excited to see all the kids we called up but mostly intrigued to see if Graveman can keep up this GB rate.

    If so he’s like found money. Very little hype coming into this year but if he can keep it on the carpet (and away from Reyes) he could be a good weapon at home.

    • I’m on the Graveman boat as well. I hope his sinker looks legit. I badly want Pompey and Norris to get into a game ASAP. If Pompey proves he can hit from both sides decently he could make Gose or Pillar a trade piece in the off season. But then again no one should trust september numbers.

      • There was a good article recently about him I can’t remember where. Was a cutter he discovered during one of the first games of the year that he gets the grounders with

  21. Why no Drabek? He has performed ok out of the bullpen in Buffalo, wouldn’t he be worth a couple of looks in blowouts?

  22. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t expect Brett to be gone for as long as he was, but I really under appreciated his absence on the roster.

    Might also be due to EE and Lind coming back around the same time. Brett got off to a slow start, but his line shot up as he started to have better more patient plate appearances

    Disappointed he’s done for the year.

  23. I’m looking forward to seeing the kids (although I do wonder if it’s the best thing for their development); Have to wonder if this bods ill for Drabek and Delabar’s future with the org though (Rasmussen is clearly org filler, so not as much with him). Not that any of those guys have set the world on fire, but I’m a bit surprised they aren’t going north too.

    • I think the call ups are for their development while at the cost of putting them on the 40 man. They get to see what it takes, advise from vets, learn what they need to do to beat the best.

      I for one would rather see Drabek Rasmussen mastersinni Glenn Diaz types called up leaving the team with better flexibility and more depth into the future with 40 man flexibility.

      Graveman is a real head scratcher. Seems like a fairly decent bet to be a fringe mlb player by the time he is out of options.

      If the team was more in contention and this was about fielding the best team to win if feel different but don’t think that is what is going on here

  24. It’ll be interesting to see what Gibby will do now that he has more options and a bigger bench.
    I realize it’s AAA players but now he has some flexibity.

    • russel martin please

    • Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that MLBTR would do a post like this in September and Michael Morse would get a mention but Colby wouldn’t?

    • There’s a lot of good fits for our holes. (should be a porn title)
      But they have their pick of the litter so Toronto is in tough to ink anyone on this list and will probably only get the warty/risky type of FA’s.

      I’d throw a 2 year deal at old balls Aramis Ramirez and get Brett to move to second.

      That said, even though he’s ancient and often injured, it probably takes a lot of money to get Aramis.

      • “good fits for our holes”

        starring Alexis Anal-thopoulos and Long John Gibbons

      • After Cabrera

        Russell for sure. Would be great for young pitchers and is even canadian. Just Russell and Cabrera put jays in contention.

        Ramirez or Cruz (with Bautista at third Lawrie at second) also would fit the bill.

        If they don’t sign Cabrera and someone else I say cut the losses and trade the vets for mlb close position players

  25. I’m curious about the Neil Wagner release. I figured he’d fit into the plans in 2016 (he’ll miss next year with tommy john) but doesn’t releasing him now seem like a dick move, since now he won’t have any income while recuperating?

    • We did that with david cooper as well

    • Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

      We cut Carpenter after a few ho-hum years and then arm surgery – went on to become
      Hoss Radbourn.

      We signed Dusty, maybe as “lesson learned” kind of thing from Carp and he’s been a long term rehabber who turned into an ok bullpen arm.

      I won’t lose sleep about Wagner, it’s business.

      • I think you’re right. Probably can’t win either way. Before McGowan, they paid Hayhurst for a full year when he was hurt. I dunno… I think my thought is that if he wasn’t hurt, Wagner would probably be in the plans for next season, or at least in the mix.

      • Wagner wasn’t on forty man though right? They dfa him a while back. So was just about money it seems

  26. Personally, I feel Lawrie being out of the lineup has been one of, if not the largest reason the team is in the position it currently sees itself in.

    Yes, the bats of EE and Lind were missed terribly, but I really feel as if Lawrie was a bigger factor in terms of his overall value on both sides of the ball. (Well, maybe not EE, as his added offence makes up a large part of the team’s run production.)

    His range and ability to play more then one infield position is a huge plus for this team. It takes a very versatile piece out of the lineup, as his bat is not a liability, and his plus defense allows Gibby breathing room to be a little more creative with his bench assets. He doesn’t have to pick a player with only defense OR bat.

    His injury exposed one or more huge holes that the Jays have been struggling to fill ever since his injury, and is a huge reason why this team needs some more infield depth.

    With Reyes looking less like a quality defender at SS, Lawrie’s added range is sorely missed.

    I realize this isn’t a stretch, and also that one player isn’t the reason for all of the Jays’ problems, but after reading everyone call out Lawrie for ridiculous reasons, I feel compelled to speak my mind.

    • Yes Lawrie is a + defender, how many extra runs does he really save in a season over the current crop? 10-20? Let’s be optimistic and translate that into 5 wins (which is really really huge). The Jays are only 2.5 back of the w/c. Still not enough.

      • It’s not linear, it does not work this way…WAR should be used only as a measuring stick to compare players in different roles and eras. It’s not meant to be a mathematically formulae for adding/reducing projected or actual wins.

      • That’s a huge difference though.

        You are also underestimating how truly shitty fat Juan and Valencia’s defense has been

        • @pacquin It wasn’t my intention at all to apply WAR in this case (though I can see why one would think so). My bad.

          @defensive indifference.

          I’m merely stating that Lawrie isn’t as good as some people think he is. Yes, Francisco and Valencia aren’t doing much on the left side of the diamond defence wise. But how many games would have the Jays won if Lawrie was there to steal an out every other game? Hardly more than a handful.

          • Who really knows?
            Baseball is so situational that getting that one out could change everything. If you’re figuring on 10-20 extra outs…that could be a huge difference in outcomes.

          • Nobody can really say definitively, but not having Lawie on the field also means having some other at or below average defender at his position. It not only affects 3B, it also means we have to rely on Reyes more often, and as we can see that can be a liability.

            Plus the fact that he can be a plus defender at 2B, can mean moving him in game to create other offensive options to reduce a deficit, or protect a lead late in games.

            This isn’t a Goins situation either. Lawire is much more valuable because he can also be an offensive threat with his bat.

            When a lot of players are either defense with no bat (Goins/Gose), or all bat and no glove (Francisco before midnight) , it’s silly to overlook the impact a player with both can have on THIS team.

    • @dakins


      Lawrie ‘s absence has hurt the Jays.

  27. Pompey is wearing sniders old number

  28. I think people are underselling how much Pompey is going to play

    He very well may be a better offensive weapon than gose right now and with Colby out of favor , Pompey might just be the starting cf sooner rather than later

    They didn’t bring him up to pinch run

  29. I think Lawrie still turns into a great player. It’s frustrating the way the team hung their hat on him so early though. It feels likes he’s more important than he should be, at this point.

  30. I know people love the Graveman narrative. But realistically, he’s probably behind Noiin on the depth chart, with stuff that isn’t as good. He’s a good depth piece for sure. But he should come nowhere near the starting staff next year baring injury. He’s our new, homegrown Liam Hendricks. (That DOES have value though.)

    • You, like me, have no idea what he is or who is stuff is/is not better than.

      You’re probably right about his place in the depth chart but he has a very unique skill that shot him from low level obsurity to the big leagues in one year.

      Reserve judgement until after you’ve seen him pitch.

    • He aint liam hendriks with that kind of groundball rate, that’s fore sure.

      • You’re right. I’ve just read online scouting reports. He barely throws 90. The comparison to Hendricks wasn’t meant literally. More in terms of his value to the organization (as depth). And I’d be wary of reading too much into his stats. He barely pitched at any of the levels he climbed through. But we’ll see. Brad Mills had nice looking stats coming up also.

        • Stuff schmuff.
          Lots of guys with stuff that can’t hack it in the bigs. The only way to know for sure is throw em in the fire and see which ones are still standing the next day.

  31. No kids in the lineup tonight. Well, other then Pillar.

  32. AA on PTS… Please stop saying outfield depth and right price.


  33. Interesting that Morrow is himself pushing for a bullpen role this September. Love it, per PTS.

  34. No matter how September goes, I’m watching the Norris interview and getting very excited for the next couple years. First Stroman, then Sanchez, now Norris and Pompey with Graveman a wild card for the back end of the rotation.

    Things are looking up. It’s a great little world we live in.

  35. The Trop looks empty.

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