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Sweet merciful crap, it’s over!

No! Not Casey Janssen’s career as the Blue Jays’ closer (although…) — I mean the Jays streak of failure at Tropicana Field in Tampa, where they’ve just ensured a series victory for the first time since — to steal a joke from @veep52 — way back when John fucking Gibbons was managing this club! (And back around when I was laying down foul, misanthropic pearls of wisdom like this).

Yep. Pretty much…


Oh, and one more thing: as he slipped down the prospect rankings and the big trades of late 2012 kind of blew up in our faces and we all looked a little more askew at the way the Jays operated, wondering more than ever whether or not they actually know what the fuck they’re doing, I found myself — like a lot of you, I presume — holding back and trying badly to temper expectations for Aaron Sanchez. It… uh… it sure is kinda nice to feel those start to rise again, huh?

One more one more thing: StromanTheBest.

Couldn’t have asked for a better start to September. And with the Tigers’ loss, the Jays now sit 4.5 games back of the second Wild Card spot, and a half game back of leapfrogging both the Yankees and Cleveland, who were both winners tonight.

Oh… and I guess I also have to add this. Because this is awesome:


Nails much?

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  1. Only 4.5 back in the wildcard race!

  2. So you’re saying there’s a chance!

  3. Sweep!

  4. If Sanchez was going to pitch anyways I wish they would have brought him in to the middle of the order in the 8th.

    That or use Norris or graveman, with a 5 run lead.

    But a wins a win I suppose, a sweep would go a long way .

    • Loup and McGowan hadn’t pitched since Friday. I guess Gibby wanted to keep them sharp (McGowan has been prone to occasional outings like that anyway). Who knows when we’ll see the new guys

    • Gibby said in an interview that Norris and/or Graveman would be used in a blowout game.
      Let’s see if he sticks to that.
      He also said he wouldn’t use Sanchez in back to back games.

      • I hasn’t heard that, but a 5 run lead with 6 outs is pretty comfy.

        I like the idea of not taking any chances and treating every game like a must win, but we don’t want to burn guys out down the stretch.

        I assume Sanchez won’t be available to pitch tomorrow. In a close game that may hurt.

        • One game at a time.
          The starters may go deeper.The offence may be better.
          Who knows what the situation will be?

  5. All the years of prospect porn seem to be coming to a head, so to speak.

  6. The best pennant race narrative would be for the Jays to overcome the collapse, so that’s what’s gonna happen. That’s baseball. #magicofbaseballpennantracenarratives

  7. Love it

    Stroman and Sanchez both seem to be working out. What if Norris works out too??

    Starting pitching gets awfully crowded for next year if you exercise the option on Happ and you need room for Sanchez and Stroman.

    Need to get somebody that with take Beurhle even if we need to eat $5-6 million in salary.

    • Jays don’t eat salary. <<<period

    • It is not crazy to see the better move being pass on Happ’s option and pick up Morrow’s instead. Happster will be 32 next year and only this year and in 2009 would justify the $7.3 million salary (and only just barely this year – based on $6 or $7 million per WAR). Morrow though could be had for $10 million, which 2010 Morrow and almost 2011 Morrow would make it worthwhile. 2012 Morrow would have been a gigantic bargain. He will be 30 next year, in a walk-year with something to prove. To me, the better gamble may well be Morrow.

      • I can’t see Morrow getting 10 million anywhere. That said sure as shit he ends up elsewhere and picks up a CY

        • Granted JOsh Johnson had more of a pedigree and success in the majors, his velocity was way down and he got a decent one year deal.

          I can see a team like the cubs or padres take a chance on him with like a year 8-10 plus Incentives

          • i know we like to say that players will go elsewhere and blossom into these all stars but’s let’s not forget that the jays picked up Bautista and Edwin on a song and they became humongous here first. Fuck, the Jays gave up on Edwin and then took him back.

        • The issue is what are you getting for the $9 million you save by passing on Morrow (have to pay him $1 million buyout or $10 million for the year). Are you getting someone else for that $9 million that could provide the same or better value? Happ at $6.7 M (I was wrong about saying $7.3 M above) just does not have the upside Morrow does. Would you pay $3.7 M more to have Morrow vs Happy?? Or pass on both and go into a market that gave Josh Johnson $12 M over 2 years.

          • Geez, terrible math on display. Morrow vs Happ is only $2.3 M more ($9 M – $6.7 M).

          • I think you’re thought process is probably how it goes down.

            The reality is, if he can have a healthy year as a starter you probably don’t get anything close to morrow’s production for 9 million on a 1 year deal.

            Only problem is that’s a big if. His injuries have been rather random so far, id honestly take the chance knowing that if he goes down we have a Norris to move up and step in a la stroman.

            • Sure, the injuries are a concern, but look at Happ. He has NEVER pitched more than 175 innings. He has only pitched 70 more innings than Morrow since 2010, though he will likely widen that gap over the next month. Still, he has injury “bad luck” too.

              • Happ’s high water mark was 2011, 156 major league innings and 18 in the minors

                • Didn’t notice anyone mention Happ’s arm angle change. IMO that
                  is part of his success this year. I’ll take him over Morrow.

                  To me Morrow as a diabetic, can’t stay healthy and his best years are behind him.
                  They’ve already said they won’t pickup his option, are they open to renegotiating maybe?

      • IMHO, people are over-valuing the potential of Morrow and underestimating the value of a guy like Happ, who has been a good back-of-the rotation starter.

        Morrow’s potential, at age 30, with the injury history (can I say that now) is not worth 10 million dollars to find out, any more than Josh Johnson was worth 14 million for a QO. This does not mean we don’t try to negotiate something. I would love to see an incentive-based contract.

        I think you pick up Happ’s option because he could, at worst, be worth trading for some prospect porn. Haven’t the past couple of years shown us you can’t have too much pitching?

  8. Isn’t there something awfully…..Maple Leafsian….about this Jays season? Perform well enough to rally late to keep it juuuuuuuuust on the cusp of possibility…

  9. I miss those foul, misanthropic pearls of wisdom.

  10. While I truly admire the evolution of your writing and the blog in general, I miss the turds sometimes. Epic turds.

  11. Wow, he did have Torre’s cock in his mouth though.

  12. Last year, there was more than one on here ( they are likely hiding now) saying they would gladly trade both Sanchez and Stroman for the likes of Jeff Szhjhjn. Fukin best trade we never made! Even at the 7/31 dedline we had arseholes onhere willing to move a Sanchez for the likes of an Andrew Miller FFS! Fuk me.
    Anyway, with the CHC coming to town in a weeks time, I wonder, cynically , if some of the call ups haven’t been done to maybe impress Theo. I mean I don’t really think Nolin and Graveman, despite the cock knobling really figure in our plans but I’m sure AA will be seeking theo out and sounding him out for what it might take to get one of his infield specimens like a Baez or Bryant or alacantera.
    I think ultimately, we may have to move a youngun like say Hutchison, along with maybe a Nolin for one of those guys, maybe more. I’m not as keen on Castro of the CHC as some on here due to his poor walk rate but even he w/b better than the collection of smurfs we played at 2b this year and give us an everyday player so we are not using up 2 spots in these dumbass platoon situations.
    Could be some intereting talks between the CHC and the Jays in the offseson

  13. 2015 payroll vs 2014 payroll:

    Reyes will make $6 million more, plus $1M for Buehrle and $1 M for Edwin (Colby’s $7 million comes off in all likelihood), so only +$1 m so far.

    Happ and Morrow make $13.2 M this year, so you could save all of that or go for one or the other and save between $4.2 and $5.5 M there. So, now – $3.2 M or $4.5 M or -$12.2 M

    Casey and Sergio plus Rogers and McGowan made $11.1 M combined, so that is likely gone, with some obvious amount needed to replace it along with raises for Cecil and Loup (but not that much obviously), so maybe another $5.5 M available so total of between $10 and 17 M.

    Lawrie is getting some raise probably and if you keep Navarro, there is $2 M gone, so now between $7 M and $14 M is available.

    So, I have not subtracted Melky’s money yet. Is $14 M per year good enough to keep him. Then $6M of that above “savings” can be applied to Melky and we are at this years payroll while keeping Happ or Morrow and if you drop both you have $7 M available for 2B, pitching or some other need and you have the same $139ish M payroll.

    Payroll flexibility comes in 2016 when Dickey and Buehrle drop off ($32 M right there) plus $31 M if you drop Edwin, Bautista and Lind).

    Does that make sense or am I missing something huge?

  14. you forgot Lind’s $$.. platoon DH with an ailing razor and his pristine yoga mat., ummless he hires tony little as a fucking trainer and not his mom.

  15. vintage ranty swears = more fun

  16. Man, no argument about the decision, but did anyone else find the Colby interview heartbreaking?
    So sad to hear. And the reporter trying to push all the buttons about it.
    Fuck. I really wanted him to work out.

    Oh, and amazing win

  17. It was interesting to see Sanchez pitch with his peers in attendance, up from the farm. He was definitely missing his pitches big time. Perhaps history of control issues is brought on by competitive concerns.

    • I doubt the control issues he’s had are from competitive concerns. He’s already been in more competitive situations than last night. If anything, it could have come from warming up 3 innings in a row before finally getting into the game. Which is probably more of why he got the save situation over Janssen than anything to do with Janssen not being at his best lately – though he was against the Yankees.

      Pitching is ridiculously hard and he just didn’t have his A game.

      • I hope it was all because of a bad situation. I thought Stro had something similar going on with the lights-out delay. Of course Madden goes out there top of the inning, no way he’d interrupt his pitcher bottom of inning.
        Still think Sanchez needs more work on change up.

  18. So Stroman learned a new pitch in 6 weeks and now gets major league hitters out with it?

    I can live with that.

  19. Fuckin’ sweep those non-demonic Rays!

  20. Ahhh Stoeten… how far you’ve come.

    Also when I remember some comments i’ve made in those old threads I lol at myself, good thing i’m so mature now.

  21. The bad stretches have been hard to watch, but I guess that comes with meaningful baseball. I was only 3 and 4 when they Jays went back-to-back, so I have only vague memories of them being the best. This season has been the most fun that I can remember.

    Go Jays.

  22. if the jays actually make the second wild card, and are in the playoffs, and happen to go one and done, if anyone says see i told you so, i will literally find you.

  23. Not thrilled with how frequently Sanchez is being relied upon, but at least he’s pitching well. Just hope that SP arm stays strong and stretched out and stuff.

  24. Gibbons has got to have a huge boner with all of the bench and bullpen possibilities with the September call ups. Mr. Situational baseball might be able to sabermetricize the team into a wild card as long as both Detroit and Seattle tank and the Jays continue to win. Benching Cletus for the season take some cahonas.

    This season is one where I just want to rip out my hair though. If the Jays make it to the wild-card (still a long-shot, folks), I sense a one game roller coaster where one team will score 6 runs, the other team will come back, and then the other team will rock back and ALMOST win it.

    I’ll take my chances against Oakland, Seattle, or Detroit.

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