Could this really be it? Could we actually no longer have the damn Jays-can’t-win-a-series-in-Tampa thing to talk about after tonight?

It really could be! And with what few scraps of playoff hopes remain for this club to cling to, it had probably better be.

A tough opponent in Chris Archer stands in their way, but the Jays counter with Marcus Stroman, so they’ve certainly got a chance.

Let’s do this! Shit, even if you don’t want to believe this is a game of “meaningful September baseball” let’s just do it so we never have to speak of the damn Tropicana Field bugaboo again.


R.A. Dickey was hit in the head by a ball off the bat of Evan Longoria during batting practice today, but he’s fine, tweets everyone (like Gregor Chisholm of, for example, who I linked to).

Colby Rasmus says that he’s been benched in favour of “rookies,” according to a piece from John Lott of the National Post. “’I’m not down about it. No hard feelings,’ he insisted, not very convincingly.” Thing is, though, I still really do believe in Colby’s talent, but when you get 362 plate appearances and only have a .287 on-base to show for it, these sorts of things will happen.

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET @ Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dionner Navarro (S)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Marcus Stroman

Tampa Bay Rays

2B Ben Zobrist (S)
RF Wil Myers (R)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
DH David DeJesus (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
CF Kevin Kiermaier (L)

RHP Chris Archer

Comments (297)

  1. Rays came out hyper-aggressive in the first inning. i wonder what the theory behind that was.

  2. Stroooooo

  3. Dinner is served

  4. Dinner is back?

  5. Lightning rumbles? Buck, you’re a retard.

  6. Let’s go Jays!!! Unbeaten in September.

  7. Winner winner chicken Dinner.

  8. Is that Dionners stomach I keep hearing?

  9. Did I miss something? Rasmus was late one game and was benched. Was there another incident that happened? I checked out for a bit before.

  10. Cool. Yanks tried a double steal and both runners got thrown out. Never seen it before.

  11. haha. Melky looks terrified.

  12. and with that Dioner Navarro is officially a better than league average hitter per wRC+

  13. Stormin’ pretty good down in Tampa right now.

  14. Reyes is still a damn good basestealer huh?

  15. Let’s fucking go BlueJays and make this a Sept to remember! On an aside, what happened to #thisisteam now that they’ve called everybody up? #thisisteam+rookies?

  16. That’s the most larceny from Reyes since he kidnapped Captain Phillips.

  17. so Verlander is pitching tonight in Cleveland. Do you think anyone is holding pictures of his now famous naked “prom pose” picture with Kate Upton, like these guys did with A-Rod:

    And, who exactly were Upton and Verlander posing for? Why were they taking such a weird selfie?? “Hey Justin, let’s memorialize this bathroom moment” “Ok babe, let me just get in a little closer. Now I’m ready”

  18. o fuck off Maddon. lets play ball!

  19. “The Lights Have Been Flickering for a While”: the Tampa Bay Rays story.

  20. Fuckin rain delay in a dome. Kill yourself Tropicana field.

  21. Um, I’m trying to follow online while watching YTV with my five year old. How is there a rain delay in Tampa?

  22. Say what you want about the dome but it’s like at and t park compared to the shit hole that is the trop

    • I like the Dome. They just need grass in there.

      • and elk.

        elk are beautiful, man.

      • Is it the parking garage atmosphere you enjoy?

        • I dunno. Opening day, when the house is rocking. It’s pretty fucking electric. Good location too. I mean, it ain’t Fenway. But it’s also just a completely different experience than that. So….

          • The location is a big reason why I don’t go. I hate going downtown. But they probably wouldn’t re-locate to my neighbourhood.

            • Your right. The Skydome would be much cooler in Parkdale or the Junction. (It’s a good location because it’s easy to get to from everywhere.)

              • My God. I just spelled you’re as “your”. That’s the Northern Ontario coming out of me right there.

              • It’s a good location for tourists. Everyone else has to be similarly inconvenienced. Maybe if I drove a car.

                • I’m not saying it’s a fun place to hang out afterwards. I’m saying it’s dead centre. All trains go to Union. Same distance from east or west. I never drive my car. Ride the Rocket, baby.

                  • I hate taking the TTC after a game. Wait past so many trains or streetcars. Bah. I’ve walked home out of frustration.

                • Not sure if anyone cares for a serious response but in my experience, in hockey rinks, lights need approximately ten minutes after turning off to cool down before they can be turned back on. This could be why. They would be similar type lighting.

      • Yeah me too. Dome is fine when the roof is open and there’s a good crowd in there. Hell, when the weather’s bad, I like the roof too.

        Put real grass in there and it’s fine.

        Tropicana is a hole.

        • They need to charge less for beer too. (Although I certainly appreciate the Stella Tallboys.)

          • If they knocked out the north end of the stadium made it open air with a retractable roof and grass, it would be an awesome stadium

          • I can’t complain about the location, I work about a block away.

            Grass and a maybe blowing out the hotel would make it better.

            They need craft, or at least cheaper, beer. Or draft beer in the stands. Also, the hot dogs are gross. And less people doing the fucking wave during high leverage situations.

            I feel spoiled when I go to Coca Cola field in BUF, never mind other MLB cities.

  23. I don’t know enough about electricity to say one way or the other, but can the power really only be out in one bank of lights? From a storm outside?

    Is that one bank hooked up to a completely different transformer?

    • No
      What you see is an illusion of the mind.
      All the lights are actually on but some of them have a black filter on them

      • “You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop,

        The Twilight Zone!”

    • The fuse box is across the parking lot and nobody’s willing to go out in the rain to check it.

  24. Fuck off maddon, there’s enough lighting
    To play the game

    Well then maddon if you ice stro, then archer don’t coming out dipshit

    • He clearly like his odds better that way.

      • If Tampa is up 2-0, Maddon probably doesn’t notice that there are lights out. This is silly. Even the Rays announcers can’t believe the game has been halted.

  25. If the tigers win the series does Verlander retire? I mean he’ll have it all then. Cy youngs, millions, Pennant and then Space Tits at home.

  26. shut the fuck up about facebook’s algorithm

  27. this break’ll give Dinner a chance to grab to a snack. he’ll be one happy pappy.

  28. Game On!

  29. Bats are waking up just in the nick of time.

  30. Bats are waking up just in time.

  31. That guy took his kid to the game on his laptop. Fucking innovative people. Love it.

  32. Very nice AB Anthony.

  33. are we finally getting gifts from the BABIP gods?

  34. Finally. My wife is home. Putting the kids to bed. No more fucking “Goosebumps”. (Although, rather hilariously, one of the episodes was starring a 14 year old Ryan Gosselin. Dude looked like Zack from Saved by the Bell. Notebook fucker.)

  35. Reyes cost himself there by sauntering up the line

  36. Ooooh. The Tie Domi lovers aren’t gonna like that one. I feel for Wilner if they lose this game.

  37. Gotta run gang.

    Pull it out like its prom night.


  38. this is why Gose is valuable…manufactured run there with the stolen base

  39. Is it just me or does Reyes cost us a run on defense or with his lack of hustle or awareness every game that he seems oblivious to. And when he often but not always makes up for it somewhat with a timely hit seems to think he deserves applause. Love the tools but man what a lame tool box!

    • It’s just you.

      • Gonna have to go with Pete here,bub.

        • Yesterday Escobar tags from third for a run while Reyes’ back is turned and he is popping the ball into his glove after an infield pop instead of turning and firing home. Today he lollygags (always wanted use that word) to first on what would have been a bit. At least once a game he shrugs at grounder that rolls by in a defiant salute to his defensive limitations and then he uses his solid bat to get a bit later in the game and become his own cheering section. But perhaps you are right and I am the only one who believes he is below average defensively. I mean I will concede that’s at meat possible.

      • My bad! Gold glove Reyes is not a defensive liability.

        • Oh, he’s not good. But to say he costs us a run every game because of that and his “lack of hustle” is nonsense.

    • Even if the Jays somehow make the play offs this year or next, can we win with Reyes playing our most important defensive position? Seems kinda like putting Moises Sierra in centerfield and expecting to win a championship.

      • Sure you can.

      • It’s pretty far from the same thing as putting Moises Sierra in center field.

        • Offensively I have zero complaints! I wish he would occasionally take a pitch or two to allow players on base to steal or to take a walk from a pitcher that clearly wishes to give him one but that’s nitpicking. It’s the importance of the shortstop position in low scoring playoff games that worries me. He seems to make at least one bonehead or lack of defensive effort play a game and I worry when we are finally ready to compete in playoff baseball he may be a defensive liability that we can’t afford.

  40. boom

  41. So maybe we’ll get to see some Major League Debut’s tonight?

  42. So, on a stormy, stormy night in St. Pete’s, the wicked, nasty, terrible, horrible, Maddoning series-loss streak to the Mother Fucking Tampa Bay StinkRays is going to ENDDDDD!!!!

  43. Fuck off, Maddon. That ball is gone.

  44. How long has it been for the Jays in Tampa?? This long:

    Throw it up

  45. Tonight is a good night for Norris.

  46. Looks like Stroman and the boys are kickin the shit out of tampa which is dope

  47. DeJesus looks like he has Matt Dillon’s teeth from There’s Something About Mary

  48. a little double penetration to end the inning.

  49. Reyes returning to his triple roots!

  50. Stroman is only at 57 pitches? Awesome!

  51. Damn Stroman is making our future look bright.

  52. Did Reyes miss the tag?

  53. What the hell was that tag by Reyes

  54. I showed up late but I will say that I like it when the dome is closed. It makes it feel like I’m in a cozy living room.
    Also, Ms Upton is hot but she does have sort of a typical look. Which I like but at the same time don’t, you know?

    • I get that! Lol

    • Funny – whenever I go to the SkyDome + it’s closed I liken it to the basement in the house I grew up in. So kinda cozy.

      As for Kate – I’ve converted many people who find her to be just another pretty face. But I won’t waste my energon here.

  55. Holy shit was that close. Fuck here comes Maddon

  56. Nice pick by Lind!!!

  57. Fuck you maddon you douche
    And fuck that bigot Escobar and his piece of shit team

  58. Fuck yourself with a broken glass rod, Maddon.

  59. Take what they give you Bautista!!

  60. Nice execution!

  61. Intentional walks to Dioner are the best kind of walks.

  62. I hope this bites Maddon in the ass

  63. Too quick!

  64. Almost an exclamation mark!

  65. Yes, there was the first chunk of ass gone

  66. Can the Orioles go get fucked already?

    • No shit yo. I haven’t followed them too close other than scoreboard watching but what the holy fuck? Is this team that good or muchos horseshoes?

      • I don’t give a shit what Stoeten says, there is a fuckload to the culture and management of a franchise. No one in Rogers dome kicks ass, from the fucking bullpen coach to that doddering fuck Beeston. And that shit shows.

        • Hahahahahaha. Hilarious. So basically: “I pretend that I ‘see’ something that ‘shows,’ which I can justify saying because of this other shit I pretend I see.” Airtight! Totally not the dumbest shit imaginable!

  67. I don’t think anyone has talked smack about Rogers, AA, or Gibby on here.
    Has acceptance of defeat led to a more pleasant DJF experience?

  68. Assuming the Jays hold on and win, they will have made up 2.5 games on Detroit since beginning of play Saturday…not bad at all.

  69. Working security at the Trop looks to be pretty easy tonight.

  70. Nice snatch.

  71. Way to show the future of the rotation a vote of confidence : yank him after 76 pitches with a five-run lead. #notaplayersmanager

    • funny thing is, Gibby does have that rep.

      kinda means something if he can make cold-hearted decisions like that and still have the respect and confidence of the team

    • the vote of confidence is that he’s pitching in the major leagues. check the pitch counts of his recent outings. this is a non issue and has probably more to do with the 1/2 hour game delay.

    • Stroman is at 142 innings I think b/w majors and minors. About 5 more starts left, gets him to close to 180-200 innings. I dont think it was that outlandish to pull Stroman considering how many relievers they now have in their pen

  72. Do you come to the park to watch Stro throw seven, or Loup throw one?

  73. I come to the park hoping Halladay will throw 10. Alas, those days are over.

  74. I think it’s good to get those guys in the bullpen some work. If they go to long between outings, the results can be worse than usual.

  75. Geez this sucker is going to the wire.

  76. Dustin McGowan needs to stop being trusted. Even with a big lead. He just can’t find the strike zone.

  77. Lots of whining on twitter about possibly bringing in Sanchez

  78. Oakland falling off a cliff like Wile E. Coyote.

  79. McGowan looks like he’s starting to tire as season draws to a close. ERA over 5 in last 2 weeks, FIP is up to 4.88 now so some regression in his ERA seemed like it was coming.

    • he’s been iffy since DJF published this:

      i’m not at all pleased with myself for remembering this. i’d rather McGowan be 2013ish.

    • I don’t think Dustin has ever been good. He gets sympathy from fans because of the injuries and long road back, but aside from a few games here and there where he did well, he doesn’t have much command of the zone. I’d much rather they give a guy like Jenkins his role.

      • McGowan was fantastic last year, but it was only 25 innings. He was also pretty solid in his last 2 years before his string of injuries started (2010-11 I think) when he pitched over 100 innings (albeit as a starter)

        I think the challenge now is to find out how much to push him. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to sustain last year’s type of pitching past the 50 innings pitched mark. He’s at 75 innings pitched now and starting to tire. Can he rebound or is he running on fumes?

  80. 2 pitchers to get a whopping four outs, and 2ER in so far. Game slowed down. Exhibit A as to why Stroman should still be on the hill.

  81. A tired 97 on the gun

  82. Anyone else notice Navarro set up right down the middle? Then McGowan’s fastball tailed inside where you should never pitch Longoria unless it’s definitely a ball

  83. who comes out for the ninth??

  84. Shakey will be out in the ninth

  85. Jays pitchers 22 to 25 years old next year:

    Hutchison, Stroman, Sanchez, Norris, Nolin, Kendall Graveman and Jeff Hoffman

    Jays pitchers 19 to 21 years old next year:

    Osuna, Smoral, Borucki, Tirado, Castro, Labourt and Reid-Foley

    • It sounds good. On paper, can you feel it? I sense it.

      • I can feel that big ray of hope, dm

        • It’s an incredible stable of young arms.

          We’re short on position prospects but gawdddd those arms.

        • one thing you also like about that group is Sanchez, Nolin, Hoffman, Labourt, Borucki, Castro and Smoral are all 6’4″ and taller – not that it is a prerequisite, but many elite pitchers have above-average height

  86. Sanchez still warming?

  87. Ballfour, Outman and Graveman walk into a bar…….

  88. Other thing with McGowan is his #’s have been fantastic this year as a reliever. He really was pretty awful as a starter. Always have to remember that when looking at his numbers.

    As a reliever he’s put up an ERA of 3.15 and WHIP of 1.1 . . . thats awesome.

  89. Wow I didn’t see them bringing out Sanchez

  90. Alrighty then… Sanchez it is

  91. Well, this is it.

  92. Sanchez closing in on 30 innings fast.

  93. Someone make a Sanchez Shirsy with a pringles moustache on it.


    I bought the Encarnacion parrot shirt but that would be the cats ass.

    • You listening Stoeten? You and Zubes make that one up and I’m saying they outsell Morty Seinfelds rain coats.

  94. Well Janssen will be pissed.

  95. so… is casey as gone as colby?

    because i really love casey

  96. Demon exorcised.

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