OK, so maybe spectacular is a stretch, but apparently R.A. Dickey would like to sell you some pants, and this ad from the latest ESPN the Magazine — as sent my way by longtime reader @ERZEN — is… well… it’s something else. (Uh… maybe? Or maybe it’s just a damn ad).

Also maybe not quite Dickey in a dickey, but pants that move with you? Dickey pitching in a pair of khakis?

I dunno. Seemed worth mailing in a post for.

Hey, there’s even a video of Dickies sending Dickey to pitch to a — hang on. Holy shit. The company is called Dickies, and his name is Dickey??!!? What a coincidence!

Anyway, they sent him to pitch to rec league team in a video that was posted back in July. Check it out after the jump…

The hitters did better than you thought they would against the knuckleball, eh? Fucking tell me about it.

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  1. Twitter provided this gem last night.


    High school me is stoked. Dickies used to be the shit!

  2. Pro Baseball Pitcher.

  3. Maybe Buerhle can rock a pair of Denver Hayes jeans with a red plaid levis sweater for Marks work warehouse next? !

  4. De La rosa extended 2 years…His name was mentioned as an off season target

  5. Gotta love a Sue-Ellen Mischke reference

    • umm….

      • Really? “They’re real, and they’re spectacular”???? Seinfeld??? No????

        Jeez. Jackie Chiles is frowning at you. He’s shocked and chagrined.

        • you’re mixing up your seinfeld analogies…sue-ellen was the one that wore the bra elayne gifted her as a top, causing the car accident.

          teri hatcher’s boobs were ‘real, and they are spectacular.’

    • This has nothing to do with the heir of the candy bar fortune.

      • correct, but they were likely the two most boob orientated side characters.

        Well, Sue Ellen, it’s a, it’s not a top, it’s a bra.

        Oh I know, thanks again

  6. I once met the guitarist for The Dickies at a party. He was also wearing Dickies. Sounds like their marketing team is pretty clever.

  7. i’d pay cash-money to watch him pitch wearing a pair of khakis.

    wait: uh, well, that’s how it goes, anyway, but still…crap. fail.

  8. my uncle used to wear dickeys (he probably still does, but i haven’t seen him in years, so…). not ‘Dickies’ (TM), but those stoeten linked to (cousin ed in xmas vacation). like, all year round…it would be 35 in august, and he’d be walking around in shorts & a fucking dickey. no shirt over it, mind you, just a dickey.

    i don’t believe he ever did the Dickie / dickey combo.

    he did a lot of drugs in the 60′s.

  9. Completely off-topic so sorry for that! But did Colby Rasmus do something egregious while I was away or just under-perform? Because it seems no secret that AA has moved on from him and so has Gibbons and I’m surprised they are that open about it. Looks like they are punishing him for something but I’ve Googled and can’t find what t was.

    • my personal opinion is that they are punishing him for being a replacement level player. Gose has provided more WAR per at bat than Rasmus this year

      • Plus he was late and they benched him for it. Fine. But… to publicly bench him for it like that could very well mean that he had been last several times already.

        Either way I’ve been saying all year that Melky and Colby would not get signed for upwards of 100M. The best case is they each earn qualifying offers at which point are they really going to go for much more than Santana or Ubaldo went for?

    • not playing well, not seeming to give much of a shit, in a walk year. i dunno, my thinking is that his approach/personality didn’t mesh overly well. of course, being shitty augments/trumps everything, but it seems pretty apparent that he hasn’t been in their long-term plans for a while. just surprising at how little fuss he’s put up about being benched, seeing as how it’s costing him $$. or, given how he’s been playing, maybe it’s a good thing for him. he’s still going to get paid.

      • I much prefer this to the Cito mentality of John Buck getting run out of there everyday so he can finish with 20 HR’s

        • In retrospect, Buck was preventing us from having to watch JPA flail at sliders low and away, so maybe Cito was onto something?

          • maybe that extra look at JPA would’ve given everyone more of sample to make a correct judgment on whether he was a capable player and whether AA should have the confidence to have him as the everyday catcher next year

    • In the last series against the Rays there was a play on a routine single up the middle that Rasmus lolly-gagged on and the runner took second. A little thing at the time, but I think it may have spoken volumes to AA and Gibbons.

      Hard to play someone who doesn’t give a shit anymore when you’re still trying to make the playoffs.

    • The benching seems to be more about his performance and the team checking out their options for next year.IMO.
      While you were gone Colby was removed from the lineup,by Gibby, before a road game because of lateness.
      Interviewed at the time, Colby said it wasn’t the first time he arrived at the field late,( happened twice before) and understood the benching.
      Supposedly, the reason he was late was due to him being with family and not allowing enough time for traffic delays.Additionally, he is expecting his second child and his wife is having a rough time,occasionly travelling with Colby on the road.
      That said,too many strikeouts,poor OBP,impending FA and the Jays having better options,I suspect is the reason he’s not playing.
      The writing was on the wall when the Jays DFA’d Reimold and called up Pillar,6 days before the rosters expanded.

    • I wouldn’t discredit his batting performance for his woes, as he is actually on the uptick in the 2nd half. His fielding has been less than spectacular, I would say.

      That said, [Ihavenoclue] i think that much more is going on behind the scenes than on-field performance. Maybe Rasmus wanted to be traded. Maybe he has a very poor attitude. Maybe truly the Jays want to see what they have in Gose/Pillar (which I think is BS, they know what they have). [/ihavenoclue]

  10. I love how RA doesn’t get any Gatorade/Nike ads, oh no. He gets to hawk pants that happen to share a name similar to his own.

    I don’t know what took the company this long to arrive at this idea.

  11. You can buy Dickies original logo tshirts on Spadina.

  12. You can also go to the Dickies outlet store in Hangover, er, Hanover ON. Insane deals there and it’s good stuff. Nice road trip when you factor in the Neustadt brewery in nearby, where else, Neustadt ON.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed absolutely every aspect of this blog post. Especially the last sentence.
    Man, this shit is funny.

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