Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Win 9-5

The Jays actually win a game. Is that allowed???

Game Threat: Jays (64-62) @ Brewers (71-55)

The Jays look for a split in this mid-week mini-series against the Brewers.

Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Lose 6-1

The Jays lose. Again.

Game Threat: Jays (64-61) @ Brewers (70-55)

The Jays look for a fresh start in a fresh city to get back to their winning ways -- which they'll need to do to stay in the race -- sending J.A. Happ to the hill in Milwaukee.

Uh... What's Up With This Jays Logo, Toronto Sun?

A Toronto Sun editorial cartoon about the Jays is... um... odd.

Stoeten Answers Griffin's Mini Mail Bag!

Yet another, shorter, caustic trip down the ol' Griff Hole.

Some Housekeeping (Because Why Not?)

A little bit of housekeeping for a Tuesday morning.

Weekend Threat: Jays @ White Sox

The Jays and White Sox continue their weekend series from Chicago.

Game Threat: Jays (63-59) @ White Sox (57-64)

The Jays begin a big series against the White Sox, as Edwin Encarnacion returns to the lineup.

Layin' Down The Law - 08/15/14

Taking a deeper look at all the Jays-related tidbits from the latest Keith Law chat at ESPN.com.

Davidi: Gose Optioned To Make Room For EE

In an unsurprising-surprising move, it's Anthony Gose who gets sent down to AAA to make room for Edwin Encarnacion, not Juan Francisco.

The Daily Duce: Thursday, August 14th

All the latest and greatest Jays-related links from around the interweb, fully Rob Ducey-fied (whatever that means).

Marcus Stroman’s (Potentially) Historic Rookie Season

In a guest post, Kyle Matte looks at the potentially historic pace (at least in Blue Jays terms) Marcus Stroman is on in his rookie season.