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As you probably already know, on January 4th, the sideshow that is Toronto’s city hall as of late got an added dose of insanity via the twittersphere from none other than Jose Canseco. Canseco, who played on the Toronto Blue Jays’ 88-74 1998 team and contributed a respectable 46 home runs and 29 stolen bases, created some buzz last week when he mused publicly that he might want to contribute something to Toronto again; namely by running to be our mayor.

He seemed to enjoy a groundswell of support in the days that followed and even seems to have started banging out the framework of a platform via twitter (check out the hashtag #yeswecanseco). He has already offered such gems as “Leftwing and rightwing politicians fail because you need both wings to fly otherwise you are headed for a trainwreck.”

However–strained flying train metaphors aside–the question remains, could Canseco ever actually be mayor?

The obvious answer is (sorry) no way Jose.

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