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Look familiar?

Yes, the Tumwater High School Baseball team, from Tumwater, Washington (about an hour south of Seattle), has taken the logo from those great Blue Jays teams of the early 2000s and made it their own. The Tumwater T-Birds might only be the 653rd best high school team in the nation, but they’ve easily become my favourite American high school baseball team.

And I don’t know about you, but if this 2014 Jays season falls apart in a hurry, I could see myself listening online to the local Tumwater radio station (KUOW 1340AM!) to see how the young men, wearing the most underrated Blue Jays logo, are doing. Rumour has it that Manager Jamie Weeks is coaching the boys up real nice in the fundamentals of the game and they could make a run at State. (follow Mr. Weeks on Twitter!)

Now, knowing the Blue Jays keen sense of public perception, they’ll probably sue the hell out of the Tumwater T-Birds. Shutting down, not only the baseball program, but the entire school of Tumwater. Parents, balking at the cost of shipping their kids to Olympia for schooling, will move their families out of Tumwater. Essentially turning the once vibrant baseball town into a shell of its former self.

OR, you know, the Jays could make up for the annoying begging that has been their twitter account pushing the #FaceOfMLB and do something fun like donate a bunch of the old Jays T-Bird gear to these kids. Which would ACTUALLY be doing something for a good cause.

The T-Birds Honda Home Opener is March 12th. State! State! State!

Thanks to Dave Burrows for the post. I repeat, this is a guest post.

Safeco Field

It’s time again for the Blue Jays West Coast Home Games in Seattle, and you, East Coast friend, are missing out on the best place to enjoy a Jays game: Seattle, Washington, U-S-A! Compare this to your Rogers Centre experience:


Global warming has made retractable roofs a necessity; Seattle and Toronto get that. You know what else is a necessity? Grass. Real grass. And a full dirt infield. It looks better, it smells better and it plays better. Watch as Colby Rasmus dives for a ball and slides for a mile instead of landing with a thud. Hear Melky Cabrera’s meniscus cry for joy as he takes the field. Worry slightly less about Jose Reyes’ ankle!

All this and they have the guts to make their stadium look nothing like a toilet bowl. Bold.

Food and Drinks

You have over 50 beers to choose from when watching a ballgame at Safeco Field. Over 50. And the beer list changes with the seasons! More IPAs in the colder months, lighter beers in the warmer ones. I’m not confident Rogers knows there are more than 50 beers in this entire world.

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Pretty good book, but lacked the quality GIFs necessary to make it a bestseller.

When it was revealed that Jeff Blair was set to publish a book on four decades of Blue Jays baseball, it was seen as the cherry on top of a perfect off-season for Blue Jays fans. The release of the book has been kind of a mess. There’s been been confusion over the release date, April 5th, and the lack of marketing hasn’t helped with that. Blair himself was under the impression a month ago the book wasn’t coming out until this week. My local Chapters had 56 copies of Full Count sitting in a box in their storage room and I had to fight (read: beg) someone to let me buy a copy. That can’t be good for book sales.

While it’s possible that the book was quickly pushed through to publication in order to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the 2013 Jays, it’s a tribute to the quality of Blair’s writing that the book never feels like it was rushed.

Four decades of Blue Jays baseball are indeed mentioned in Full Count but more accurately, Blair really starts up where Stephen Brunt left off in Diamond Dreams (the strike-shortened 1994 season). The first 15 years features some great stories from Paul Beeston, but mostly those years are used to not-so-subtly point to Alex Anthopoulos as the heir to Pat Gillick’s “Doing It The Right Way” crown, as the man who will eventually lead the Jays to the promised land– a major theme throughout Full Count.

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I love this team, but I hate this ad campaign.

For the first time in two years, the Blue Jays marketing team has produced a set of Opening Day (Week) commercials that make you roll your eyes more than make you excited for the season to come.

It’s not hard to get Blue Jays fans excited for the season. Formula: show the Jays defrosting at Spring Training after the hellish Canadian winter, mix with player close ups on a soundstage and highlights from the past season. Overlay a song with the word “home” in it. Done and done. But this new team needed something better, didn’t it?

Embracing Twitter as part of a team’s marketing strategy is smart; making it the focus of an entire ad campaign is cheesy and narrow. Tweeting Tuesdays? Fine. Twitter Shirseys? Ugh. A hashtag as the team’s central slogan?  The Blue Jays social media consultant is either insanely persuasive or Nadir Mohamed’s niece.

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