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This is sure to end in tears, my friends. The only thing more childish than hacking somebody’s Twitter account is posting about on a popular Blue Jays blog. I mean, c’mon.

If Lawrie’s former fiancée, American soccer player (who is actually Canadian), Sydney Leroux, posted this message: for shame.

If it was someone else…well I hope you’re happy. You created an international incident and possibly reignited the War of 1812 – on its bicentenary! Is nothing sacred???

By the way, the comment section is open for your Brett Lawrie twitter password guesses. Do your worst, bored monkey army with nothing else to fight for.

Remember like three weeks ago when Brett Lawrie tumbled headlong into a concrete pit in New York? Remember how we all thought he was dead and/or broke his leg? Turns out he was fine and, after a single day off, he was right back into the lineup.

Seemingly broken bones might not stop Brett Lawrie but strained obliques do, as Brett Lawrie is officially headed to the Disabled List. Lawrie hasn’t played since Friday so the team can backdate his DL stint if he’s ready to play again in a few weeks. No corresponding move announced but Shi Davidi thinks it could be another pitcher. More pitchers, throw them on the pile!

Brett Lawrie, while not quite the .550 slugging percentage animal he was in 2011, he having a fine season in 2012. Nine home runs, 13 steals and league-average offense to go with his superlative glove and stellar baserunning make him a fine addition to any team, especially when we note he is still just 22.

At least this gives us all a good, long look at Adeiny Hechavarria, right? If there is one thing this season needs more of, it is unrealistic hopes taking a savage beating at the hand of reality.

Welp. That about does it. After valiantly fighting and attempting to rehab his nagging elbow injury, 21-year old Jays starter Drew Hutchison says “uncle” and will undergo Tommy John surgery this week, as reported by Grumbly Gus aka Bob Elliott.

The timetable for Hutchison now looks like a return in time for the 2014 season, he incredulously typed. There was talk Hutch may return to throwing as recently as mid-July but now he is very likely lost until Spring Training 2014.

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What the shit. Jays get J.A. Happ (???), Brandon Lyon, and David Carpenter. Travis Snider has been recalled. What the fuck.

Where to start with this trade? The Jays sell low on Wojciechowki, currently repeating High-A with the Dunedin Blue Jays. Carlos Perez had a fair share of promise attached to his name but now he too is gone.

The Jays get immediate bullpen help and a back of the rotation arm to help the team get through the season, I guess. This is a massive pile of nothing going for a few pieces a long, long way from the big leagues and two end of the bench roster fillers. Weird. So weird.

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Bad news for Brett Lawrie’s agent came fast and furious this week. First he hears his boss come out against buying up the arbitration years of young players. He then sees his client’s Baseball Reference Wins Above Replacement number take a tumble when Baseball Info Solutions announced a new way to handle shifts in their Defensive Runs Saved metric.

The new calculations drop Lawrie’s season dWAR (defensive Wins Above Replacement) from 3.5 to 1.9, a stinging blow to whatever contract conversations revolved around WAR. (aka not a stinging blow at all.)

Brett Lawrie might have fallen off his historical defensive pace but the Jays defense is still winning games. Taking advantage of a fortunate vantage point for Friday night’s game, I took note of the Jays shifts in action.

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In a somewhat delayed piece of business, the Jays announced today that the injury to the right shoulder of closer Sergio Santos isn’t getting any better so he’s going under the knife. The procedure will be on the labrum, not the rotator cuff with is a small consolation.

Sounds like Santos shoulder just wasn’t getting better/remained painful so the decision to opt for surgery came down from on high. Santos initially tried working through the injury to avoid missing the season and yet here we are.

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Horses for Courses

Despite not being something any of us can touch or feel, stress is a real thing. We’ve all felt it and watched it affect someone we know or love. Which is weird – it isn’t tangible but it most certainly exists. Often, when feeling the effects of stress, we are encouraged to focus on that which we can control. All sorts of treacly horseshit gets written on coffee mugs and nana sweaters in search of the serenity to accept only that which we can control.

When Dwayne Murphy, hitting coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, states his lack of interest in advanced stats, it is a matter of control. Murph and his charges can control a precious few things in their pursuit of better baseball outcomes. The changes a hitting coach and a professional baseball player can make are very limited compared to the vast number of possible outcomes when they step into the batters box during a real, live game.

Stats — advanced or otherwise — do not belong on the radar of Dwayne Murphy. Not in the least.

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