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Well that is certainly a relief, even more question marks? Amidst the Nats battering Kyle Drabek around the yard for the better part of 4+ innings, the Jays young right hander (who now has walked 47 and struck out 47 batters on the year) stomped off the mound during a fifth-inning at bat against Mike Morse.

Trainer George Poulis and manager John Farrell rushed to the mound to examine Drabek, with Farrell placing a fatherly (presidential?) hand on Drabek’s right shoulder. After the game, the assembled press horde learned of a “popping” sound in Drabek’s right elbow. Yikes. Tests are scheduled for later in the day.

Though Drabek claimed to not be in pain/felt different pain than prior to his Tommy John procedure in 2007, the only thing more worrisome than Drabek’s health is his actual performance. As stated above, he got roughed up by Washington in a big way, feeling the full power of their Natitude.

Nine of the 21 hitters he faced reached base, with one home run and a series of loud line drives punctuating the screams of the approximately ninety-thousand school children in attendance today. Fooling nobody, a wise man tweeted.

If he’s hurt, it might serve to only prolong the inevitable. Though he looked like a candidate for right-arm shittiness diagnosis, what good is giving him time to think about what he’s done? Similarly, sending him to Vegas or to the pen accomplishes little at this point. Is giving Kyle Drabek all the rope he needs to prove he either can or cannot hack it a bad thing?

Some will suggest he’s already proven that he, in fact, cannot hack anything. Too many walks and too many line drives to compete as a big leaguer. The stuff is nice but when has he missed bats or posted noteworthy results above the high-A level?

As we await the results from whatever tests, it is safe to say that whatever “fixed” Kyle Drabek early in the season has been undone. Since his great start against the Rangers on April 30th, Drabek hasn’t walked fewer than three batters in a start, recording more Ks than walks only twice in seven starts (and they were both 5K/4BB outings.) Might a career in middle relief be in the offing? Wade Davis wants to have a chat, Kyle.

In yesterday’s link dump, Stoeten relayed some “quotes” that I sent out via Twitter. Since I’m new to this whole “stand around while guys I used to watch on TV talk” thing, my tweets tend to ooze out without much structure and often free of sense and/or context.

So here are the full quotes from AA when asked about minor league promotions and the whole piggybacking thing currently driving Noah Syndergaard to drink.

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As I am sure you are well aware, Colby Rasmus is swinging the bat rather well these days. He owns a .393 wOBA over the last two weeks (.363 over the last 30), raising his season slash line to a borderline respectable .248/.310/.454. He is now an above-average hitter playing a premium defensive position (and playing it well.)

While we all lamented Rasmus’ tough luck in the early parts of the season, his recent hot stretch has less to do with regression and BABIP than it does with good, old-fashioned mechanical adjustments.

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Updated again: Vlad tells the Blue Jays that they need to either call him up by 1:30pm or he’s out. Here is exclusive DJF video.

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What Price Encadwin?

You have probably noticed that Edwin Encarnacion is hitting the cover off the baseball this year. He leads the team in slugging, OPS, wOBA, wRC+, and home runs. His 14 home runs are tied for second most in all of baseball. It’s great to watch a guy with an undeniable talent for hitting “put it all together” for an extended period of time.

Before Adam Lind’s demotion this week, it was easy to forget that EE was DFA’d, demoted, released and re-signed within the last two years. Quite a journey for a man who is now the team’s cleanup hitter. It is also easy to forget Edwin Encarnacion is just 29-years old and about to enter free agency for the very first time.

EE is putting together a tremendous walk year – getting into great shape and posting crazy numbers when he stands to profit most. The talk of “extend EE” began with earnest this spring and only grows louder with each successive big fly.

Surely the Blue Jays are interested in keeping the right-handed power bat in their reach but does anybody really think Edwin won’t at least toe the free agency waters? What will it take to lock down the artist formerly known as E5?

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Are you kidding me? Adam Lind goes down, utility guy Yan Gomes is on his way to the Show.

What more is there to say about Adam Lind’s struggles? The Blue Jays tried nothing and they’re now all out of ideas, man. A move to the bottom of the order which results in a two hit day moved Lind back to the cleanup spot but he simply has not hit. For two years.

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Tattoo Audit: Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie is a young guy with the whole world in the palm of his hand. He has money and opportunities for days. He, like so many other people of his generation, likes getting tattoos. He spent much of this off-season in the tattoo chair, showing up this spring with two new full sleeves.

Here is a shot from November, with Lawrie modelling the new Jays third jersey. Notice the left arm is completely covered in grayscale work while his right arm retains some of its original pigmentation. As you can see above, that is no longer the case. Lawrie festooned his left arm with a largely flowered motive, with a black rose featuring prominently among the other lightly shaded elements.

Look more closely at the right wrist of Canadian Jesus. Is that…the MLB logo? With a date underneath?

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