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Following today’s 9-0 speedball drubbing at the hands of Mark Buerhle and the Marlins of Miami, the Toronto Blue Jays recalled first baseman Adam Lind from Triple A Las Vegas, while activating Ben Francisco and demoting Mike McCoy and David Cooper back to the Minor Leagues. Sergio Santos has been placed on the 60 day Disabled List to make room for Lind’s return to the 40 man after clearing waivers early this month.


Over 138 plate appearances for the Blue Jays Minor League affiliate in Triple A, Lind put up a rather astounding .476 wOBA, getting on base more than 45% of the time while slugging a mean .658.

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According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays and Colorado Rockies are discussing a trade for pitcher Jeremy Guthrie.

After acquiring Guthrie this offseason from the Baltimore Orioles for Janson Hammel and Matt Lindstrom, the Rockies would be willing to let the right hander go back to the American League East for a “lesser prospect” assuming that the Blue Jays take on the majority of whatever is remaining of the $8.2 million he’s owed for this season. At season’s end, Guthrie will be a free agent.

Sources suggested that the prospect being discussed is likely first baseman Mike “Muffin Top” McDade, who is currently sporting an .884 OPS at Double A New Hampshire.

Unsurprisingly, Guthrie, a fly ball pitcher, has struggled for the Rockies this season, putting up a hideous 7.02 ERA, 6.70 FIP and 5.36 xFIP. A 10.6% strike out rate, matched with a 8.1% walk rate suggests that Guthrie’s acquisition would be little more than a stop gap measure meant to save other, more valuable arms in the Blue Jays system from being used earlier than they have to be, after the team has seen three of its starting pitchers go down to injury last week.

Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Interesting stuff from Mop Up Duty, as apparently Colby Rasmus leads the league in WHAV– Well-Hit Average, which measures the percentage of at-bats in which a hitter made solid contact– while Yunel Escobar is near the bottom, as he typically is.

At the Toronto Star, Brendan Kennedy talks about the potential of Jesse Chavez and Brett Cecil joining the Jays’ rotation. They’re both probably a lateral move from Kyle Drabek, but huge steps down from Brandon Morrow. Still, of Chavez, Vegas manager Tom Brown says, “I always liked his stuff, but I didn’t expect him to be this good.”

Elswhere at the Star, Mark Zwolinski looks at five pitchers the Jays might trade for in the next couple of months– and he must be some kind of an optimist, because all but Matt Garza will be free agents after this season, and one of them is Joe fucking Saunders!

Some headline writer knows where his bread is buttered, because even though the piece really isn’t about this, the latest from John Lott at the National Post is titled, “Same fire burns in Brett Lawrie, Bryce Harper.”

The Washington Post has a nifty roundup of the “clown question, bro” stuff that originated from a Score reporter, that’s blowing up the internet.

“Now would be an ideal time for the Blue Jays offence to find some consistency and carry the club for a stretch,” writes Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, and hitting coach Dwayne Murphy think he has the answer: the Jays need to be more aggressive and get away from their walk-heavy-ish ways. *Gulp*

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I tend to think that the weird insecurity that  Canadians exhibit when they complain about America’s lack of interest in of our nation is bullshit. Oh, they don’t know who our Prime Minister is, they’re all back water rick bags! We’re so hard done by, that their culture is dominant over ours. Woe is us.

The truth is that Canadians are no better than ignorant Americans. I once heard a guy explaining to another guy about how an NHL team in Seattle would have two natural rivals: Vancouver and Washington.

But then something like this happens, and I grow a little less convinced. I mean, c’mon. Yan Jones? Dan Johnson? What, no Gordie Dougie?

Secret Canadian handshake to Dave Worlin for the tip, eh?

Update: As many have notified, this is actually an AP Story that was also used by the Toronto Star (see below).

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I’m certain that the well educated readers of DJF wouldn’t pay the thought any more mind than it deserves, but it appears that among the less ardent members of Blue Jays Nation, a vocal minority is suggesting that Toronto’s Major League Baseball team follow up with the Boston Red Sox on rumours as to the availability of one Kevin Youkilis.

I assume these are the same people who expect Vladimir Guerrero to be an impact bat for the team. For whom, I have these words of advice: Live in the now, man.

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The 2012 MLB Rule IV draft will most likely be seen as a failure. Prior to the draft, we discussed on multiple occasions how the new rules put in place to limit spending on signing bonuses were supposedly a means of ensure the most talented players were drafted first. Instead, it’s opened the door for organizations to take advantage of a lack of leverage given to college seniors, while attempting to allocate the majority of their spending limits to their first few draft picks.

For the uninitiated, here is a summary of the new rules:

MLB has set a predetermined value for every pick, from $7.2 million for the number one choice to $100,000 for any pick after the 300th. These are the resulting slot allowances for every team, also with the amounts of money that each team spent in the first ten rounds of last year’s draft, as well as the overall amount they spent:

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According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays may be showing interest in acquiring Matt Garza from the Chicago Cubs.

One rival executive reports that the Jays are “sniffing all over” Cubs right-hander Matt Garza – a move that would make some sense, considering that Garza is under club control through 2013. But the Jays also have needs in first base and left field, and a long-term question at second base, withKelly Johnson only on a one-year deal.

Rosenthal quite rightly points out that the Blue Jays aren’t exactly one move away from competing, even next year, let alone this year. However, Garza, with an additional year of team control in 2013, would be a more compelling addition than a one year rental given the team’s current position in the AL East.

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