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Last night, (or early this morning if you’re on the East Coast), Steve Delabar made some history, becoming the 48th pitcher in MLB history to pitch an “immaculate inning”. This feat is achieved when a pitcher strikes out three batters on nine consecutive pitches in a half-inning.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane of each pitch… just kidding, let’s just watch GIFs.

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Back for another week of highlighting the best in unofficial Blue Jays merchandise. Not sure how long I’ll keep doing this, but if (good) shirts keep flowing in, I’ll keep it up. Let’s take a look see at some great Jays shirts that y’all have been sending us.

The Colby Rasmus ‘MURICA Bald Eagle Shirt: Of all the shirts that we’ve received from r/TorontoBlueJays, this is the best one so far. Not to mention the description: Celebrate the patriotic season with this shirt, featuring Blue Jays outfielder Colby Rasmus, a bald eagle, stars, and some motherfucking fighter jets. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s really surprising how much the Jays could be making off of player t-shirts, but maybe it’s a good thing that they are left in the fans’ hands, because some of these are gold. Ever since the debut of TWIJM a couple weeks ago, y’all have been sending us links a ton of shirts. It also helps that the Blue Jays subreddit is a goldmine for these types of things (amongst actual good baseball discussion). Here are the ones that myself, Stoeten and Zubes have found to be the best. As usual, if you see any cool Jays merch, send it to me on Twitter.

JAYS WIN! shirt: My favorite so far. This is from the same guy who made the Kawasaki shirts. Also good that he left out the face of the 3rd outfielder, because that carousel wouldn’t make for a consistent shirt.

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I had this post stored away for the past couple days, but with the news of Kawasaki being optioned last night, I might as well post this today before it comes irrelevant. After the whole Edwin parrot shirt deal last week, it’s actually amazing to see how much unofficial Jays merchandise there is online. It’s also amazing that the MLB doesn’t capitalize on this, but that’s another story.

I saw this post on the Blue Jays subreddit over the weekend with a dude who made these awesome “Bow” and “I am Japanese!” Kawasaki shirts, that I’m sure you’ve seen around the Dome. Not gonna lie, I picked the “bow” one up, because why not? I love me some Jays shirts… if they’re good.

I’m not sure if this will be a weekly post (lol @ title), but I’ll be sure to post any other cool Jays merch I find across the internet.


Most of my contributions to DJF have been Kawasaki-related, and this one is no different. I just came across this commercial this morning, and it’s awesome. Here’s Kawasaki in a Nishi-Nippon Railroad commercial from 2007. Take a moment and appreciate that luscious hair… after the jump!

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Munenori Kawasaki’s post-game interview on Sunday topped off what was one of the greatest games so far this season for the Jays. With English being Kawasaki’s second language, he had to use a translation book to convey his thoughts to the Toronto fans.

Unfortunately, he was then soaked with Gatorade, and that translation book became a casualty. We recovered 3 pages from his translation book, with notes about Toronto, the Jays, and his personal life:

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The Jays are easily one of the most GIFable teams, whether on the field or off. If you frequent our blogs, Scott Lewis usually does a Friday GIF post from around the league, but this post will focus only on the Jays. So here we go:

The Aaron Loup ball caress is simply mesmerizing. And maybe even a little creepy. Even more when it’s x2:

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