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A swelling-faced Colby Rasmus leaves the field in the middle of the first inning.


The Jays have finally given the medical update on Colby Rasmus, and it’s actually not so bad. Meaning, mind you, in this season of broken dreams (and now broken faces) that it’s not catastrophic– and that his vision is fine. Rasmus is, however, shut down for the season, and while preliminary X-rays showed no broken bones, he’s remaining in the hospital for further tests, and they’ll be able to tell for sure what’s going on once the swelling goes down.

Don’t believe me? Here are the relevant tweets:

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There isn’t a whole lot for me to do here but to completely ape the work done by theScore‘s Blake Murphy, so… let’s do that. And while I’m at it, let’s make a pitch for my employers, and remind you that you already would have seen all of this on your fancy mobile device if you had only downloaded the spectacular-looking and real-time news update-filled theScore app.

Or maybe that’s too light approach to take for the opening of a post on somebody who has wound up in the hospital– especially when it’s a player in the midst of what’s hopefully a breakout season (and not another 2010-like tease preceding two years in the wilderness). Not only that, but when it’s an injury to not just his face, but in the area of his eye, which is vital to not just his career, but his quality of life.

Of course, now I’ve probably erred on the side of being a little too heavy about it, but I think that’s OK. Let’s hope that’s the case and this is all very precautionary.

In case you missed the game tonight, Colby Rasmus wasn’t a late scratch from the Jays’ lineup tonight, technically. He was in the starting lineup and would have taken an at-bat in the top of the first inning, had his turn come up. It didn’t, so he took the field with his teammates and set about warming up to play some defence.

It was at that point that this happened (GIF by way of Kazuto Yamazaki via NESN):

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Through even the most optimistic set of eyes the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season has been an unrivalled disaster. The most sadistic of pre-season predictions could not possibly have foretold so many consecutive months of let downs, bad news, and frustrating results.

As summer now sits in our rear view mirror and the cold fronts of autumn drag our finest sweaters out of our closets and onto Drake’s new album, it is time to once again take stock of what is before us as we dig in for another winter filled with big expectations.

However unnecessary as it may seem, there are still a handful of baseball games left that the Toronto Blue Jays are contractually obligated to complete. As die hard fans of the team it can start to become a very existential time of year, as the questions of “Why am I even doing this?” start to creep up alongside the realization that another summer went by without you going to the gym like you said you would. At least bathing suit season is over.

It is in the spirit of those hardcore fans that I present this list of the five best reasons to continue watching the Toronto Blue Jays 2013 season.

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Even those of us who have been softest on Alex Anthopoulos and the Jays through this disastrous season– guilty as charged!– understand that changes need to be made to the Blue Jays. As we take a frustratingly long look ahead to April of 2014, coming to the realization that the possibility of a splashy winter on par with last year’s is pretty remote, it means convincing fans that things are still on the right track is almost certainly going to be a tough sell for Alex Anthopoulos and Paul Beeston.

It’s not as though they’re unfamiliar with the task– they’ve been faced with that possibility ahead of every other off-season since J.P. Ricciardi made his exit. But this time it’s different. This time there’s got to be significant pressure from Rogers to keep momentum going after a strong year at the gate, and a lot of money spent and committed to the next two seasons.

It will be interesting to see, then, how the Jays go about trying to sell a fan base sick of unfulfilled optimism on the hope of 2014, and who should and shouldn’t remain from the current setup that failed so badly this season.

Today we got a little taste of how that might work, as Alex Anthopoulos held a scrum with reporters in which he gave as frank an admission of where his head is at as we’ve heard lately, acknowledging once and for all that, here on August 27th, the focus is on next spring.

Much of what he told reporters has already surfaced on Twitter, so… uh… here it is:

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New York Yankees v Toronto Blue JaysWelp.

I really have nothing on this one, folks. It sounds about right for this fucking season, don’t it? And it further complicates the whole qualifying offer thing, much to the delight, I’m sure, of those who have yet to grasp that Josh Johnson didn’t just emerge from the ether last November, and actually has a track record that looks a metric fuck-tonne better than what he’s shown in most of his starts this year and demands at least a little attention be paid to it. Oh, but sure, hate him and think he sucks, go ahead! See if I care! Just makes it easier for me to figure who’s useless.

So… yeah.

Thad Weber is coming up from Buffalo to complete the roster move. He’s posted a 2.65 ERA starting 12 times for the Bisons this season.

So… yeah.

Reality Check


As many caveats as may be applicable, ultimately, blame for the 2013 Blue Jays season needs to be laid at the feet of the front office and GM Alex Anthoupoulos. On that point there can be no doubt, dangerous as it may be to admit as much in the company of the hopelessly negative who will dull-headedly insist on the existence of a direct relationship between the club’s record and AA’s fitness for his post. If one is actually interested in being reasonable, however, I’d say that about the worst gripe you can make about the job he did over the winter was the way he ignored red flags, and– in particular– the way he splashed prospects and money around on players with major question marks hanging over them, which have almost uniformly been answered in the negative.

Though… that’s a little unfair, I think, as Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes have been almost exactly as advertised. Without question, though, the GM whiffed on– or perhaps the circumstances simply conspired against– the seasons that were forthcoming from Josh Johnson, Melky Cabrera, R.A. Dickey, and to a lesser extent, Emilio Bonifacio, and Maicer Izturis.

Even Reyes, freak injury as it was, managed to get hurt– yet another red flag that was ignored and swept up in last winter’s wave of positivity.

“Alex should have known!” the sour fans surely bellow in their minds, oblivious to the fact that their insistence on the matter essentially means they believe baseball’s landscape is populated with a vast number of sure things, and Anthoupoulos gravely chose to take bad risks, believing too much in his own ability to evaluate talent.

Horse apples!

Don’t believe me? Let’s play a game. How would you feel about your chances if your team was in this situation coming into this season year:

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Confirming our best hopes, Shi Davidi tweeted earlier this evening that the club’s top prospect, Aaron Sanchez, who abruptly left his Wednesday night start for the Dunedin Blue Jays, did so due to a problem with a blister he has been dealing with of late.

To wit:

So that’s a relief.

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Apologies for the commenters who I’m about to kinda call out for their geniune curiosity about shit, but holy fuck, the season has gone badly, but let’s maybe not lose the damn plot too hopelessly here, eh?

Below is a tweet from Marty York. That’s all you need to know to understand that it’s bullshit, but let’s proceed anyway…

York has pretend credibility, because like the broken clock he is, one time in 2008 said that John Gibbons would be fired and replaced by Cito Gaston, and lo and behold, a month later it actually happened.

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