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Adam Lind has a bad feeling about his back after crossing the plate in Tuesday’s win at Minnesota


Adam Lind left tonight’s win over the Twins in the seventh inning, after moving quite gingerly after crossing the plate on Moises Sierra’s ground out, on which Joe Mauer inexplicably chose to take the out at first base rather than coming to the plate, allowing a run to cross. On the TV broadcast Drs. Buck and Pat were hopeful, based on the fact that Lind remained in the dugout for a while, and didn’t look like he was laboring too terribly, that it was mostly a precaution or something that wouldn’t require much time off.

Not so, according to the reports coming from the clubhouse following the game.

In case those tweets don’t make it quite clear enough, this doesn’t sound good. Mind you, not multiple-months not good, but certainly like something that could require a DL stint, as was required in 2011, when he missed 24 games with back trouble, and 2012 when he missed 29.

If you recall — and I only barely did, though Scott MacArthur was kind enough to confirm via tweet — Lind and Encarnacion were flipped, positionally, at the last minute before Sunday’s game (Scott’s original tweet here), which was due to the back injury at that point.

Brendan Kennedy quotes Lind as saying that he hasn’t felt pain like this in his back “for years.” Ugh.

Hey, but at least Jose Reyes is coming back soon, right? Right???

We’ll keep you posted on any roster moves, should they happen — and with the Jays’ already stretched bench, it wouldn’t be surprising if they felt they had to do something quickly, just to avoid playing shorthanded, however, it also wouldn’t necessarily be surprising if they waited, given that the forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look great, and they may get an extra day to figure out what to do here — and… um… we’ll also remind you that Dan Johnson is hitting .242/.366/.545 so far at Buffalo this year… so… that’s something, right? Right???

Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

Here’s how dire the Day One rumour mill is going: everything you need to know about this one– pretty much– you read in the headline of this post:

So… yeah. That makes sense. Especially since Perrotto also tweets that the Pirates and have talked about a deal that would send the Marlins’ own platoon lefty, Logan Morrison, to Pittsburgh in exchange for Josh Harrison and “a second unknown player.”

Especially especially because Harrison is a 26-year-old utility guy with a .250/.282/.367 line in 575 career plate appearances, and a 2.6% walk rate. And while Lind is better against right-handers than Morrison, the price for him would surely be higher than practically nothing.

So… there’s that.

No, really. That’s the whole post.

Oh, There’s More Update!

According to Shi Davidi’s roundup at Sportsnet of comments from Alex Anthopoulos, the ask by the Jays was indeed quite a bit higher than the suggested discussion between the Pirates and Marlins.

The Blue Jays are also looking for help at second base, and when the Pittsburgh Pirates inquired about the availability of Adam Lind last week, the ask in return was for Neil Walker, according to sources.

He adds that “there was no fit and talks quickly withered” before suggesting that the club isn’t looking to move Lind, but is monitoring the market for him anyway, just in case there’s a deal that fits.

Walker, understandably if you’re Pittsburgh, doesn’t.

Oh, and some probably goes for the Jays, who are real comfortable with Izturis and Goins, right???

So… there’s that.


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a possible link between the Jays and the Pirates regarding that club’s first base situation, but why should that stop us from looking at it again? Especially since, according to this tweet from Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, there appears to have been some actual dialogue. Y’know, maybe.

The defensive metrics sure don’t like Edwin Encarnacion at first base, but he provides more than enough lumber to make up for whatever deficiencies he may have there (plus, he looks perfectly passable by the ol’ eye test, I’d say), so I don’t think I’d have an issue with the Jays shipping Lind off to Pittsburgh– or anywhere, really– in that regard. Nor would I have an issue with the club finding a DH (or an even better-fielding first baseman) without such a crazy platoon split. But despite how maligned he’s been over the years in certain corners of the internet (like this one!), and how streaky some may feel that he can be, it’s undeniable that Lind’s is a pretty large bat to be taking out of this lineup in its own right– against right-handed pitching, at least– and would certainly require some additional manoeuvring that might not end up making the club better.

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Adam Lind is having a fine season and deserves to have his option for 2014 picked up, not just because of his play on the field, where he’s been a near-elite bat against right-handed pitching (he currently ranks 14th among qualified hitters vs. RHP), but because of how cheap he’ll come– as I wrote earlier in the week.

In writing that piece I was pivoting off the work of Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet, who had spoken to Lind about his potential contract limbo. Last night, in another piece at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi followed up with Lind, beginning his piece thusly:

Adam Lind remains uncertain about what the Toronto Blue Jays will do with his 2014 contract option, even after being told by Alex Anthopoulos that he’s put himself in a good position with the season he’s had.

As a matter of course, the Blue Jays don’t make decisions on contract options until the deadline, which for Lind is three days after the World Series ends, giving them the freedom to explore trades and alternatives before making a final call.

Lind speaks in the piece about already getting nostalgic for his time here, as though he seems to think there’s a genuine chance that he’s could be gone, but what’s most interesting, across both pieces, is the fact that he seems to find the Jays’ policies somewhat irksome.

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Player A has a .391 wOBA, a wRC+ of 147, a 13.2% walk rate, and a .370 on-base in 492 plate appearances.

Player B has a .385 wOBA, a wRC+ of 143, an 11.4% walk rate, and a .376 on-base in 396 plate appearances.

Over two seasons, Player A has a .386 wOBA, 144 wRC+, 12.6 BB%, and a .371 OBP in 968 PA.

Player B, over two seasons, has a .369 wOBA, 133 wRC+, 10.4 BB%,and a .361 OBP in 653 PA.

Obviously Player A is a shade better– especially factoring in the two year data, where his numbers are basically the same, whereas Player B’s 2012 was not quite as good as this season, which is dragging him down in the overall. But it’s pretty close, and those are some pretty spiffy numbers, regardless.

As you could probably guess from the image and the title of the post, one of those lines belongs to Adam Lind. No, really! Player B is Lind’s split against right handing pitching.

And Player A?

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Toronto Blue Jays v San Diego Padres

Adam Lind played so poorly for so long, and had so many fan circling their calendars for the day his contract would be off the club’s books, that I suspect a whole lot of them have it in their heads, completely unquestioned, that this is his walk year.

It’s not.

No, really. And imagine my shock when, after such a long time of simply assuming that Lind’s dead weight could finally be jettisoned at the end of this season, I made my way to the club’s page on Cot’s Baseball Contracts and re-remembered what the actual terms of his deal are.

To wit:

Adam Lind OF
4 years/$18M (2010-13), plus 2014-16 club options

  • signed extension with Toronto 4/3/10, replacing 1-year, $0.41M deal for 2010
  • $0.6M signing bonus
  • 10:$0.4M, 11:$5M, 12:$5M, 13:$5M, 14:$7M club option ($2M buyout), 15:$7.5M club option ($1M buyout), 16:$8M club option ($0.5M buyout)
  • sent outright to Triple-A by Toronto 5/31/12
  • contract purchased by Toronto 6/25/12

That’s right. Lind, whose contract’s vaunted “team friendly” nature I’ve scoffed at for so long around here might still actually turn out to be fucking team friendly.

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Monday was not a particularly eventful first day of the Winter Meetings, though that didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the post count around here, as all kinds of things happened quickly, and all kinds of interesting tidbits came to the fore. Some of them, it turns out, may have gotten a bit lost in translation– or, at the very least, lost when being condensed into 140 characters– as, thanks to the excellent work of Gregor Chisholm at his North of the Border blog, we can see a full transcript of comments Alex Anthopous made when speaking to the media earlier.

Here are a few spots that ought to be noted, given some of the other things posted here over the course of Day One…

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