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Casey Janssen pitched a clean ninth– the first time the Jays have received one in a save situation all season– as Brandon Morrow dropped the ground ball act, and three maligned hitters powered the Jays over the A’s to salvage a spit in their mini-series, and a split of their west coast swing, that tonight takes them back to the interior of the continent, as they visit Minnesota.

It’s a pretty fucking rosy, borderline disingenuous thing to say, but before the road trip began– and before the first two spectacular games against against the Angels, and a close loss in the third– I’m pretty sure we’d have taken a .500 record heading into Minnesota. So, as long as we can keep out of our heads how the three losses went down– especially the first one in Oakland– and how the filth being tossed by Morrow and Alvarez in Anaheim made it seem like the Jays had a real shot at having an actual winning trip out west for once, it really hasn’t gone so badly.

Better– and perhaps more ingenuous– still is how, while he’s hardly perfect, the Jays have a manager who is at least eventually able to come around to the side of common goddamn sense when it comes to some of the screamingly obvious problems with the way he’s been running the club. And, let’s be honest, if he reacted as hastily as fans they’re entitled to have him do, there’d be a new closer after every blow save, and massive changes in the lineup every week. So I get that Farrell has to walk the fine line between showing faith in his players, not creating an atmosphere where everybody is looking over their shoulder after every bad day, and doing right by the rest of the team by getting shitbags out of positions where they’re costing games and runs.

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Breaking: Adam Lind’s Spirit

According to a tweet from Shi Davidi of Rogers’ own Sportsnet, the Rogers-owned Jays have shuffled heretofore de facto cleanup hitter Adam Lind down to the eighth spot in the batting order for this afternoon’s post-clusterfuck getaway attempt against Oakland right-hander Tyson Ross.

Eric Thames will hit fifth.

Thames hasn’t exactly been mashing right-handers this season. In fact, thanks to a .385 BABIP his numbers are better against lefties– the reverse of last year, when he put up an awful .273 wOBA against southpaws over 91 plate appearances.

But… um… he’s still been better than Adam Lind, who has put up similar numbers this year against his preferred competition, right-handers, sitting at a .278 wOBA through 83 PA.

Add in the 26 plate appearances Lind has been inexplicably given against lefties (wRC+ of 25!!?!), and you get right about to the magic 100 at-bat mark that John Farrell uses as a benchmark for assessment of a player… at the start of a season. Because, y’know, what possible fucking sense would it make, when constructing a lineup, to look at the 1155 plate appearances over the previous two seasons in which Lind also sucked?

No, no, these 100 have finally told us that Adam Lind… Adam Lind might not be very good. Multi-million dollar asset management, everybody!!!!

The lineup may not exactly be ideal, but… baby steps, I guess.

The Blue Jays Full Lineup for this afternoon…

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus  CF
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C

Like the title says, he’s truly beating a dead horse here, and I must acknowledge that it truly sucks continually being down on the guy– it’s not like he isn’t trying, and it’s not like his manager is putting him in a position where his struggles aren’t infinitely more visible– but commenter Jim threw down some mind-boggling Adam Lind-related statistical figures in the post below (which I assume are correct, even though I’m gonna be too lazy to actually corroborate them– because, y’know, then it really isn’t like letting commenters do the work for me at all).

Who am I not to pass them along?

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Verlander no-hitting the Jays. It was also Lind’s last game before going on the DL. Since then he’s had a .674 OPS (23rd worst in MLB), 80 wRC+ (11th worst in MLB) and been worth -0.6fWar (4th worst in MLB).

As a comparison, Lind now has 507 plate appearances over the last 12 months. When they got rid of Rios after 479 plate appearances in the 2009 season, his OPS was 70 points better and his wRC+ was 18 points better than Lind’s.

I know it’s practically beating a dead horse at this point but man that’s pretty ridiculous.

Now, Rios was owed a shit-tonne more money when Ken Williams gave the Jays the gift of clusterfuckingly awful asset management by taking him off his hands, but he also played a premium defensive position. But still, the club cut bait on him when he was actually better than Lind has been.

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Dustin Parkes’ 26th Dream

I had a dream last night. That’s not all together uncommon. Human beings have dreams. What is uncommon, at least for me, is that my dream last night should be so vivid in my memory this morning. I’m not one to remember my dreams, which is pretty great for my friends, because they never have to tolerate boring stories about my dreams.

So, please understand that it’s rare for me to write about my dreams. In fact, it’s only the 26th dream that I’ve ever remembered in my life, and it’s the first I’ve ever bothered to share with anyone else. That’s partly why I ask that you indulge me here with reading about my 26th dream.

Anyway, in my dream, I was laying in bed with my bedroom set like it normally is except for a large mound of rope on the floor. It was the type of rope I would imagine to be common in shipping yards or the type used to tie up a mythical giant: big, a dirty yellowish colour with some oil stains soaked into the braided fabric.

It coiled from the mound, and led out my bedroom door. I can’t explain the reason behind the motivation in my dream, but I felt compelled to follow this rope, to see where it originated or concluded, for I did not know which end of the rope was in the mound on my bedroom floor.

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Lind’s Back… On Sunday

John Lott of the National Post tells us that Adam Lind is feeling better, took some pain-free swings in the batting cage today, and will be back in game action on Sunday.

Head-smacking money quote:

Lind agrees he might need more time off, but is not inclined to ask Farrell to provide it.

“I’ve never really been one to tell John because I don’t want to come out of a game or not play, because I like being out there,” he said. “You feel bad when you’re not out there with the guys.”


Adam Lind was a late scratch from yesterday’s start due to tightness in his back– a “much more localized” tightness, we’re told, by way of John Lott of the National Post, than the back troubles that sidelined him last year, but a recurrence of his “core” problem (see what I just did there?).

Though, actually, Lind’s real issue may not be so much the back– which I don’t doubt is legitimate– as much as the lame excuses.

“Farrell suggested Lind’s hard work in his new conditioning routine may have backfired,” Lott writes.

“Adam has been so diligent with his back exercise … [he] may have overdone it,” Farrell told him.

I literally had to check to make sure that the internet hadn’t accidentally spit an article from Spring 2011 at me.

Lott goes on to explain that Lind seems hopeful that he’ll be ready for Opening Day, since the doctor he visited “didn’t have anything negative to say, or too concerning.”

Well, I guess that’s good– I’m certainly not going to start pondering how the Jays might replace him in the lineup just yet. But… the fucking excuse is getting a little lame, is it not? Especially when this stuff kinda gets a free pass, while there’s not nearly enough media pushback (Wilner and others excepted) in the direction of the asinine everybody hates-on Colby Rasmus movement.

I spoke to that point last week, screetching that “Lind’s magical 3.7 fWAR, 139 wRC+ season is two years in the rearview, while Rasmus put up 129 wRC+ and 4.3 fWAR in twenty-goddamn-ten! Rasmus has been worth 7.9 fWAR over 420 [note: ha!] career games, while Lind’s accumulated 4.3 wins in 621. Granted, Rasmus gets a lot of value from being above average defensively in centre– something too many media dildos are real quick to ignore– but his career wRC+ is 103 to Lind’s 104. And yet the people pining for David Cooper are where, exactly? Christ!!!”

The difference between Lind and Rasmus– who would be getting so absolutely skewered for a thing like this that it’s hard to imagine– is especially mind-boggling in light of the fact that Lind, as John Lott wrote in the Post on March 15th, “admits it: He was never much inclined to the gruelling workout routine so favoured by modern athletes.”

“I was never a real big workout guy, but now that I’m getting older, I understand that it needs to be done in order to stay on the field,” Lind told Lott. “It only takes 15 or 20 minutes a day to maintain and stay strong and stabilize, so it’s not that bad.”

Unless, y’know, you somehow manage to supposedly overdo it. Again.

The shitty thing is, of course, that I don’t doubt for a second that Lind is sincere in his attempts to do what’s best for him and the team, and sincere in his owning up fucking them up. It’s just… holy shit, does it ever help to have a 4 win season in the city you currently play in. If you’re Rasmus and people here didn’t see it, it might as well have never happened. Even if it did happen, and a year more recently than Lind’s at that. Truly amazing.

What year is this? I’m having flashbacks.

According to Buck Martinez– as relayed on Twitter by @ODAWG27, and confirmed by Mike Wilner– Adam Lind has been scratched from tonight’s start due to tightness in the wonky lower back that plagued him last season, and was apparently the cause of him flailing wildly at all sorts of junk being tossed his way. And just when his bad had been heating up!

John Lott of the National Post tweets that a Jays spokesperson tells him the scratch is merely precautionary.

Dun dun dun…