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The last time I checked, JP Ricciardi is no longer running the Blue Jays, so it seems a little odd– if not a bit nostalgic– that a new tidbit of information about the club could be coming out of Boston. But that could be what we’ve got, by way of Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. He writes:

“What needs to happen – maybe not immediately, but perhaps by next season – is that Escobar must move to second base to make room for Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria. Escobar loves being a shortstop, so there is a bit of trepidation among some in the organization as to how he will accept this. Escobar is a very good shortstop who could start for many teams, but the Jays have their version of Jose Iglesias; they think Hechavarria is going to be pretty special.”

OK, so maybe anybody could have told you that it’s probably going to be a bit weird to ask an in-his-prime shortstop like Escobar to move over for Hechavarria, once he’s ready to make the jump to the Majors– and, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, there are still big questions about whether his bat will play at the MLB level– but it’s interesting to hear that the Jays themselves, at least some of them, think this might be a problem. It’s not quite akin to working up the nerve to ask Vernon Wells to move out of centre field, which the club never seemed prepared to do, but it’s close.

Perhaps more interesting is that the club thinks Hechavarria is going to force the issue.

According to a bunch of tweets, including one from Shi Davidi that was first to show up in my timeline, John Farrell told assembled reporters this afternoon that the club will have hotshot (defensively, at least) shortstop prospect Adeiny Hechavarria take a few reps at second base this spring, to prepare him in case he gets called up in the even of an injury to starting second baseman Kelly Johnson.

This makes sense in that Hechavarria, as a rookie, probably wasn’t going to shift entrenched veteran Yunel Escobar out of his preferred shortstop position, especially if he’s called up as a fill-in for just a couple of weeks. Still… nobody has ever pretended that Hechavarria isn’t going to be a superior shortstop to Escobar, so one kinda wonders why it’s not Yunel being asked to take reps at second.

I get it though… I guess?