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Hey! It’s the All-Star Game!

You know, the corporate glad-handing event masquerading as some kind of festival of baseball as presented in the most kid- and casual fan-friendly format possible that totally makes a thousand percent sense except for… y’know… how if baseball really cared about attracting kids and casual fans they might actually figure out a way to get a playoff game finished before 1:30 AM Eastern.

Hey! But stars! Oh all the stars of the game are here. Steve Delabar, Michael Cuddyer, Glen Perkins, Jeff Locke. You know, stars!

Hey! But if you enjoy, what the fuck do I care? Go enjoy the shit out of it. Shit, maybe it will even be fun watching Matt Harvey and Max Scherzer attacking these star-studded lineups– but you didn’t hear that from me!

American League

LF Mike Trout (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
C Joe Mauer (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)

RHP Max Scherzer

National League

2B Brandon Phillips (R)
RF Carlos Beltran (R)
1B Joey Votto (S)
3B David Wright (R)
LF Carlos Gonzalez (L)
C Yadier Molina (R)
SS Troy Tulowitzki (R)
DH Michael Cuddyer (R)
CF Bryce Harper (L)

RHP Matt Harvey (R)

Home Run Derby 2013 Threat


Seriously? You’re going to spend the better part of three hours with this guy’s hackneyed shtick?

Good luck with that.

Jeez, maybe read about Edwin’s truth bombs, or all the Matt Garza rumours, or buy some fan-designed Jays swag, or… something while it’s on, at least.

American League

Robinson Cano (New York)
Yoenis Cespedes (Oakland)
Chris Davis (Baltimore)
Prince Fielder (Detroit)

National League

Pedro Alvarez (Pittsburgh)
Michael Cuddyer (Colorado)
Bryce Harper (Washington)
David Wright (New York)

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

He’s not wrong– and neither is Scott MacArthur of TSN when he provides some follow-up context– but Edwin Encarnacion gave what might be considered a comment worthy of attention today. Or… y’know… maybe it’s just a horrifically slow news day.

To wit:

Like Edwin says, I don’t think the starting pitchers would disagree (and, obviously the relievers wouldn’t, seeing as there’s zero chance he’s talking about the bullpen), but… maybe not the best precedent to set, from a P.R. standpoint.

Not that I care. It’s just, it’s not like it needed to be said, and the risk of pissing off teammates probably isn’t worth it. On the other hand, it gave me something to post about so that I don’t have to bother wasting any more words on the Home Run Derby than absolutely necessary.

Speaking of: Jose Bautista was asked by the Jays not to participate in tonight’s yawn-fest, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi. In a follow-up tweet Bautista is quoted as saying he agreed with the decision. (Though some folks are saying on TV it sounded like he was more upset about it than this suggests, but… whatever. Also, what’s he going to say, “meh, balls to this snoozefest.”)

He also had some truth bombs… for himself!

OK, just one truth bomb. But he’s not wrong either– and I’m sure it was much easier for him to take the diplomatic route here than it would have been for Edwin, who is kinda fucking nailing it this year. Not a lot of blame Encarnacion could have put on himself, so… the truth seems like a solid way to have gone, I guess. I don’t know.

As Parkes so eloquently put it– albeit not quite in so few words– in today’s URL Weaver at Getting Blanked, shitting all over Major League Baseball’s annual All-Star Game has become as tiring an exercise as the game itself (though I’m pretty it can’t yet possibly reach the tiring heights of tonight’s impossibly insufferable Home Run Derby).

Sure, I suppose there are still people– and companies– who value the All-Star Game as a showcase event and as a means to entice casual fans to draw a greater connection with the game’s biggest stars, and all that noise. And it’s undeniable that those of us within the blogging and twittering universe could stand occasionally taking a step back and realizing what a mind-blowingly vast and different-thinking world is out there, and how insulated we can get from it inside our little cocoon.

But at the same time… so what?

We’re right, and I’m full-on prepared to get in on the ground floor of backlash against the backlash against acting like you’re way too cool for the All-Star Game. Because the All-Star Game is virtually unwatchable unless you’re blind drunk, eleven years old, or both. And until they start starting playoff games early enough to not end at 1:30 AM in the east, I don’t need to sit here and pretend for them that MLB actually gives damn about marketing its product to kids.

So, I certainly don’t feel like it’s dereliction duty to tell you that I don’t care about the game, I’m probably not going to watch the game, and I felt no pangs of sorrow when my employers very generously suggested that, with no Jays action between yesterday’s finale in Chicago and Friday’s second-half opener against the Clevelands, I might as well not worry about coming into the office this week.

I don’t wish for anyone to not enjoy the game, and I’m sure it will be a nice party for those going down to provide literally the same coverage as everybody else, but I’d much sooner just put my feet up and not pretend that I, or anyone else, ought to give a shit.

Besides, with the trade deadline upcoming, all sorts of interesting names on the market, and Alex Anthopoulos having all kids of prospect capital at his disposal– and not needing to worry as much about convincing players to come here as he might for free agents– there will be plenty to talk about that’s actually, y’know, interesting.


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