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Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus has been fielding all sorts of questions this afternoon, mostly relating to Jays fans being unable to process reality when it comes to Anthony Gose– who, it should be noting, won’t necessarily be making his MLB debut tonight, as Ben Francisco gets the start in right with somewhat-difficult left-hander CC Sabathia on the hill for New York.

And Goldstein’s got plenty of other stuff too. Let’s watch!

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The Jays’ official Twitter makes it… er… official:

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet adds that, in order to clear a spot for Gose on the 40-man, Brandon Morrow has been moved to the 60-day DL (which, as you may know, can be done retroactively, and doesn’t at all mean that he’s still 60 days away from returning).

Davidi also adds that “there’s no immediate word on the severity of Bautista’s injury, but ‘inflammation’ is better than strain or tear.”

He’s right, of course, but that sure was a rather instant and violent-looking bout of inflammation.

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Shi Davidi of Sportsnet tweets some clarification on the reports that we’d heard from Las Vegas about Anthony Gose being removed from tonight’s 51s game…

The suggestion that Gose is next in line to get the call-up has produced a lot of “whither Travis Snider?” reactions, and naturally, more griping from fans insistent on seeing this as further evidence that the club is screwing over its once-elite prospect.

That said, while it’s easy to get caught up in the prospect porn trip, obviously, first and foremost, the concern is for Jose Bautista, and what any time on the DL for him might mean to the Jays’ already-slim chances in 2012.

I saw some folks on Twitter who actively welcomed the news, actually, seriously hoping that the results of tomorrow’s MRI would quickly usher the Jays in to sell- and play-the-kids-mode. Others, somehow even more fucking ludicrous, seemed to feel that this very well may mean the end for Bautista, unless he’s able to find Luke Skywalker’s wrist doctor… or… anamatronic limb-maker… or… whatever the hell that was in that movie people my age know way too much about.

But there’s only so much you can say about that until we find out what the injury is for certain (unless, apparently, you’re Paul O’Neill), and lots of talk has turned to what happens if our MVP does go on the DL. In that regard, obviously, seeing Anthony Gose patrol right field is an exciting prospect when divorced from any thoughts of the reasons that brought him there, but it’s certainly fair game to wonder why he got the call and Travis Snider did not.

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Gose is Cooking

While we’re all busy in the post below dreaming up scenarios in which the Jays could move a guy like Anthony Gose to a club who, unlike Arizona, could actually use him, then take the returns and package it with Adeiny Hechavarria and one of the Lansing arms (and more!) to acquire Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks, there are people less inclined with flights of fancy who would rather just talk about Gose, the future Blue Jay– like Ben Badler of Baseball America, who commented on the fantastic play we see above, which the Las Vegas outfielder made in Sunday’s Future’s Game on a ball hit by Cardinals prospect Oscar Tavares.

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