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Yesterday Alex Anthopoulos was the guest on the CBC’s Mansbridge One On One– a 22-minute sit down that you can see in its entirety at (Don’t be lazy– watch their ads.)

I wasn’t going to post it, because CBC hasn’t made the clip embeddable and it’s not really worth a full post to just point you all to a link, but– smart guy that I am– I decided to do a quick search of YouTube for it, which turned me on to the fact that some genius has already gone to the trouble of posting it there. I’m not sure how fanatical the nation’s public broadcaster is when it comes to getting their content removed from there, but if these do end up being taken down, you can always just go to the link above for the full clip.

“Alex Anthopoulos, General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, talks about the state of baseball in Canada today, the changes to the Toronto Blue Jays over the winter, and what lies ahead for the team,” explains the description. So there you go.

Parts two and three are after the jump.

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Clearly, with the way these Winter Meetings have been going, he didn’t have a whole hell of a lot better to do (though he did say he’d just been meeting with an agent), so Alex Anthopoulos jumped onto Wednesday’s edition of Prime Time Sports on the Fan590, offering nothing more than he has so far about the behind-the-scenes in Nashville, but a couple interesting items nonetheless.

On the progress of closer Sergio Santos, here’s what he told Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt:

“He feels great. He actually wants to throw right now and we’re not allowing him to throw. We don’t need to have him throwing right now, but he feels unbelievable. I know everyone says these things when someone’s coming back off rehab– ‘it’s the best I’ve felt in years,’ and so on– but he’s told us that, and our doctors and trainers feel very confident that he should be fine.”

Anthopoulos added that he’s on schedule to start throwing with the relievers, with “no restrictions.”

“Obviously that could change, as we go through Spring Training, if he does have any complications,” he explained.

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Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos made his way over to whichever far corner of the Opryland facility is hosting “radio row” and hopped onto the air with Jeff Blair and Dirk Hayhurst this morning on the Fan 590, discussing with them the dog and pony show that is the Winter Meetings, all the rumours surrounding his club, the likelihood of deals getting done, JP Arencibia’s bizarre confidence, and– as is always most important for fans of the Rogers-owned club– payroll.

Typically, he doesn’t say a whole lot. And what he does say leaves more than enough room for him to wriggle his way out of the statement, if somehow needed– he has indeed learned well from Paul Beeston– but that surely doesn’t mean it’s not still worthy of our scrutiny.

The big payroll discussion comes at the end of the club, specifically when Blair asks whether Anthopoulos would rule out his club getting into a ‘bidding war’ for one of the remaining free agent pitchers.

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Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi just tweeted at us, bro, and here’s what he said that was different from the earlier tidbits by way of Barry Davis:

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Following the announcement of the Jays’ BBWAA award winners today Alex Anthopoulos was made available to some members of the media, very few of whom seem to have bothered to tweet out anything that the GM had to say. Fortunately for us, Gregor Chisholm of– who’ll be joining Drew and I tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM ET, along with Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR, for a Winter Meetings-focussed Google+ Hangout– took care of business, laying down several interesting pieces of information that he’s managed to expand on during the time it’s taken me to write this piece, posting a full transcript over at North of the Border. [Note: Read it!]

Several of Gregor’s tweets deserve a look, beginning with this one:

Not going to lie: on first blush, that somewhat surprises me, and makes me wonder if maybe something was promised Izturis when he signed on– though we see in the transcript that Anthopoulos specifically says that it was not. Yet… well… I don’t know, maybe it’s not so crazy…

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Shi Davidi and Mike Wilner are doing the lord’s work at the GM Meetings, tweeting out, for all of us to see, a bevy of notes from the final media availability session with Alex Anthopoulos. The Jays’ contingent has departed Indian Wells, but not without the GM having imparted on us one last subtle burst of Rogers-brand optimism about what’s going to take place over the coming weeks– or perhaps just a tacit acknowledgement that, after the way the club’s nonexistent messaging went up in flames last winter, it’s vital to the brand to avoid a repeat.

At least, that’s what I see in the following tweets:

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Alex Anthopoulos spoke with TSN Radio host Mike Richards (above, bro) earlier today (audio here), and guess what? The Jays need pitching, and their GM is damn ready to do something about it, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

So… it’s pretty much par for the course for AA, ca. fall 2012, but that doesn’t mean that the GM’s comments aren’t worth exploring, as he touched on off-season plans, gave the same explanation of how the club’s payroll works as he always does, spoke about the troubles with Adam Lind and Ricky Romero, and pretty much avoided saying anything concrete about the John Farrell speculation, as you’d kind of expect.

He did explain, however, that the Farrell stuff is “similar to trade stuff, where you’re reading things and 99.9% of everything you read is totally false. But it does make for interesting water cooler talk, and things like that.”

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