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That. Is. Amazing.

Huge crotch grab in the direction of @bigmf99 for the screen grab from, and I hope it’s intentional, but no, this is not a post in which I’m going to join the army of dopes who think they can divine a manager’s ability to imbue his team with “want.” Because that would be stupid. (I am, in the coming weeks, hopefully going to do a series of posts making the case to keep Anthopoulos, to fire him, to rebuild, and to keep going ahead with the current core — all of which are pretty defensible positions — but Gibbons? Nah, he’s good).

Also stupid, probably, is combining the little gag above with a post about Sergio Santo’s latest DFA, but the picture came across my screen as I was searching for something to write about all that, and… um… about that… uh… thing is…

Santos’s miserable season continued last night, as he managed to get just one out, followed by a monstrous Mike Napoli home run, a double, and then yet another dinger, turning the 6-4 deficit Casey Janssen (and some terrible defending) had left him with in the top of the 11th into an 11-4 disaster. And it was indignity piled on indignity this morning, as the club made it official that Santos has been designated for assignment, with Chad Jenkins being recalled.

Santos has a $6-million club option for next season, and even though declining it means costing the club $750K, plus another $1.5-million to buy out his 2016 and 2017 options as well, certainly they’re not going to pick that option up. And putting him through waivers at least gives the club a chance, unlikely as it is, that some team will claim him and they can be off the hook for those buyouts.

It’s pretty much the same story as the last time he was designated, only with Chad Jenkins, not Rob Rasmussen, being the player recalled in his place, and without the possibility that Sergio will go back down to the minors and find himself. He may yet clear waivers and find himself back on the 40-man and back on the roster before all is said and done, but I’d figure that in all likelihood Santos’s time with the Jays is over.

Welp. It was a good try…


Hey! Look! It’s that Aaron Cibia guy!

So… here’s something that happened. Down in Texas, with the Rangers down 10-1 to the Tampa Bay Rays, someone needed to be called on to pitch the ninth for the home team. And someone answered the bell.

As you can see (barely — at least until I get a better screengrab), was J.P. Arencibia.

Pretty sure it’s already been a looooooong year for the Rangers. He did OK, though — throwing knuckleballs! (Better than he can catch them, said a million internet jokesters at once). A clean inning!

Keith Law provides a scouting report:

Also, this tweet might be perfect:

We now do have the video! But first, what in its absence would have been the next best thing: a GIF (via @CorkGaines) of Sean Rodriguez appearing to call ol’ JPA an asshole before meekly flying out. Or… y’know… he might just be saying “let’s go.” Decide for yourself, and see the full video after the jump!

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I know, I know, at the end of the last one I promised a look at Jon Heyman’s latest would be the next post here, but I simply can’t not post this: it’s Colby Rasmus in an series called Home Field Advantage, where they take a look at where the players live in the cities that they play in and… it’s… just… it’s… Colby is so the best.

He pronounces Toronto right!!! He gets a hot dog from outside the stadium!

It’s kind of amazing…

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Think Dioner Navarro knew his fourth inning home run was gone from the second he made contact? Don’t answer just yet! First, have a look at the clip below and OH MY FUCK, THAT BAT FLIP!

Vine clip via Melissa Couto, aka @ThrowinSmoke:

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I could have sworn I saw R.A. Dickey on the hill at Rogers Centre the other night, but you could be forgiven if you were in Hamburg, Munich, Rome, or several other European locales and thought you spotted the Jays’ knuckleballing… um… ace?

Because he was totally there! At least, he was in bobblehead form — and we have proof thanks to Twitterer Christine Sommerville (aka @FreeFallinFilms), and her awesome Tumblr, Dickey Bobble Blog. To wit:

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Let’s be perfectly up front about something here: I’m pretty shit-dickingly OK with swearing. I’m not trying to tsk tsk anybody for saying a naughty word or to harangue about delicate ears who may have been listening to tonight’s Jays game. Fuck that.

In fact, I’d love to have a more casual, conversational, real tone to what can be awfully cold, scripted, cookie-cutter TV broadcasts. Which also isn’t to say that I figure anybody ought to just be winging it — putting together three to four hours of live TV every night cannot be easy, so I try not to begrudge anybody too much (um… sort of) — rather, I’d just bet it would be way cooler if we could hear these guys shooting the shit like if they were watching a game at the bar, and not seven layers deep within the corporate burrito … or onion… or… whatever it is has layers. Tectonic plates — I don’t know.

Anyway, while I’m probably not doing the pipe dream of actual interesting broadcast chatter any good by rushing to point to an instance where somebody had a momentary slip into the way that most of us actually talk amongst friends, um… who cares? Swearing is funny! Or at least it can be. And it certainly is novel to hear it coming from a baseball broadcast — and that’s what us Jays fans were treated to tonight thanks to ol’ Pat Tabler, with an assist from his partner Hawk Martinez.

After Eduardo Nunez needed some time against Chad Jenkins in the top of the fifth, having fouled the first pitch of his at-bat off his foot, he stepped back into the box, Jenkins reared back and threw, and we were treated to this little exchange:

BUCK: He came right back inside.

PAT: Shit, you have to.


Or if you prefer, let’s go to the video tape! (i.e. the Vine clip via @GregBallochST)

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Announcing PITCH #4!


Pardon all the Twitter handles (though, actually, we’ll all be referring to ourselves that way anyway in the not-so-distant future, probably) but last night the fine folks from @TallboysBar put on another edition of their outstanding @PitchTalks series at the Centre For Social Innovation – Annex, featuring great talks from MLB stat pioneer @RGriffinStar, along with @TSNScottyMac, @CathalKelly, @BKennedyStar, @BaseballAlexis, the premier of the latest video (which you can see below) from @CashewMirman, great food from @LOFTKitchen, and awesome beers from @LFBrewery.

I think that covers it. Though the pic of Griff and I, which can be found on the DJF Instagram, is probably worth checking out, too. I assure you, 2008 Stoeten would have never believed it.

And, obviously, as you can see above — or as you probably guessed when you saw that I was writing a post about it — I’m pleased to let you know I’ll be taking part in the action the next time, at PITCH #4 – and it’s happening soon.  The event will take place Thursday, June 19th, and is moving a bit up the street to an even bigger venue, 918 Bathurst: Culture, Media, and Education Centre. Along with me it will feature @JonahKeri, @MichaelGrange, and @MorganPCampbell.

The event starts at 7 PM, costs $15, and you can grab yourself some tickets here.


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