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Philadelphia’s annual Wing Bowl took place this morning — note: morning — and while you maybe can’t quite tell from the dual beer cans and gushing foam blocking his face, that Steve Austin lookin’ motherfucker right there is none other than Matt Stairs. Doing the Great White North proud!

The image above comes from Philly Sports Live’s David Malandra (@DaveM_PSL), but don’t sell your afternoon short by settling for just the still image. After the jump, by way of the 700 Level and Comcast Sportsnet, we’ve got the video, and… um… remember when the CBC did that Greatest Canadian thing Tommy Douglas won? Might want to revote.

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Click to embiggen.

This nifty little image, which comes by way of Redditor atomicbolt (aka the great @mattomic) at r/TorontoBlueJays, is pretty much the best thing you’re going to see today. Also: the most depressing. So why not just put up your feet and phone it in the rest of the way already? That’s my plan!

Crotch grab in the direction of @jon_cookie for the tip.


This slice of gold (that you’ve probably already seen) from R.A. Dickey’s Twitter feed has spared me from actually using my brain for at least another hour or so, which… fucking eh!!!!

No, you’re mailing in a post!

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Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays

Jose Bautista is on Vine, it turns out, and apparently that means he now has the capability of posting an oddly lewd and lascivious, yet hypnotic, montage of pre-game routine moves in the Jays’ clubhouse, featuring him and shortstop Munenori Kawasaki. Because that’s what he did last night.

It’s… uh… it’s somethin’ else.

Check the clip after the jump.

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Can’t possibly imagine why anybody routinely patrolling the Rogers Centre outfield would end up having leg issues. The delightful artificial turf they’ve got in there, as seen here from one of the photos used here back when over the winter we breathlessly updated every new alteration to what used to be Windows Restaurant, looks super cushion-y and forgiving, eh?

Not only does the turf potentially fuck up hamstrings– like the one Melky Cabrera will have an MRI on today– it apparently also causes some vague kind of “weirdness.” That is, if you believe what they were talking about on last night’s Giants broadcast, as relayed by California-livin’ friend of the blog, Ryan Oakley:

Word of the night indeed…

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With the Jays set to return to the Rogers Centre turf, and about to begin a two-game mini series with some west coast team from the Junior Varsity division, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit some of the early-season’s most trod-upon subject matter, crowd behaviour. And today we’ll do it through a nifty (um… week old, already having appeared on the Blue Jay Hunter and elsewhere) video about when it’s appropriate to boo at a baseball game from reader and Facebooker, Emily W.

Most of it I can get on board with it– though I must admit I’m a little bit wary of the whole unconditional loving of this team thing that they come around to at the end. I also wouldn’t want to tell anybody not to boo whenever they feel is right, rather, I prefer to point out that, when it’s done at certain times and with certain motivations, it just kind of makes you a bit of a lump of shit. So… like… do it if you really have to, just know that.

Anyway, it’s mostly on point. Check it out after the jump!

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bailey blue jays tattoo

…than forever etching the Blue Jays updated logo into your forearm?

That is what some brave soul thought this weekend. So they wandered into Time Will Tell Tattoo and let Bailey put this into their skin forever and ever. Which is awesome? Admirable? Let’s go with somewhere in between.

Thanks to Bailey for letting me share this, follow her on Instagram and hit up their shop if you live in The Steel. (The website seems a little wonky right now.)