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Now, now, don’t worry, this isn’t a clip that has anything to do with the stupefying amount of insanity spewing forth from the denizens of a comments section that I am now genuinely fucking dumber for having read. It’s wordplay!

Great stuff from PlayFunGamesPictures, and a crotch grab in the direction of @theREALnoahb for sending over the clip.



Now that Jays fans have breathed something resembling a sigh of relief, following a series-tying win over the White Sox in a game where R.A. Dickey looked, for a second time (third, really) very much like exactly the ridiculous unhittable knuckleball machine that the team thought it was getting, it seems like maybe a good moment to note some of the other reasons why, despite some early disillusionment, this season is going to be a hell of a fun thing.

No, not in the “they have talent, they’ll be fine, asshole” kind of way that we’ve pretty much exhausted around here over the last three weeks. Not even in the jaws-dropped at R.A. Dickey GIFs (via gamereax) way, but in the “holy shit, Gibbers going full fuckin’ Al Bundy in the dugout, what a boss!” kind of way.

That is… just… spectacular. Hahahahaha.

But if there is character that needs to be highlighted in a mailed-in post on the awesomeness of the group– post Jose Reyes injury, of course– it’s Munenori Kawasaki.

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Jose Bautista is out of the lineup for the Jays again tonight, with several reporters tweeting that John Gibbons informed them of his condition this afternoon. The manager noted that the slugger’s back– not the ear infection that had tin foil hats racing off the shelves when fans first became aware of it last night– is the problem as, according to multiple tweets, it’s still bothering him a little bit, and he hasn’t swung a bat in two days.

What he has done, apparently, is get caught in this bizarre scene that was tweeted this afternoon by’s weird, trending shit repository, Cut4. (After, apparently, it was put on Instagram yesterday by Jose Reyes.)

The caption reads, simply: “Reyes’ sprained ankle + Melky in a belly shirt = this weird, amazing photo.”

So… y’know… for those of you who’d been asking me why Cabrera isn’t quite as fast a runner as you’d figured, uh… there you go.

Addtional scuttlebutt from Gibbons after the jump…

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Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

Anyone who tells you that six games is nothing to worry about is clearly one of those “sample size” types. Here’s what you need to know about sample size: it’s for nerds, basement dwellers, and chronic mastburbators. The Blue Jays are 2-4 following two disappointing series versus the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox. Reams of historical data indicate that very few baseball teams have ever recovered from such a horrible start to make the playoffs. As any real fan would tell you, the 2013 Blue Jays are finished, man.

In an effort to save the city’s greatest baseball minds some time, I have taken it upon myself to craft their headlines for the the club’s next 10 series. All that’s left to fill in are the intricate one-sentence paragraphs.

As I stare down the next six weeks or so of Blue Jays baseball I see a winless Mark Buehrle, the return of Vernon Wells, heavy verbiage with minimal substance, beat writers lobbying for retired knuckleball catchers, pointless PED bemoaning, trolling, questions about chemistry, likening the Blue Jays’ selection of Ricky Romero at 6th overall to the Maple Leafs taking Rob Pearson 12th, and so much more.

Here are your Toronto Blue Jays headlines through early May:

Maybe Buehrle should bring a pitbull (mentality) to the mound – by Damien Cox

Vernon Wells takes booing in stride – by Bob Elliott

R.A. Dickey, the weight of expectations, and pursuit in the face of defeat – by Bruce Arthur

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Exceptional stuff from our friend Craig Robinson over at Flip Flop Flyballin‘. Be sure to check out Craig’s outstanding infographics in the archives of Getting Blanked, and to follow him on Twitter at @flipflopflying. He’s good people.

No you’re mailing in a post! Also: consider this your Photoshop Friday post (remember when that was a thing?).


Hat tip to commenter dr.fever for pointing this gem out.

Off the heels of the pitch-perfect 2013 Blue Jays Adventure RPG video comes a new video-game parody about the Toronto Blue Jays for your viewing pleasure.

This one, called Super Baseball Toronto GM Ninja Battle is a street-fighter style tale of Alex Anthopolous and his rise to power as the GM of the Jays. I won’t spoil any of the battles for you, just know that digital Beeston is nails.

This video is part of a great longread from Canadian Business and is the master work of @Cashewmirman, a Jays must-follow and creator of such frequently awesome content that I am sincerely doubting my own abilities in comparison. Check out all of his work at Weekend Punks, which currently features an animation of Anthony Gose running through a wall.

No, YOU’RE a Friday post.


This picture screams “mad hops,” doesn’t it?

Jays prospect Dan Norris– who… I like the look of this guy–  will start 2013 at Lansing (per the Jays’ minor league roster list at Batter’s Box) despite turning in an fugly-looking season last year in stops at Bluefield and Vancouver.

That… uh… that might be because Norris, who is listed at 6’2, appears to be a touch more athletic than your average hat-wearing bearded guy– not that I would know anything about that. Or, at least, that’s what it appears like from one of the most recent photos on his Instagram page. So maybe the Jays think he’s going to be able to work through whatever issues he had with command and delivery (reports were that his stuff was still terrific).

Check it out below the jump…

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