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Shi Davidi of Sportsnet checks in from Nashville, and he says something that we all probably should have been thinking for a while now, though I know that, at least for me, it’s been too often overlooked:

“[Carlos Villanueva] is a free agent and is looking for a team to make a commitment to him as a starter. He should have no trouble finding one to do that. But during the summer he also said he would consider returning as a swingman if he was paid as a starter, and that may be the compromise needed to keep him in Toronto.”

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According to a post at Rangers reporter TR Sullivan’s blog, Postcards From Elysian Fields, Jays fans may have seen the last of reliever Darren Oliver in the club’s spiffy new uniforms and, more upsettingly, may soon be no longer able to daydream about the man who calls himself Black Magic appearing in Jays attire on one of those classic Costacos Brothers posters from the 80s.

Oh, that was only me?

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According to a team release, the Jays have made their decisions on the two players they held contract options on, picking up lefty reliever Darren Oliver’s $3-million option for 2013, while declining the $3-million option they had on Rajai Davis.

Ahh, but there’s a catch!

Though Davis had his option declined, the club also announces that they have re-signed Davis to a one-year deal worth $2.5-million. Davis had a buyout clause worth $500K on the old contract, and it’s still unclear whether he’ll receive this or not. There’s no savings here for the Jays if he does, but Mike Wilner speculates as to a reason why the club would still have incentive to do it:

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