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Nick Cafardo, sports

I don’t even…

That’s three M’s in Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo’s “hmm” there, for those of you counting.

As for the actual content of his tweet, I’m reminded of the fact that seemingly every single time I write a post that has to do with whatever this man has to say about the Jays, I find myself compelled to use the word “insanity.”

That probably tells us all we need to know right there.

Of course, this tweet of his isn’t insane, per se, but… doesn’t this happen every single goddamned year? Doesn’t the fact that the Jays are secretive about the specifics of their plans, kick the tires on absolutely everybody, and are potentially backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation lead to this same exact scenario playing out at the Winter Meetings, and now the GM Meetings, like… always?

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Nick Cafardo sure seems to know where his bread is buttered. Earlier this month I’d pivoted off something that the Boston Globe man had written as I explored the notion that the Jays could have interest in Bronson Arroyo, beginning the post like this: “We had posts on this site in MayJune, and August, that referred to something Nick Cafardo had written about as ‘insanity.’ If you wanted to surmise that I’m somewhat suspicious of his attempts to throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks (note: most likely shit), that should tell you everything you need to know.”

So… the same caveats obviously apply with his latest from the Globe, but it actually makes a lot more sense than Arroyo, or claiming free-agent-to-be Justin Morneau on waivers for no reason, or whatever the other stuff was about.

To wit:

6. Signs point to the Blue Jays spending to acquire another big bat, two starting pitchers, and a bullpen piece. And maybe I’ll pick them again.

Yeah, sure, maybe that’s coming straight from the mouth of an agent, or completely made up, but I’ll sure take it! And there’s more!

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Nick Cafardo, sports

It’s pretty much entirely unfair to put Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo’s name up there next to “insanity” in the title of this post, as though he wrote his latest column half-addled on crazy sauce listening to nothing more than the voices in his head. Because that, I think, is only true for two of the three Jays-related items he lays on us.


In the Updates On Nine section of the column he writes: “The Twins believe they had enough interest in Morneau that if he continues to hit well and shows power, he could be moved to a contender in a waiver deal. Exactly who would claim him first remains to be seen. The Blue Jays might step in for a claim.”

The Blue Jays? Might claim? Justin Morneau?

The Blue Jays? Who are going nowhere? Might claim Justin Morneau?

Justin Morneau? Who is in the last year of his contract? Who is owed like $4.5-million for the rest of the year?

Whose .319 wOBA and 101 wRC+ numbers are below those put up by Mark DeRosa? (Though, in fairness, DeRosa has been shielded from right-handers quite a bit).

Justin Morneau?

How is this possibly considered anything even vaguely resembling a thing?

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Nick Cafardo, sports

In his most recent mail bag for the Toronto Star– in a passage I came about via MLBTR, not because I was reading any of his answers– Richard Griffin wrote about Alex Anthopoulos and 2013, explaining that the judgement of this season “being a total failure can only be made if he starts a firesale at the deadline and continues in the off-season to quickly turn some of his off-season acquisitions into prospects. He would invariably receive less in return than what he surrendered to get them and that would turn this into a massive failure.”

That, to me, seems pretty screamingly fucking obvious– especially when you add in the fact that the 2014 Jays already have Bautista, Encarnacion, Reyes, Cabrera, Lawrie, Lind, Rasmus, Arencibia, Bonifacio, Izturis, Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Happ, Janssen, and everyone in the bullpen, save Darren Oliver, under contract. And, y’know, because other potential 2014 contributors in the system include Anthony Gose, Marcus Stroman, Drew Hutchison, Kyle Drabek, Ricky Romero, Sean Nolin, A.J. Jimenez, and perhaps eventually even Aaron Sanchez.

They don’t have a tonne of payroll flexibility, but they have a very strong core of players– currently playing at a 89-game pace for over a month, since May 5th, despite hardly having Morrow, Happ, and Johnson, over that stretch, with Reyes having been out for the entirety of it, and R.A. Dickey only having started to turn it around in his last two starts– and plenty of moving parts that will allow Anthopoulos to tinker.

Pretty simple, right?

Not according to Nick Cafardo, who once again is stoking the fires of dumbfuckery in the pages of the Boston Globe, and seemingly using the Jays’ notorious tight-lippedness to do so.

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Nick Cafardo, sports

Something that I just can’t bear to allow to slip through the crack around here is a piece from the Boston Globe last week, wherein Nick Cafardo tried to caveat his way out of looking too terribly ridiculous while indulging in some Jays-related insanity as part of his winners and losers column as the season reached the one-quarter mark.

Did he fail? And how!

In an “Updates On 9″ section, which if you’re familiar with Cafardo’s work, you’ll know he often concludes columns with, he leads off with a note– if you want to call it that– on Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista.

1. Jose Bautista, RF, Blue Jays — File this under “way too early” because who knows if the Jays will get back in the race. But teams like Texas are already looking at a potential power bat for the second half of the season, and Bautista and fellow Toronto basher Edwin Encarnacion certainly fit the mold. The Jays certainly don’t want to give up on what they started, but at some point, do they try to get the most for these guys?

We mentioned this on a podcast last week, but it’s certainly worth repeating: “way too early” caveat or not, this is a giant steaming load.

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I have nothing close to an idea what the hell this even means, and anyone who has been reading here for a while knows that I’m not exactly the first person you’d think would be standing up for the honour of Cito Gaston, but I have a hard time wondering just what the fuck Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy was getting at when, in the course of calling the Houston Texans useless and a pitiful opponent who’ll be decimated by the New England Patriots on the weekend, he pulled this out of his tattered, old, mothball-filled bag of tricks:

On Saturday, the Texans staggered to a 6-point win against a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 22 years. It was one of the ugliest games in NFL playoff history. Playing in the image of Marvin Lewis — the Cito Gaston of football — Cincinnati’s offense managed two field goals.

Uh… can someone fill me in here? Has Marvin Lewis ever coached a team to a championship? Did he get fired by the Bengals at some point and then come back? Does he have a reputation for not making substitutions? Stealing signals?

Is he supposedly still coasting on being the Ravens’ defensive coordinator in 2000? Is that it???

Is it even a shot at Gaston? Is it praise? I have no idea!!!

I mean, I know we’re kinda supposed to just be polite and let the elderly drift off into the sunset, avoiding upsetting them too much by pointing out their “quaint” foibles like ball-hammeringly confusing statements and/or casual racism, but… the fuck?

Seriously, please fill me in if you actually comprehend this!


Crotch grab in the direction of Deadspin. Image via

Yes, it’s more insufferable fucking John Farrell talk. But thankfully the saga may finally be nearing its conclusion, seeing as Bud Selig does not care for major announcements being made during the World Series– which begins Wendesday– so a lot of folks seem to believe that it’s in the interest of both the Jays and the Red Sox to resolve this whole John Farrell mess– or, potentially, and far, far worse, the John Farrell plus two thirds of the damn coaching staff mess.

Joe McDonald and Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston have spoken to a source who say that the Red Sox have asked the Jays for permission to speak to Farrell himself, ostensibly about a contract.

“The source guessed it would take a player or players of ‘substantial value’ for the Jays to allow Farrell to go to a division rival,” they add, “though the source did not have direct knowledge of the negotiations, which are taking place on multiple levels of each organization.”

Dr. Rosen Rosen writes at Fox Sports that “discussions between the Blue Jays and Red Sox about that compensation are reaching an advanced stage.”

He also has a source that echoes what we heard from Jon Heyman yesterday at CBS, who was told by a source that the Jays’ people “would charter a jet to get him out.”

“There’s no question it gets done in my mind,” a rival executive told Rosenthal. “Toronto doesn’t want him there anymore.”

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