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Jim Bowden is doin’ some spitballin’ this week at, suggesting one move that he thinks each club should make this off-season, and… um… I don’t think we should take any of it particularly seriously– after all, he’s suggesting the Tigers pay Joe Nathan 24-million goddamn dollars over two years, and that Cleveland should go for Fernando Rodney for two and $18-million– but his work isn’t entirely without value, either. He’s been spot on when it comes to free agent values in the past and, well… who doesn’t love a good hypothetical trade? (Non-Ian Kinsler division, of course).

That’s what he proposed for the Jays in today’s AL-focussed One Move piece at (Insider only), putting this one together:

Trade Brett Cecil, Ryan Goins, Matt Dean and Anthony Gose to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for second baseman Brandon Phillips and backup catcher Ryan Hanigan.

On the surface I’d think that the names make a whole lot of sense. The Reds are looking to move Hanigan anyway, and they’re reportedly listening on Phillips, mostly for the sake of salary relief, while the Jays wouldn’t be moving any of their high-end pitching prospects, or anything terribly significant off of their big league roster.

However, there are some pretty major issues I’d have with this particular idea, coming from both ends of it.

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This morning at (Insider Only) the one and only (hopefully) Jim Bowden began looking ahead to the trade deadline, which is only about six weeks away, coming up with a list of the top twenty pitchers who could be traded.

It should come as no surprise that two names on it belong to members of the Toronto Blue Jays– unless, of course, you’re surprised it isn’t more. Josh Johnson, a free-agent-to-be on a club looking to retool and already armed with a bunch of young… er… arms either returning to health or getting very close to the Majors for 2014, is there and makes perfect sense.

Sure, the Jays could hold onto him and try to extend him, or cross their fingers that he stays healthy and productive enough through the end of the season to be worth a qualifying offer that would either retain some productive form of him or net a draft pick next year. But… seems to me that the Jays could probably use picking up some assets that will help them in the near term, even if they payoff ceiling may not be quite as high as yet another early round draft selection who’ll be just about hitting his peak around in 2020, when Alex Anthopoulos and the rest of the front office would be naive to assume anything but that they’ll be long, long gone.

Bowden evidently thinks so too, placing the likelihood of Johnson being traded at 70%– tied with Scott Feldman for the third-highest percentage on the list, behind Ricky Nolasco (95%) and Matt Garza (90%).

More interesting, however, is the fact that Mark Buehrle’s name is on the list. And more more interesting is what he says about the Jays’ expensive left-hander.

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