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Today in unsurprising, yet surprising news, the Jays have made a few roster moves in order to get Brandon Morrow healthy and to shore up their overworked bullpen after last night’s howevermany inning marathon in San Diego. Back comes Ramon Ortiz, Morrow joins the long list of Jays on the DL, and Chad Jenkins goes down for Mickey Storey, but let’s not bury the lede too badly here: in order to get Ortiz on the roster, the Jays have outrighted Ricky Romero off the 40-man.

That means, of course, that any club could have taken Romero and the $7.5-million he makes this year, plus the $15.6-million he’s owed for the two seasons after that. Aaaaaaaand they didn’t. Because… obviously.

It’s a smart piece of business by the Jays, and not entirely shocking, but still a pretty damn strange thing to see in words.

The demotion of Jenkins might seem odd, too, after last night’s performance– though Petco certainly helped him– but with two off-days next week, it makes total sense.

Oh, and hey! Brandon Morrow’s hurt! Fucking great!

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

Oh the hits, they just keep on fucking coming. From the busy Twitter fingers of several reporters at Rogers Centre who just spoke with John Gibbons, we have this:

And this:

Ugh. Are you for fucking serious?

Oh, and there’s more…

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We don’t have any information on the status of Brandon Morrow just yet, but rather curiously the Jays have announced, via a team release, and official tweet, that Yan Gomes has been optioned back down to Las Vegas, completing the corresponding move to last night’s recalls of Aaron Laffey and Evan Crawford, which also included the optioning down of Chad Beck.

More could still be in the cards– Travis Snider? Though you’d expect that he’d move to Las Vegas for a stretch, rather than getting a post-rehab call straight to the Majors– but for now, the roster looks like it might be set, and Brandon Morrow is still on it.

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Holy shit, apparently medical school is a fuckload easier than I’d heard, because there are a lot of doctors out there who were already declaring the Jays’ season over, after Brandon Morrow had to take himself out of the game, nine pitches into tonight’s start against Washington, refusing to even throw a warm-up pitch or two.

Adding to the hysteria was a tweet from Mike Wilner, who explained that when trainer Hap Hudson came out to update John Farrell on Morrow’s condition, Farrell’s reaction was “J**** F***,” or as we like to say around here, “Jesus fuck!”

And sure, Morrow’s loss would be a huge blow to whatever you think the Jays hopes of hanging around long enough to be in the playoff conversation might be. But… when so many of these armchair medics were offering their diagnoses to the world, we actually didn’t know anything close to a goddamn thing, meaning that was as absolutely ridiculous to assume the worst had happened to the Jays’ best starter as it would have been to assume it was nothing and he’d be totally fine.

Which is to say, with nothing resembling anything remotely close to actual information, we’d have no idea what to make of it until the Jays told us… which they just have.

According to Mike Wilner on the Fan 590 broadcast, Morrow has a strained left oblique muscle and is currently day-t0-day.

An oblique, as Wilner and Jerry Howarth went on to discuss after the announcement, isn’t exactly an easy problem for a hard-throwing pitcher to work through, but it sure as fuck is better than there being something wrong with his elbow or his shoulder, amiright?

UPDATE: And it would appear as though Morrow will hit the DL with this injury, so things are not quite as rosy as we’d hoped– or thought when the injury was originally announced.

John Lott of the National Post writes that “manager John Farrell said after the game the injury is ‘probably substantial.’ Morrow, he said, was ‘in considerable pain’ and will undergo more tests on Tuesday.” He adds that “after the game, the Blue Jays sent Chad Beck to Triple-A and recalled starter Aaron Laffey and reliever Evan Crawford. A corresponding roster move will come on Tuesday — likely the assignment of Morrow to the DL.”



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Good-ish news tonight by way of the power of Barry Davis’s special privilege…

So, the club possibly won’t be losing a lights out reliever for a prolonged period, the Sergio Sirotka Moron Brigade can put away their banners and wait for the next dipshit parade to go marching off into, and in the meantime, Francisco Cordero will continue to do a competent job of trying not to suck too much at protecting the lead as the team’s temporary ninth inning man.

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As you may have heard about in the previous post, Mike Wilner had some audio from yesterday’s post-game at Miked Up– as he’s rather awesomely been doing all spring. Turns out, it wasn’t entirely from Alex Anthopoulos. Starter Brandon Morrow and manager John Farrell spoke to the media as well, and here’s the gist of what they said, as well as all the non-Drew Hutchison stuff from the GM…

John Farrell

The manager felt that Brandon Morrow threw the ball well in the last three innings of his outing Thursday against the Philles– when he really started to establish his fastball, which makes his off-speed stuff that much more effective. Farrell suggests he’s taken the opportunity this spring to go out there and “pitch,” rather than just throw the ball, as he’s done in the past.

“It’s very positive that he’s not relying on just sheer power, with a hard fastball and a hard cutter,” the manager said of Morrow’s spring. “He’s disrupted some hitters’ timings, and when he’s able to get some guys out front, that’s when he’s able to get a two- or three-pitch out, which is what we’re looking for to get deeper into ballgames.”

To the fact that for the second game in a row he’d moved Kelly Johnson into the leadoff spot, with incumbent leadoff man Yunel Escobar hitting second, Farrell simply said he was “taking a look.” He added that he felt that Escobar can use the whole field, and has “the ability to hit the hole” a little more [no, you turn six], while Johnson is more of a dead pull hitter. In other words, with a runner on he likes Escobar’s ability to get the ball through infielders playing at double play depth, plus the advantage he can provide on a hit and run.

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