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I can answer the question posed by the title of this post quite easily, actually. It’s “yes and no.” And that’s not vacillating on my part, it’s the literal, genuine truth based on what’s happened over the last fifteen minutes or so.

First, Brett Anderson– the subject of so much speculation in these parts of late. Take it away, Kenny Ken Ken…

So… there’s that.

It’s an interesting price, and one that you’d think the Jays may have been able to meet, assuming they lined up with Oakland the way that the A’s wanted them to. Jensen is a 2011 6th rounder who has yet to pass high-A ball (and hasn’t been spectacular by the numbers, though that doesn’t always tell the whole story), so they clearly could have done something there.

Pomeranz, like a lot of Colorado pitchers, hasn’t been able to find himself up in the thin air of Denver just yet. However, he has an impressive pedigree– the fifth pick in the 2010 draft, and the key piece in the deal that sent Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland. He’s struggled badly with issuing walks whenever he’d been asked to pitch at the highest level, but it’s a well-liked arm who has succeeded everywhere else and was the 30th best prospect in the game according to Baseball America’s top 100 list for 2012.

So… a nice piece, but maybe a piece that isn’t quite as good as once hoped, or one that needs a new situation and some new eyes to try to help get things turned around. Or maybe just a new ballpark. Plus, he already has over 130 big league innings under his belt.

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As easy as it is to speculate that Brett Anderson was the player who failed a physical and nixed three-way deal involving the Jays and the Rangers that would have sent Sergio Santos to Texas and brought a starter back to the Jays– and it is easy, believe me!– maybe we’re being a little bit hasty in just going ahead and assuming that’s what happened.

I don’t say that because, as I noted last week, Anderson’s reputation as a man made of glass slightly more misleading than what those who just look at the starts miss want to assume. On the DL in 2013 for an ankle sprain/foot fracture; on the DL in 2012 and 2011 because of Tommy John surgery; on the DL in 2010 with elbow issues that (presumably) led to the following year’s surgery.

I mean, yeah, it’s four years derailed by injury, but three of those stints are entirely related– not to mention, hopefully, dealt with now that he’s had the elbow reconstruction– while the other is entirely unrelated.

But like I say, that’s not why I suggest we might be a little bit hasty in assuming he was involved in what fell apart for the Jays. I say it because of a thing like this, from Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

The Rockies are moving on multiple fronts Tuesday, revisiting talks with Oakland on starter Brett Anderson while continuing to push to land a late-inning reliever.

The pursuit of Anderson, for now, has discussions for a reliever, which were developing quickly on Monday night, fading slightly. Oakland isn’t in any hurry to deal Anderson, but the deal continues to percolate.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know for sure how this stuff works, but you’d kind of think that if a player failed one physical, his team might be reluctant to bother continuing to do work in the hope of moving him elsewhere. Sure, they could hope to pull a fast one on another team, or maybe the Rockies ultimately have a lower bar in terms of what they think is acceptable, medically– or maybe that’s been built into the price– but if he does get dealt, and does pass the physical with the acquiring club, shouldn’t that kind of indicate that he wouldn’t have have failed an earlier one with the Jays? I don’t know. Not necessarily, I guess. But if other teams are still interested, maybe the Jays can still swoop in.

If he actually wasn’t the guy we were speculating about yesterday, given that his injury history is somewhat less troubling than it looks, maybe they should.

So… there’s that.

The forecast calls for tough sledding out there for rumour-mongering pageview whores for the six weeks until the World Series ends, which maybe explains why Jon Morosi of Fox Sports is hunkering down early, and sprinkling some seed in front of his den, in hopes of catching some wayward fans, starved of pointless rumour content.

And who am I to not pass it along, right? Especially when some of what he suggesting echoes exactly what I was saying last month, when I looked at the AL trade market for pitchers, and which starters may be available in free agency.

In other words, it’s kinda bloody obvious…

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