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Surely you’ve caught wind of this by now, but just for the sake of being complete– because there are certainly not minor moves of the sort I don’t mind letting slip away into the ether– Brett Lawrie and his Red Bull (and blinged-to-fuck watch) have rejoined the Jays, with the reciprocal move from the club being to put Sergio Santos on the DL with a triceps strain.

The triceps is what had sidelined Santos for a good chunk of the spring, and is perhaps the reason why, while he’s been effective, he hasn’t looked quite as sharp as we’d hoped to see him thus far.

“It hit a point where I felt I wouldn’t be doing the team any service or helping them out if I wasn’t coming in and pitching effectively,” said Santos, according to a piece from Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. “So I’d rather nip it in the bud now and that’s what I think their thinking is as well, get back and hopefully it’s only two or three weeks and then I can be back.”

With the bullpen going well, the loss of Santos for a couple weeks doesn’t seem to suggest some kind of forthcoming doom– though I grant that it’s entirely possible I’ll end up eating those words.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners

Brett Lawrie continues his road to recovery in Dunedin tonight, and will continue making it on the right side of second base– though that’s not necessarily where he will end up when he returns to the Jays lineup.

Lawrie is “still expected to play 2B tonight for Dunedin,” tweets Shi Davidi. However, the issue with Jose Bautista’s back has given the club “some pause about using him at third,” and Lawrie at second, Davidi adds. “We’re not dead set on doing that anyway,” John Gibbons told him.

In fact, Mike Wilner is even more emphatic, saying that Alex Anthopoulos explains that Ramon Ortiz is just insurance for a Mark Buehrle blow-up and that he’ll be off the roster when Lawrie is back– and that when he gets back, he’ll be at third base.

So… is he still still expected to be at second in Dunedin tonight?

They’d better figure it all out soon, as John Lott tweets that “Gibbons says Lawrie should rejoin club in next couple of days.”

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A few items of note being tweeted from camp by the various beat reporters down in Dunedin on this last Monday morning of Spring Training, with the biggest news being that the Jays are taking the cautious– read: smart, albeit frustrating– approach with Brett Lawrie, and will not have him on the roster for Opening Day. He will start the year on the Disabled List in order to take more time to recover from the rib injury that he picked up during the WBC, in the hope that it doesn’t turn into something that nags him throughout the year.

Want proof? Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Blue Jays’ Rogers-owned TV broadcaster, Sportsnet, appears to be the first of several to have tweeted this piece of information:

So, that’s  not great, though it will allow the club to carry an extra pitcher– which, while slightly ridiculous, gives them just a bit more time to make a decision on one of their out-of-options guys, and maybe lets them use a bit more strategy in timing when they try to send the odd man out through waivers.

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If you were up last night, perhaps at a bar where people are so far behind on the irony curve that they karaoke’d Sum fucking 41, you’d have heard about Brett Lawrie, and his having been removed from Team Canada’s World Honkbal Fantastic tune-up due to some soreness in his right side.

It turned out, as you may have seen in the Game Threat below, the injury was enough that Lawrie wasn’t working out with his countrymen this morning, as he was being assessed by doctors.

Now, thanks to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, who is in Arizona following Team Canada– and, y’know, the doctors who actually did the assessing– we have word on just what the hell is going on, and it’s not particularly good news for Canada, though the Jays are probably not quite as concerned… maybe.

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Last year we waited in breathless anticipation for Keith Law to release a project that had first been pitched to him during a September appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast, bringing to us in early December the top 50 players in the game who had exhausted their rookie eligibility, but had yet to complete their age 25 season. And it was worth the wait, with a top ten ranking for Brett Lawrie, a nice write-up on Colby Rasmus (43), and an admission in the chat that followed that he still wasn’t ready to give up on Travis Snider, and had briefly considered putting him at the bottom of the list as well.

Yeah… about all that…

This year’s version of KLaw’s list hit (Insider Only) today, and it’s been stripped of most of its Jays content, partly by the fact that it’s now been shortened to a top 25, but mostly because, apart from Brett Lawrie, all of the best talent on the club’s big league roster has plenty of experience.

It still feels weird to consider that, huh?

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They may not always do it on the record, but Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun sure is a wizard when it comes to getting people to talk– especially scouts and executives with juicy, interesting things to say about the Toronto Blue Jays.

I don’t know if it’s just because he’s got so many connections he can simply print a source’s title– even including the league he works in!– and still no one will be able work backwards to figure out who’s dishing him the goods, but it’s a pretty remarkable trick he pulls, and at a big conference like the Winter Meetings, he lands some invaluable stuff.

I’ve already pulled some from his latest to us in the Escobar piece below, but there’s much more in there, and two things, in particular that stand out…

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(Mild) Fun With wSB

It’s a Friday morning (well, afternoon now), and normally I probably wouldn’t bother digging around in whatever newfangled stat FanGraphs has decided to roll out, but it’s also October, and there’s not a whole lot going on, and the new stat in question relates entirely one of the Jays biggest, most noticeable issues during the 2012 season: stolen bases.

In an announcement this morning, FanGraphs revealed that they have split baserunning contributions out from wOBA, wRAA, wRC, and wRC+, giving us a fancy new number to digest– wSB– that tells us “how many runs above or below average a player is at stealing bases.”

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