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Evidently thanks to some kind of campaign for SportCheck, Brett Lawrie is responding, via video, to questions tweeted at @BLawrie13. And while I’m kinda loathe to give them the publicity they crave (especially since they’re ripping off something Old Spice did two years ago), the results are… um… interesting.

And by interesting, I mean mostly kinda dull, sometimes better executed than you’d expect, and occasionally unintentionally hilarious.

Take this response to the “accusation” that Lawrie and his ever-increasing media presence (thanks, Rogers!) is giving Canadians more swagger:

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Breaking: Brett Lawrie

If you haven’t seen it, Brett Lawrie dove over a short fence in an attempt to catch a foul ball at Yankee Stadium and had to leave the game after missing the ball and taking a scary looking fall down some kind of pit of death in the bottom on the third inning.

He was removed from the game with a “right calf injury” and will receive precautionary x-rays, according to the team.

Update: The club’s official Twitter account gives us some good news: the x-rays came back negative, and the injury is being called a right calf contusion. Lawrie is day-to-day.

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Bad news for Brett Lawrie’s agent came fast and furious this week. First he hears his boss come out against buying up the arbitration years of young players. He then sees his client’s Baseball Reference Wins Above Replacement number take a tumble when Baseball Info Solutions announced a new way to handle shifts in their Defensive Runs Saved metric.

The new calculations drop Lawrie’s season dWAR (defensive Wins Above Replacement) from 3.5 to 1.9, a stinging blow to whatever contract conversations revolved around WAR. (aka not a stinging blow at all.)

Brett Lawrie might have fallen off his historical defensive pace but the Jays defense is still winning games. Taking advantage of a fortunate vantage point for Friday night’s game, I took note of the Jays shifts in action.

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So, if you haven’t heard, apparently Brett Lawrie got himself into a bit of a minor swearing controversy last night, stemming from his alleged response to some heckling fans at Miller Park.

Parkes has a recap of this bit of business over at Getting Blanked, in which he quite rightly notices that, judging by a change in tone about the events, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt may have found himself lost in an all-encompassing cloud of maple-defensiveness, as a slew of Twitterspherians fell over themselves to insist that there are other people whose fault abso-fucking-lutely must be pointed out in order to spare to whatever degree possible the good name of the Golden Brett.

Never heard of anything like that happening before, have you?

Anywho… not one to be outdone by whoever was running to Haudricourt with their point-missing petty technicality of a defense, Twitter’s deliciously over-the-top fake Lawrie, @HelmetTosser13, came running to the rescue of damn good sense…



Image via Scott Cunningham/Getty.

It was early in the season when I posted a “what up with Brett Lawrie” thing which was promptly shit on. It was still early and he is still very young were two very common (and completely fair) counterpoints.

Nearly two months later, Lawrie’s numbers still lag behind the expectations/wishcasting of a desperate fanbase. Where is the power? Why so many groundballs? Can you go a little easier on the caught stealing, bruh? At no point should this concern be confused with disappointment but…his persistent struggles remain a little puzzling.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus turned the old Bob Elliott classic “turn some quotes from scouts into a column trick” this morning, with most attention given to minor leaguers (with an assist from DJF’s own Bradly Ankrom!)

There is one nugget on a big leaguer at the end…the starting third baseman for your Toronto Blue Jays, Brett Lawrie.

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A reader sent me the above picture of a broken Brett Lawrie game-used helmet from May 14th against Tampa that’s in the Blue Jays Shop Memorabilia Clubhouse at Rogers Centre, selling for $1000, and…

Hang on a minute…

Brett Lawrie? Tampa series?? Broken helmet???

Could it possibly be??!?!

“The date is one day off,” the email says, “but Im guessing that Brett Lawrie doesn’t smash that many helmets.”

That’s probably true, I thought to myself, but do these newfangled high-tech helmets maybe get tossed around like insignificant pieces of molded plastic when they’re in the hands of millionaires and millionaires-to-be? Yeah, probably. So, since it only labelled the helmet as “broken”– not, say, “smashed at the fucking feet of umpire Bill Miller”– and since the date was one day too early, I decided I’d better look into it.

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Um… wait, what’s that scoop on the Rogers-owned Blue Jays you’ve got there, Barry Davis, of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet?

Holy smokes, eh? Not that I’m opposed to Kelly Johnson hitting with more guys on, Colby Rasmus hitting higher, or Brett Lawrie being shamed into no longer hitting just singles, but… that’s a rather interesting looking lineup as the Jays send Ricky Romero to the hill in Chicago to face Phil Humber of the White Sox, huh?

Davis adds that Lawrie can’t ever recall hitting lead-off, as far back as high school, while @theScoreTicker adds that Lawrie will become tonight the Jays’ youngest leadoff hitter since Felipe Lopez in 2001.

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