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I missed this on Twitter a couple days ago, but… um… no, Brett, I don’t think you didnttt.

Let’s take a closer look here, shall we?

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A Battle Of Perspectives

In the top of the eighth inning of tonight’s 8-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie was called out on a controversial base running play.

MLB’s official rule 7.02 states the following:

In advancing, a runner shall touch first, second, third and home base in order. If forced to return, he shall retouch all bases in reverse order.

A runner is “forced to return” when a fly ball that is in the air is caught by a fielder on an opposing team. Such was the case tonight when Lawrie, already on first base, advanced to second on Yan Gomes fly ball while it was still in the air. Once it was caught by B.J. Upton in center field, Lawrie went back to first base.

He didn’t touch second base on his way back because he claims he didn’t leave the base in the direction of third base:

But as umpire Rob Drake saw things, he most certainly did advance to third before heading back to first base without touching the bag at second:

Lawrie failed to make friends once again with the umpiring crew, two days after returning from a suspension for the last time he aggressively questioned a decision. Things were moderate by comparison this time as his helmet stayed on his head after the energetic player jogged a dozen or so feet in the umpire’s direction to ask why he was called out.

According to Lawrie in the post game scrum, “Don’t argue,” was the only response that Drake would offer. Perhaps, in addition to not invading an umpire’s space, Lawrie would also be better served by not knocking them out of the game with foul balls either.

Although, watching that second GIF again, I don’t know what possible defense he could’ve offered to justify what was ultimately his base running error.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Jays were kinda in the news this week, which means they’re being talked about nationally in the States quite a bit, and this impromptu newsworthiness has gifted us a mountain of Jays-related nuggets from ESPN’s Keith Law, both in yesterday’s Keith Law chat at, as well as on yesterday’s edition of ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast– and, I’ll have you know, he’s a lot softer on Brett Lawrie than what you’ve been reading around here, so you’re probably going to enjoy it…

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A lot of them just paint a rather generic portrait of a rageaholic, but some of these tweets are more than a little bit tinged with genius…




Just in case you were wondering why Yan Gomes got the call-up after Adam Lind’s demotion, instead of David Cooper, Travis Snider, or anyone else, Mike Wilner provides the answer…

Originally I slapped a “WORDS FORTHCOMING!” tag underneath Wilner’s tweet here, but… what the hell is there to say, really? The move to bring up Gomes to play third for these four games makes total sense. And it gives him a chance to give John Farrell a reason to keep using him once Lawrie comes back, rather than give DH at-bats to Ben Francisco, as I suspect would be the plan.

I mean, Gomes had a great spring and has been impressive so far in Las Vegas, but the reason he stuck in so many minds this March was because he remained in the Major League camp so long, along with a few other guys the club saw as non-prospect eventual utility guys. As many commenters have astutely pointed out, he’s a useful guy to have on the bench, as he can catch– allowing John Farrell to be less conservative about pinch running for his catchers, if that’s a problem– and play at either corner infield position. He could stick around, but I suspect Ben Francisco is the first place they turn to fill their newfound DH void, even after Lawrie is back.

According to a Gregor Chisholm tweet, Francisco will DH tonight.

I suppose I could say something about Lawrie’s suspension and the dropping of the appeal here but… I kinda think we’ve exhausted that topic, yes?


Image of Yan Gomes by Robert Rogers/Getty.

Well, frankly, he was a little more appealing before last night’s ugly outburst. HEYO!

Breaking news on the Rogers-owned Blue Jays from Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet:

Seems a little light to me, and I’d like to hear how they came up with that number– seems like he was saved by the bounce… of his helmet– but it’s not like I’m gonna fucking complain. First time offender, didn’t intend to hit him with it, white guy, etc. etc.

If you’re still, for some reason, dying to keep going over all this, Guy Spurrier of the National Post walks us through Lawrie’s at-bat using Pitch F/X and, as usual, pretty much nails it. For me, though, it doesn’t change anything that’s been written in the last 24 hours. The guy with the bat in his hands needs to keep his emotions in check, whether he thinks he’s being baited or not. What Lawrie did was reckless and dumb and maybe deserved more games than he got– especially since he might get it appealed down to even less– but at the same time… if he doesn’t make a habit of such uncontrolled outbursts, I think we can all just fucking relax a bit.

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More Lawrie Fallout

Well, that was fun last night, huh? Nothing quite like piling stupid on top of stupid on top of stupid, which we did around here, as umpire Bill Miller made two bad calls, Brett Lawrie lost his fucking meat-head mind, a human-shaped pile of excrement tossed a beer at Miller, and commenters bent over backwards to moronically defend one particular side of this from bad old Parkes and his telling it 100% exactly like it is. It’s amazing to me that it needs to be said, again, but holy fuckballs, Miller’s calls do not justify Lawrie’s actions, some fucking laughably misplaced notion of “passion” doesn’t justify Lawrie’s actions, and if there’s anybody to be upset at, maybe it’s the fucking concrete-skulled fuckhead who just took away one of of his team’s best players for upwards of ten games because he wasn’t man enough to restrain himself from raging like a six-year-old– and it’s entirely irrelevant whether his frustration was justified or not.

Oh, but how dare we try to spoil a good batch of all-direction venom and despicable behaviour with our entirely appropriate reaction, huh?

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