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Not that it will have much of an effect, I’m sure, but Shi Davidi tells everyone not to panic over the fact that The Trade has yet to be finalized… um… quite literally:

So… we’re still playing the waiting game. And, occasionally, the hoax press conference game– CANADA’S SPORTS LEADER!– but as cannot be stated enough, the trade appears to have come about very quickly, and there’s a lot of medical work and paperwork needed before anything can be moved on to Bud Selig’s office for approval.

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The particulars of The Trade have are begun to filter into the Commissioner’s Office, or at least through Bud Selig’s ear hair and into the mush beyond, and Jays fans are starting to get a little anxious– perhaps understandably, due to the too good to be true nature of the deal– with dark thoughts of MLB vetoing the deal and everything returning to how it used to be.

This inclination is not being helped by the posture taken by the Commissioner– he’s reportedly unhappy and, according to a tweet from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, “feels for the Marlins fans and will take everything into consideration before making a decision.”

Sounds troubling, right?

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