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Goodbye slow news day! Uh… kinda, as Jon Heyman of Boras Corp. CBS Sports suggests that, despite all the suggestions that the Jays payroll is stretched just about as far as it can possibly go, the club may understand that it’s kinda ridiculous to not push it just a little bit further in an effort to really solidify their bullpen.

Or maybe Darren Oliver is genuinely willing to walk away from the $3-million on the table, and the Jays have changed their mind, or talked Rogers into letting them reinvest that capital. Or maybe floating something like this out there is a ploy to call the bluff of Oliver and his agent, Jeff Frye. Better still, maybe the Jays can keep Oliver and add one of the non-shittacular guys from Heyman’s tweet.

To wit:

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I’m not sure how entirely new this is, but… it’s Friday, the link dump is coming along slowly, and when the hell else am I ever going to get a chance to post something from Global TV in Saskatoon?

That’s where the Jays’ winter tour is making its latest stop, and where Alex Anthopoulos sat down this morning to answer a few questions– some of them twice!– on the airwaves of the local station. At the end of it he even manages to say something rather interesting!

“We’d love to have a reliever if we could. We’re still talking to Darren Oliver– I’m not necessarily optimistic that he comes back. But we’d love to add one more reliever. We think that would solidify things for us.”

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Please sir, I want some more…

First off, let’s have a huge crotch grab in the direction of @KingShimpy, who gets full credit for the “Darren Oliver Twist” name– at least as far as I saw– and the subsequent half-assed Photoshop.

Now, a minor mea culpa: while patrolling the comments on the post below I realized quite quickly that, assuming this afternoon’s report from Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports is accurate, Darren Oliver’s position on the matter of his 2013 salary needs a lot more defending than my initial reaction provided.

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Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports seem to actually have something resembling a kernel of information about what’s going on with Darren Oliver, who continues to mull retirement– ostensibly, we’ve been told all along, to be with his family, though… uh… maybe not only for that.

They report:

Oliver, 42, wants to play, but is not willing to return to the Toronto Blue Jays unless the team increases his salary from $3 million, according to major-league sources.

The reliever would rather retire than be away from his family for a salary that is well below market value, sources say.

C’mere kids. Now, you know your ol’ man loves you so very much, right? So much that he’d turn down $3-million just to have a chance to be a bigger part of these crucial years of your development as upstanding young people. You know that, don’tcha, kids? 

Yeah, well, the thing is… if they tossed in another $1.5-million…

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Because, with apologies to Anthony Andro of Fox Sports Southwest, I don’t happen to follow Anthony Andro of Fox Sports Southwest on Twitter, it was the staggeringly invaluable MLBTR that shot this one my way this hour:

First off, poor Eli Whiteside, getting passed around this winter like some hackneyed joke at a hackneyed joke convention.

But, of course, also: Bon voyage to the Sausage King, whose departure I’m sure will be met with glee by a number of Jays fans, among whom I don’t quite count myself. Though… it’s kinda undeniable that Frasor hasn’t been nearly as effective over the last two years as he was in 2009 and 2010, when he was posting ERAs and FIPs and xWHATNOTS substantially below four.

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