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As I noted last night, by this time last year the Jays contingent at the Winter Meetings was headed home. That’s very much not the case this year– or, if they are, they’re doing so with a lot still on their plate, it would appear.

For example, we have this:

And this:

Can’t sleep because of the big deal brewing, right? Right???

Also, most intriguingly, this:

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As easy as it is to speculate that Brett Anderson was the player who failed a physical and nixed three-way deal involving the Jays and the Rangers that would have sent Sergio Santos to Texas and brought a starter back to the Jays– and it is easy, believe me!– maybe we’re being a little bit hasty in just going ahead and assuming that’s what happened.

I don’t say that because, as I noted last week, Anderson’s reputation as a man made of glass slightly more misleading than what those who just look at the starts miss want to assume. On the DL in 2013 for an ankle sprain/foot fracture; on the DL in 2012 and 2011 because of Tommy John surgery; on the DL in 2010 with elbow issues that (presumably) led to the following year’s surgery.

I mean, yeah, it’s four years derailed by injury, but three of those stints are entirely related– not to mention, hopefully, dealt with now that he’s had the elbow reconstruction– while the other is entirely unrelated.

But like I say, that’s not why I suggest we might be a little bit hasty in assuming he was involved in what fell apart for the Jays. I say it because of a thing like this, from Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

The Rockies are moving on multiple fronts Tuesday, revisiting talks with Oakland on starter Brett Anderson while continuing to push to land a late-inning reliever.

The pursuit of Anderson, for now, has discussions for a reliever, which were developing quickly on Monday night, fading slightly. Oakland isn’t in any hurry to deal Anderson, but the deal continues to percolate.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know for sure how this stuff works, but you’d kind of think that if a player failed one physical, his team might be reluctant to bother continuing to do work in the hope of moving him elsewhere. Sure, they could hope to pull a fast one on another team, or maybe the Rockies ultimately have a lower bar in terms of what they think is acceptable, medically– or maybe that’s been built into the price– but if he does get dealt, and does pass the physical with the acquiring club, shouldn’t that kind of indicate that he wouldn’t have have failed an earlier one with the Jays? I don’t know. Not necessarily, I guess. But if other teams are still interested, maybe the Jays can still swoop in.

If he actually wasn’t the guy we were speculating about yesterday, given that his injury history is somewhat less troubling than it looks, maybe they should.

So… there’s that.


Do we smell the seeds of a blockbuster?

I highly doubt it, but on the heels of last night’s report that Cleveland is listening on Justin Masterson comes this from Jon Morosi:

Now, on the surface this certainly looks intriguing for a club like the Jays who need help in the rotation and the middle infield, but I’m not so sure. Cabrera, though he played at second base more than any other position in his first full season, back in 2008, and acquitted himself fairly well by UZR, and especially by DRS, in over 1300 innings from 2007 through 2009, but he hasn’t played there since. He also has never earned high marks by those metrics at shortstop– a trend that seems to have been worsening in recent years.

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Montreal Expos' pitcher Bartolo Colon throws to th

MLBTR has scooped up a statement that Peter Gammons made on the MLB Network this afternoon about the Jays potentially having interest in Bartolo Colon.

That’s… interesting? Unsurprising?

Or do I mean uninspiring?

No, no, it was the first thing. And actually, while Alex Anthopoulos has been saying that they’d have interest in any top pitcher at this point, and while Colon– about to pitch his age-41 season– might be a scary proposition, given he’d be moving out of the pitcher-friendly confines of Coliseum, there’s a lot to like there, all things considered. I mean, shit, he was a +3.9 WAR pitcher by FanGraphs and +5 WAR by Baseball Reference. Not sure about the changing environment bit, or the move to the AL East, but for the right price, sure? Fine.

I guess that goes for anybody, but… I don’t know. Sure. All the pitchers!

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Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports alerts us to the name Aledmys Diaz, a Cuban shortstop who back in July was ruled ineligible to sign until February of 2014 because he lied about his age.

To wit:

Waiting until the 19th of February for the hope of a chance to shore up the Jays’ second base situation would be awful tough– but maybe it’s a reason that they haven’t gone too hard, as far as we know, on a more permanent solution at second. Perhaps this is a guy that the Jays are eyeing, with a view to having some seasoning in the minors first, but being a long-term piece.

I’m guessing at that, just as I’m guessing at the notion that he’s actually any good.

But shit, the Jays have had some success with guys from Latin America, so maybe that bodes well! And they’ll need some fortune, because it’s not like competition from the teams reportedly involved won’t be stiff.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Ahhh, silly season.

Here’s a little nugget of a nonsensical rumour from Jonah Keri’s latest at Grantland (which he himself, it should be noted, acknowledges as somewhat nonsensical):

One rumor making the rounds has the Jays mulling a blockbuster deal featuring Toronto slugger Edwin Encarnacion and Rays ace David Price.

Yowza! That… makes me think all kinds of things– and probably you too! But, quite sensibly I suspect, Keri walks back the notion quite a bit as he continues the paragraph:

Realistically, though, Toronto has gone too far down the road of adding veterans and trying to win now to justify trading one of the best power hitters in the game, even though starting pitching needs to be the team’s top priority. Fortunately, the current starting pitching market allows for a possible middle-ground approach. There are still several B-plus starters there for the taking, including Ervin Santana, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Matt Garza. Garza is particularly intriguing, given that he’s only 30 years old, has years of experience pitching in the rough AL East, and is the only one of these three pitchers who won’t cost the signing team a compensatory draft pick. On the other hand, Garza made just 42 combined starts over the past two seasons, and his only dominant season came in 2011 in the lower run environment of the NL Central.


But on the other hand…

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I’m going to go ahead and say that this doesn’t seem like a trade thing, just because of the way that it’s filtered out– though it could be something to do with the way the tight-lipped Jays operate, but according to a tweet from the Jays… uh… this:

On the radio Jeff Blair is making the point that these sorts of things aren’t normally reserved for minor deals– “you don’t make an announcement unless it’s a ‘big announcement’,” he says– but let’s maybe not get ahead of ourselves just yet. It could be a contract extension, an organizational thing (first base coach?), we just don’t know yet.

The fact that it hasn’t come through the media– that no agent is crowing about it, an no other front office has leaked anything– makes it sound awfully less impactful than we’d maybe like to think.

Speculate away, though!

10:37 AM Update

Shi Davidi, perhaps from word on high, makes sure to take the wind out of everybody’s sails on this a little bit:


And, of course, always one to leave his language open enough to provide some intrigue, Jon Morosi tweets that he hears it’s not necessarily [italics mine] related to a player move. I’ll go with the guy who’s much clearer and much closer to the club on this one, thanks.

But OK, so what could it be? Something related to their Spring Training facility moving to Palm Beach Gardens? Something to do with the contract status of Paul Beeston or Alex Anthopoulos? Still waiting to find out…

10:56 AM Update

Boo. It’s this.

More in a new post.