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Minnesota Twins Photo Day

He qualifies it by noting that “Alex Anthopoulos has a reputation for thoroughness, which means interest can sometimes be a matter of due diligence,” but in his latest for Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith suggests that the Jays have shown some interest in free agent infielder Jamey Carroll, shown above in jack-o’-lantern form.

Or… wait. That’s really him??!? Uh… OK then…

Carroll is an interesting, if unsexy, option– in the baseball sense, of course. He turns 40 in February, though, and is coming off the worst season of his career by WAR, and… well… by everything, pretty much. And since I’ve tended to worry this off-season– overly so, perhaps– about guys on the wrong side of thirty taking steps backwards, my immediate thought is that Carroll maybe isn’t necessarily the best idea here.

Then again, he’s a cheap bounce-back candidate who posted more than two wins per season, in full time duty, for each of the three prior to the last one.


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There has been all kinds of movement today, as the league continues to waken from its Thanksgiving slumber, with the Rays, Reds and Diamondbacks working on a three-way deal that will send potential Jays target Ryan Hanigan to Tampa. There has been a deal involving Oakland, as the A’s have acquired Craig Gentry and Josh Lindblom for Michael Choice and Chris Bostick, which follows last night’s A’s acquisition of Baltimore closer Jim Johnson in exchange for Jemile Weeks– another player who the Jays, with their thinness up the middle, could very possibly have been interested in.

And Billy Beane isn’t necessarily done, with all kinds of rumours out there involving Brett Anderson– the oft-injured pitcher who we’ve heard about the Jays chasing for a couple years now, as I noted yesterday.

MLBTR is on it, suggesting that Cleveland and Seattle are interested in obtaining the now-surplus member of the A’s rotation, while Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle lays this one on us:

There is lot to like about Anderson as a pitcher– though Drew can still find some fault– and not a lot to like about a guy who has made just 24 starts over the last three seasons (and just 43 over the last four), but still… it’s not an idea worth hating until we actually see what the cost might be.

I know, I know, everybody wants durability and reliability, but you know what? The Jays have some depth– certainly more than last year– and at the right price, adding talent is never a bad thing. Relying on the unreliable is a tough row to hoe, for sure, but just having the a talented arm like Anderson’s around, for whatever gravy you’re able to skim off it? I could be sold on that, if we’re talking gravy prices, and not ones for the… uh… whole pile of meat. Y’know?

I’d elaborate but I’ve got a podcast to do! (No, really.)


Interesting stuff from Foul Territory, the blog home of Rangers beat writers Jeff Wilson and Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, as they wonder if J.P. Arencibia might be a fit now that he’s eminently available. Or… y’know… now that his availability is known more publicly than it was prior to the Jays’ acquisition of Dioner Navarro.

The idea that Wilson puts forth is that Arencibia could be a fit to pair with the Rangers’ top backstop Geovany Soto– in fact, he says that Texas has discussed the idea internally. Of course, “discussed” can mean a whole lot of things without knowing how far the idea advanced, but they seem to think there could be a little bit of interest there, especially given the low cost– and also because “the Blue Jays have been studying the Rangers this off-season.”

Hmm. They continue:

Early in November the Blue Jays looked into left-hander Derek Holland and second baseman Ian Kinsler for a possible trade for outfielder Jose Bautista, according to a source.

Again, “looked into” can mean a lot, but it’s not like this is the first we’re hearing of these sorts of rumblings– it is, however, I think the most specific that we’ve heard about such a thing. Or maybe it isn’t– it’s definitely been speculated by fans… and probably shot down around here as being more than the Rangers would be willing to give up. And maybe it was, not that it matters now anyway, with Kinsler off to Detroit.

So… there’s that.

There’s also this:

Maybe I’m a hopeless optimist on this front, but I kind of have a hard time believing that the Jays would have gone down this road without having something close to lined up. Guess I’ll be here all night waiting on it…

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Here’s something rather interesting, though there isn’t a whole lot of meat on it as yet. And by “not a whole lot,” I mean nothing more than just this, basically:

Mark Buehrle rumours?

The fantasy-focussed site seems to have noticed the tidbit, but all they’re adding at this point is this:

The Toronto Blue Jays are shopping SP Mark Buehrle this offseason. It’ll be difficult to deal him because his contract was heavily backloaded.


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New Rogers CEO Guy Laurence, Formerly of Vodafone

As if panicky Jays fans– among whom I guess I’d have to consider myself after yesterday’s fretting over the price of Jeff Samardzija– didn’t already have enough reason for consternation, over the weekend we had some supreme silliness in the form of a “rumour” of some kind of financial doomsday for the Blue Jays, related to the stepping down of Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed. Or, more specifically, related to his successor, former Vodafone exec, and notorious budget-slasher, Guy Laurence.

It all seems pretty quaint right now, given today’s news about Rogers’ acquisition of the national rights to all NHL games for the next twelve years. Obviously the company understands the tremendous value of premium sports content in today’s TV and digital media landscape. In fact, that’s precisely what Mohamed– who is indeed still around– said in the press release announcing the NHL deal, explaining that “sports content is a key strategic asset and we’ve been investing significantly to strengthen our sports offering to Canadians.”

Of course, that likely won’t stop Jays fans from getting nervous– just like they did a year ago, when Rogers splashed a lot of cash on their joint purchase, with Bell Canada, of MLSE (and how did that turn out?)– especially in the wake of the weekend’s rumour, which, unfortunately, has already been given far more attention than it deserves.

It began in the curious little corner of the web called Toronto Sports Media, which I’d like to suggest is plenty right there to know not to take it seriously, except that there have been instances where the writer there actually did seem to have something resembling inside information from within the city’s sports media towers– enough that I can’t dismiss what he says entirely out of hand.

That said, uh… I don’t think anybody’s record means a hell of a lot when we’re talking about a “scoop” like this:

The same good folks who tipped me off to the trimmings at Rogers media a few weeks back are telling me that the new CEO of Rogers could be asking for a cut in the Toronto Blue Jays budget as well.

How much, when or even if I can’t say for sure, but I trust those who are telling me enough to pass along to you.

It seems that bottom line is going to be much more important at Rogers and this is one area where things will be watched closely.

Uh… airtight?

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Hey, how’d this get here???

I don’t usually bother putting together a full post about every little rumour that doesn’t directly involve the Jays– though that’s quite possibly a lie, actually– which is why it’s fortunate tonight, I suppose, that MLBTR has done me the favour of throwing the Jays’ name into the mix in their post about this Peter Gammons tweet that you may have noticed I retweeted this afternoon:

MLBTR explains:

The Blue Jays have been said to be in the market for a catcher, as have the Twins, in light of the news that Joe Mauer’s days behind the plate are done and he will be a first baseman going forward. The Rays don’t figure to be in the mix after reaching an agreement with Jose Molina over the weekend.

We know that the Rockies have been looking for a catcher as well, and surely there are other clubs who could be in the market as well (what am I, Google?), but it certainly could be the Jays who are the club that’s closing in his signature. I mean… possibly? Right?

And if so, that’s pretty OK.

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There are some pretty big qualifiers in a pretty small passage in the latest from Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, as he looks at the developing off-season market in the wake of the Fielder-Kinsler bloickbuster, but this is still pretty interesting:

Every team needs starting pitching, but few teams can point to that commodity as 90 per cent of the reason they finished in last place – except for the Blue Jays. In Anthopoulos’s perfect world, he’d be able to trade for a front of the rotation starter, sign another through free agency, and go into spring training with R.A. Dickey and Mark Buerhle while keeping his fingers crossed that Brandon Morrow comes back healthy. There remains a chance, industry sources believe, that Buehrle might be moved if the pitching market really heats up although that would seem to be dependent on Anthopoulos making hay in the free agency.


Yes, those are some pretty gigantic ifs, and I’m not sure how much sense it would make for the Jays to fix their starting pitching issues, only to immediately go and create another large, stunningly-dependable hole in the rotation. But there are certainly elements of the idea that could make sense.

Uh… I think.

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