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It’s been a while now, but from time to time around here we used to breathlessly pour over a little exercise that ESPN does each year, getting Keith Law, Jim Bowden and Buster Olney together to rank the MLB teams in terms of their future championship viability in what they call their Future Power Rankings.

The crew ranks each club in terms of the quality of their Major and Minor League talent, their finances, the value and stability of their management and coaching staff, and the flexibility of their roster.

Today they updated the project for the end of the 2013 season (Insider Only), and… uh… well… as you can see above…

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Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays

Guys, I actually was asking around this week to scouts, and to front office types, who were telling me that, generally, the relief market is going to be weak this year. A couple names to keep in mind: Jesse Crain of the White Sox has been throwing the ball really well. Casey Janssen, the closer for the Toronto Blue Jays is another guy who is gaining some notice among teams.

Those were the exact words of Buster Olney during the top of the seventh inning of last night’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast of the Braves’ 3-0 win over the Giants, and though they are entirely fucking inoffensive and uncontroversial, why the hell should that stop Jays fans from getting their underthings in a twist about it, as though the club’s management themselves have added Janssen’s name to the Trading Block like they’re some fantasy league owner?


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