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Look familiar?

Yes, the Tumwater High School Baseball team, from Tumwater, Washington (about an hour south of Seattle), has taken the logo from those great Blue Jays teams of the early 2000s and made it their own. The Tumwater T-Birds might only be the 653rd best high school team in the nation, but they’ve easily become my favourite American high school baseball team.

And I don’t know about you, but if this 2014 Jays season falls apart in a hurry, I could see myself listening online to the local Tumwater radio station (KUOW 1340AM!) to see how the young men, wearing the most underrated Blue Jays logo, are doing. Rumour has it that Manager Jamie Weeks is coaching the boys up real nice in the fundamentals of the game and they could make a run at State. (follow Mr. Weeks on Twitter!)

Now, knowing the Blue Jays keen sense of public perception, they’ll probably sue the hell out of the Tumwater T-Birds. Shutting down, not only the baseball program, but the entire school of Tumwater. Parents, balking at the cost of shipping their kids to Olympia for schooling, will move their families out of Tumwater. Essentially turning the once vibrant baseball town into a shell of its former self.

OR, you know, the Jays could make up for the annoying begging that has been their twitter account pushing the #FaceOfMLB and do something fun like donate a bunch of the old Jays T-Bird gear to these kids. Which would ACTUALLY be doing something for a good cause.

The T-Birds Honda Home Opener is March 12th. State! State! State!

Thanks to Dave Burrows for the post. I repeat, this is a guest post.

What The Shirt?


As Archi Zuber mentioned in today’s The Morning After post, some intrepid businessperson on the internet– specifically, a site called Teespring– has been selling a t-shirt that appears to be a total fucking… um… homage to the little Edwin Taking The Parrot For A Walk GIF that blew up the internet (relatively) late last month, having been conceived and executed, as I noted at the time, by Zubes and fellow DJFer Scott Johnson way back on May 1st.

No, really, I can’t possibly imagine where the idea came from:

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OK, so maybe it’s not familiar to me, per se. But to someone on Facebook who saw the image of the Jays’ new batting practice caps that I posted earlier today it certainly was. And that’s because he’d seen the item pictured on the left above– the Canadian Soccer Association’s New Era cap, in the style of what Football Shirt Culture explains is the Umbro-designed kit worn by the national men’s team in a June 3rd match against the USA at BMO Field (and the women’s team later in the month), as part of the CSA’s centennial celebrations in 2012.

Now, there are reasons to think that it isn’t anything more than a coincidence. After all, the colours are common and make total sense for what’s being represented, and design-wise here, there are really only so many ways to skin a cat… or a giant, gaudy, blue-backgrounded maple leaf beating you senseless with patriotism, as it were.

Plus, as we learned over the many months– years, even– in which rumours rumbled that the Jays were getting a uniform overhaul, MLB’s graphic design changes don’t exactly happen at lightening speed. Canada’s centenary kits were revealed in a press conference last May 10th, as confirmed by a post from theScore’s own Richard Whittall of Counter Attack (who awesomely claims he went there for the express purpose of getting a free shirt). Could the Jays have whipped up their latest leaf-adorned monstrosity in the interim, or would they have been well along in the process of cutting through MLB’s red tape by then? I’m inclined to believe the latter until give some indication otherwise.

Still… those are some damn similar hats.


Images via @DunedinBlueJays and the CSA.

Bluebird Banter has already scooped this one up, but it’s not like there are a million other things to talk about right now, so… via the @DunedinBlueJays, here are the Jays’ new batting practice caps for 2013.

In his headline Minor Leaguer writes that they’re “more horrible than expected,” but I think I have to quibble with that slightly. They’re probably exactly as horrible as expected. Maybe I’d have to see them on someone’s head, but… I don’t know. They’re OK, as far as hats with absurdly large maple beacons are concerned. And while the ridiculously designed, incorrect maple leaf with the weird nub is bad, at least it’s not as atrocious as the Bank of Canada putting the leaf from a damn Norway maple on our shitty new money. I mean, really? It isn’t bad enough that they’re so thin and stick so close together that I’m sure I’ve paid $40 when I only wanted to throw down twenty multiple times already? And it’s only been, like, a month?

Ugh. Awful.

These hats, though… they’re OK, I guess. Whatever moves units, right? Give the people what they want.