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What do Salvador Perez, Torii Hunter, Coco Crisp, Carlos Santatna, Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Jones, Jason Kipnis, and David Ortiz all have in common?

They all received votes for the American League MVP award, despite being less valuable– by FanGraphs’ WAR– and playing more games than Colby Rasmus.

Now, WAR is hardly an argument-ender. There are far too many valid arguments to be had within it for me to be able to sit back right now, cross my arms, and marvel at the wondrous job I’ve done in arguing for Colby’s superiority over those guys. It’s a complex number that does a very, very good job– in my view– of giving the appropriate weight to the various components of performance that, added together, make up the totality of a player’s on-field value. Yet there can be elements of what a player contributes that are not quantified within its boundaries, and one can quibble with either the weightings, or what “replacement level” is, or with something like its reliance on a one-year sample of fluctuating and imperfect defensive metrics like UZR,

Still, though, more than any tool we currently have at our disposal, WAR is able to distill all of what a player did on the field and spit it out as a single number. And when you look at those numbers for American League players in 2013, Rasmus ranked 14th, despite having played fewer games than anybody ahead of him, save for the Twins’ Joe Mauer.

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A swelling-faced Colby Rasmus leaves the field in the middle of the first inning.


The Jays have finally given the medical update on Colby Rasmus, and it’s actually not so bad. Meaning, mind you, in this season of broken dreams (and now broken faces) that it’s not catastrophic– and that his vision is fine. Rasmus is, however, shut down for the season, and while preliminary X-rays showed no broken bones, he’s remaining in the hospital for further tests, and they’ll be able to tell for sure what’s going on once the swelling goes down.

Don’t believe me? Here are the relevant tweets:

Original Post: 

There isn’t a whole lot for me to do here but to completely ape the work done by theScore‘s Blake Murphy, so… let’s do that. And while I’m at it, let’s make a pitch for my employers, and remind you that you already would have seen all of this on your fancy mobile device if you had only downloaded the spectacular-looking and real-time news update-filled theScore app.

Or maybe that’s too light approach to take for the opening of a post on somebody who has wound up in the hospital– especially when it’s a player in the midst of what’s hopefully a breakout season (and not another 2010-like tease preceding two years in the wilderness). Not only that, but when it’s an injury to not just his face, but in the area of his eye, which is vital to not just his career, but his quality of life.

Of course, now I’ve probably erred on the side of being a little too heavy about it, but I think that’s OK. Let’s hope that’s the case and this is all very precautionary.

In case you missed the game tonight, Colby Rasmus wasn’t a late scratch from the Jays’ lineup tonight, technically. He was in the starting lineup and would have taken an at-bat in the top of the first inning, had his turn come up. It didn’t, so he took the field with his teammates and set about warming up to play some defence.

It was at that point that this happened (GIF by way of Kazuto Yamazaki via NESN):

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Here’s something to mildly brighten our sorry, sorry lives as we wait for this miserable fucking season to end– and I don’t just mean that sweet picture above– Edwin Encarnacion will return to the Jays’ lineup tonight as the designated hitter, while Colby Rasmus is feeling good too, and is in tonight’s lineup as well!

Don’t believe me? OK. But would you believe that Jays’ official Twitter feed?


Barry Davis was the first to tweet tonight’s lineup, which features Encarnacion hitting third and Rasmus hitting sixth.

I dunno. Beats thinking about the long, sad downfall of Ricky Romero, or most of what I’m going to talk about in my next post…



Back for another week of highlighting the best in unofficial Blue Jays merchandise. Not sure how long I’ll keep doing this, but if (good) shirts keep flowing in, I’ll keep it up. Let’s take a look see at some great Jays shirts that y’all have been sending us.

The Colby Rasmus ‘MURICA Bald Eagle Shirt: Of all the shirts that we’ve received from r/TorontoBlueJays, this is the best one so far. Not to mention the description: Celebrate the patriotic season with this shirt, featuring Blue Jays outfielder Colby Rasmus, a bald eagle, stars, and some motherfucking fighter jets. Read the rest of this entry »


Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times said something that immediately struck me as jaw-dropping yesterday in a piece contrasting Justin Smoak and Kendrys Morales, when he revealed to the non-Seattle world that “For much of this season, we’ve heard a debate raging about whether the Mariners should try to sign Morales long-term, to a contract that would range anywhere from $15 million to $20 million per annum.”


Later in the afternoon Dave Cameron of FanGraphs tweeted a link that showed how over the past 365 days, Morales and Carlos Beltran have, quite surprisingly, been essentially the same hitter. Of course… Beltran actually plays defence (though not particularly well these days, according to UZR and DRS), and signed a deal for $13-million per year two winters ago– reportedly turning down more money from the Jays– so I’m not sure where $20-million figure is coming from.

Apart from that last aside, how is that relevant to us? Well, it turns out that the numbers for Beltran and Morales over year-long span are strikingly similar to the ones put up by a certain Jays player this year. Have a look:

Carlos Beltran: .273/.324/.488, .347 wOBA, 122 wRC+
Kendrys Morales: .267/.326/.468, .343 wOBA, 121 wRC+
Jays Player X:  .250/.323/.476, .346 wOBA, 118 wRC+

The Jays player, as anyone who read the title of this post will have guessed, is Colby Rasmus. And he is currently headed toward his final year of arbitration before hitting free agency full-on after the 2014 season.

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It’s really surprising how much the Jays could be making off of player t-shirts, but maybe it’s a good thing that they are left in the fans’ hands, because some of these are gold. Ever since the debut of TWIJM a couple weeks ago, y’all have been sending us links a ton of shirts. It also helps that the Blue Jays subreddit is a goldmine for these types of things (amongst actual good baseball discussion). Here are the ones that myself, Stoeten and Zubes have found to be the best. As usual, if you see any cool Jays merch, send it to me on Twitter.

JAYS WIN! shirt: My favorite so far. This is from the same guy who made the Kawasaki shirts. Also good that he left out the face of the 3rd outfielder, because that carousel wouldn’t make for a consistent shirt.

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So… about the slide on which Colby Rasmus took out Omar Infante last night.

It looks kinda bad from the angles like the one above, with Colby’s foot going in high– of course, it was actually the back leg of Rasmus that knocked into Omar Inflated, causing the Tigers second baseman to exit last night’s game and to miss tonight’s– and had it not been for the JPA stuff today, it seemed like something maybe worth talking about, perhaps mostly as a precursor-in-vain to some nonexistent fireworks tonight, provided the Tigers were still as hot as today as they were when they came off the field after yesterday’s win.

At one point I thought I could just skim over it in a Daily Duce post that isn’t going to happen, by simply pointing you all to the GIF at Gamereax (which, because I’m lazy to go get a higher quality one from MLB.TV, is where the still above comes from), and the quotes from the Tigers last night via John Lott of the National Post. (Gregor Chisholm also has some good stuff on it up at North Of The Border).

Oh, but then, for a solid 40 minutes now, Tony Rasmus has started weighing in. And while he hasn’t said anything particularly inflammatory or patently ridiculous– in fact, he’s kinda nailing it– it’s still pretty good for a larf. And a mailed-in post!

To wit:

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