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DB Cooper Goes Missing


Well here’s an odd bit of news for a club that doesn’t seem to mind too terribly if fans have it in their heads that they’re not like all those other pro sports organizations when it comes to matters of loyalty: according to reports, the Jays have released David Cooper.

To wit:

And, of course, there’s also this:

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Ridiculous speculative stuff here, but since people are going to get worked up about it anyway, I might as well give them a place to do so, and therefore will pass along word from Las Vegas that David Cooper has been removed from the 51s game tonight, following his third at-bat.

For whatever it’s worth, fan Kris Kennedy, who says he was listening to the game, tweets that Vegas broadcaster Russ Langer said on air that Cooper was pulled for unknown reasons, which was the same line we heard when Travis Snider– neither injured nor simply being given a breather– was taken off the field last week, prior to his call-up, and the 10-ish player deal with Houston that followed.

That’s pretty much all that we’re certain of at the moment– and I use the term extremely loosely. It could be an injury Langer didn’t see and hasn’t been told about, it could be a call-up for Cooper, or they could be bringing him to Toronto to hedge on the need for his call-up due to some injury on the active roster that we’re unaware of at the moment. It could even be that he was been given a breather by the club in a game they were leading 12-4 11-1. Or– yes– it could be the prelude to some kind of deal he’s involved in.

We have literally no idea right now, and if it is some sort of deal, you kids are probably just going to have to try and get some sleep and see what Santa brought you in the morning. Here’s a hint, though: if David Cooper is involved, I wouldn’t bank on it being anything major, unless he’s just a small piece of something much, much bigger. (Seriously though, don’t go getting your hopes up.)

For now, let’s just wait and try our best to be reasonable about what’s very probably nothing, OK?


Remember David Cooper?

There is no real reason to ever think about David Cooper. He is a forgotten man for one specific: he is utterly forgettable. The ultimate in safe picks made during a particularly risk-adverse period of Blue Jays history, David Cooper just sort of exists.

Dealing a death blow to batting average advocates everywhere, David Cooper won the PCL batting championship in 2011. While this award is little more than trumped up participant’s medal, it earned Cooper a brief look down the stretch during the 2011 season. He hit some pitches and made a BABIP-infused account of himself.


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