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Today in news that broke over an hour ago that I didn’t bother to post about, Jays reliever Jesse Litsch has been shut down for seven days due to shoulder inflammation, according to tweets from… well… everyone.

But it’s John Lott of the National Post who gets heavy with it.

Dun dun dun….

Litsch missed nearly all of 2009 with Tommy John surgery. That, of course, involves the elbow. Now the shoulder– which was the cause of a trip to the DL last year thanks to what Baseball Prospectus categorizes as an “impingement.”

He may not exactly be the most integral piece of the Jays’ bullpen, but you hate to see anybody go down with a potential long-term injury, not just for the sake of the club, but for the sake of the livelihood of a pretty decent pitcher (who, y’know, might be better suited to, say, the National League). Especially someone who has already had such a recent, long year of rehab.

They don’t send you to the Grim Reaper unless something is serious, but that said, let’s not forget that Frank Francisco visited Dr. Andrews last spring, and he was fine enough to turn in a rather spectacular second half (like Rocky V, I’m pretty sure the first half of Francisco’s season didn’t happen). So… here’s hoping everything is alright.