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And now it’s time a semi-regular look at local media statements that hurt my soul by making it harder to keep the braying dolts at bay. It’s Dumbing Down The Discourse…

Bob Elliott – Toronto Sun – Blue Jays Could Have Had Cardinals Rookie Michael Wacha

It’s not entirely unfair for a reporter to point out when it turns out that the club he covers passed over a player in the draft who turned out to be really good. It’s just mostly unfair. And it’s especially pukeworthy when we’re talking about baseball, where more time is needed than any other sport to assess how a draft shook out, and when that draft was just a shade over a year ago, aaand when we’re talking about a couple of mid-first-rounders like they’re already Sam Bowie and Michael effing Jordan.

Maybe it’s not Bob Elliott’s job to handhold his readers through the differences between the MLB draft and ones in other sports, where there’s a far greater expectation of immediate impact. And I suppose it’s certainly newsworthy to point out, as Elliott did in a Toronto Sun column over the weekend, that Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha– who currently sports a 0.64 ERA in the playoffs, having given up just one run over 14 innings, while striking out 17– was taken two spots after the Jays selected D.J. Davis in the 2012 draft.

But isn’t doing this, without proper qualifiers, just red meat for morons? Because I’m sure this bit is:

“Davis wouldn’t want to go through his career being lumped with another player the way Jays lefty Ricky Romero was linked to Colorado Rockies all-star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.”


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