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Horses for Courses

Despite not being something any of us can touch or feel, stress is a real thing. We’ve all felt it and watched it affect someone we know or love. Which is weird – it isn’t tangible but it most certainly exists. Often, when feeling the effects of stress, we are encouraged to focus on that which we can control. All sorts of treacly horseshit gets written on coffee mugs and nana sweaters in search of the serenity to accept only that which we can control.

When Dwayne Murphy, hitting coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, states his lack of interest in advanced stats, it is a matter of control. Murph and his charges can control a precious few things in their pursuit of better baseball outcomes. The changes a hitting coach and a professional baseball player can make are very limited compared to the vast number of possible outcomes when they step into the batters box during a real, live game.

Stats — advanced or otherwise — do not belong on the radar of Dwayne Murphy. Not in the least.

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