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Ugh. Edwin Encarnacion has left today’s game with the Yankees after being hit on the right forearm/wrist/wherever he’s being hit in the image above. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

You could hear it, says Jerry Howarth on the TV broadcast. A manager’s worst nightmare at this point in the spring, says Buck Martinez.

Fortunately there were some good signs: Encarnacion, despite leaving the at-bat immediately, didn’t go straight to the clubhouse, and when he did jog down there alongside trainer George Poulis, he gave a thumbs up. So… Dr. Edwin says he’s doing OK, but they’re prooooooobably going to want to take an x-ray just to be safe. And until the results of that come in, we hold our breath.

We’ll keep you updated. More images below.

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In this guest post from Kyle Matte we get a look at the amazingness that is Edwin Encarnacion, and his remarkable transformation into one of the best hitters in the game. Follow Kyle on Twitter at @KyleMatte.

Back in July of 2009, the Toronto Blue Jays franchise was in a state of turmoil. Not only was the organization looking down the barrel of their first losing season since 2005, but the face of the roster – Roy Halladay – had made it known he was not interested in re-signing north of the border at the conclusion of his contract, which was set to expire following the 2010 season. It put then-General Manager J.P. Ricciardi in the unenviable position of attempting to trade one of the few true aces in baseball, and with a rotation that included Ricky Romero, Brian Tallet, and Scott Richmond, it was more than just a metaphorical white flag he’d be waving on competitive baseball for the foreseeable future.

To the surprise of no one, the market’s interest in Roy Halladay proved strong. While the Phillies were arguably the favorites all along, both teams in Los Angeles as well as the Texas Rangers reportedly got involved, causing a massive tide of attention from the national media. But come four-o’clock, Roy Halladay was still property of the Toronto Blue Jays. The big name who wasn’t? Scott Rolen. The Greatest Blue Jays of All Time was in the midst of a ferociously impressive season; 3.9 rWAR in just 88 games thanks to a .320/.376/.476 batting line and his usual spectacular defense, so when initial reports of the return began to surface, the airing of grievances began.

3:40 PM EDT: SI’s Jon Heyman says Rolen to the Reds… if he waives his NTC. But for what??? If it in any way Encarnacion I puke and disown this team immediately.

3:55 PM EDT: Puke! “The deal awaits only Rolen’s approval, which he is expected to give; he has a full no-trade clause. In return, the Jays will get third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and a minor leaguer,” says Fox. It better be a damn good minor leaguer.

That’s an excerpt from Drunk Jays Fans’ founder and Editor Andrew Stoeten’s trade deadline live blog. While hindsight is always a bitch, it’s hard to find fault with his immediate reaction. At the time of the trade, Encarnacion was struggling through an injury-marred season, and the 26 year old’s .209/.333/.374 slash line and negative 0.7 rWAR hardly inspired a whole lot of confidence moving forward. Even with solid-average offensive numbers for a corner infielder in the previous three years, park factors and his glorious defensive deficiencies significantly held back his overall value, limiting him to just 2.9 rWAR in the over 400 games since his rookie campaign. Cruel as it may be, there was merit behind his E5 moniker.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Ahhh, silly season.

Here’s a little nugget of a nonsensical rumour from Jonah Keri’s latest at Grantland (which he himself, it should be noted, acknowledges as somewhat nonsensical):

One rumor making the rounds has the Jays mulling a blockbuster deal featuring Toronto slugger Edwin Encarnacion and Rays ace David Price.

Yowza! That… makes me think all kinds of things– and probably you too! But, quite sensibly I suspect, Keri walks back the notion quite a bit as he continues the paragraph:

Realistically, though, Toronto has gone too far down the road of adding veterans and trying to win now to justify trading one of the best power hitters in the game, even though starting pitching needs to be the team’s top priority. Fortunately, the current starting pitching market allows for a possible middle-ground approach. There are still several B-plus starters there for the taking, including Ervin Santana, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Matt Garza. Garza is particularly intriguing, given that he’s only 30 years old, has years of experience pitching in the rough AL East, and is the only one of these three pitchers who won’t cost the signing team a compensatory draft pick. On the other hand, Garza made just 42 combined starts over the past two seasons, and his only dominant season came in 2011 in the lower run environment of the NL Central.


But on the other hand…

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Here’s an idea I’m instantly regretting: instead of empty open thread posts for playoff games, as we’ve done around here in years past, each day I’m going to attempt to have a hopefully-quick look around at some splits and stats and whatever else stands out on a Jays player’s 2013 season, because… what the hell else is there to do for the next month? Or the next week. Or just today– or however long I actually continue to follow through on this exercise.

1:00 PM ET – Oakland vs. Detroit – Jarrod Parker (1.9 rWAR) vs. Anibal Sanchez (6.3 rWAR)
3:00 PM ET – St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh – Michael Wacha (1.7 rWAR) vs. Charlie Morton (0.5 rWAR)
6:00 PM ET – Boston vs. Tampa Bay – Clay Buchholz (4.3 rWAR) vs. Alex Cobb (4.0 rWAR)
9:30 PM ET – Atlanta vs. Los Angeles – Freddy Garcia (0.9 rWAR) vs. Ricky Nolasco (0.4 rWAR)
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It’s funny how Jays fans can see so clearly how the undervaluing of defence played such a role in the run-prevention issues that blasted the 2013 season apart, yet when you ask them to name the best Jays player, most of them will completely miss the mark. Bluebird Banter polled readers last week, and at the time of this writing, Edwin Encarnacion had a massive lead, with 67% of the vote.

The correct answer, of course, is more likely Colby Rasmus. It certainly is if you believe the defensive components of both Baseball Reference’s and FanGraphs’ WAR, where Colby’s high quality defence at a premium position makes up the not insignificant gap in the offensive production between him and Edwin (23 points of wOBA), with him topping Encarnacion by more than a half a win according to both metrics. Baseball Prospectus’s WARP, on the other hand, gives Edwin a slight edge (4.1 to 3.9), but at the very least, even if you don’t trust the precision of the defensive numbers, it’s pretty unlikely they’re so skewed as to not think it’s damn close between the two.

And yet here we are, with Edwin crushing the vote– at least the one in that particular corner of the internet– and Colby coming in with just 22%.

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Today in not-terribly-surprising news– especially if you’ve listened to the podcast we just recorded, which… since I haven’t posted it yet, you haven’t– the Jays have shut Edwin Encarnacion down for the season.

Don’t believe me? Barry Davis of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet has the scoop on the tidbit from the Rogers owned Blue Jays from down at Rogers Centre.

As Drew noted on the aforementioned podcast that you haven’t heard, Edwin has been walking around looking like he’s in a little bit of agony lately, so… that’s not shocking. What is maybe a little bit shocking, though, was the tweet that followed from the Jays’ official Twitter account:

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Here’s something to mildly brighten our sorry, sorry lives as we wait for this miserable fucking season to end– and I don’t just mean that sweet picture above– Edwin Encarnacion will return to the Jays’ lineup tonight as the designated hitter, while Colby Rasmus is feeling good too, and is in tonight’s lineup as well!

Don’t believe me? OK. But would you believe that Jays’ official Twitter feed?


Barry Davis was the first to tweet tonight’s lineup, which features Encarnacion hitting third and Rasmus hitting sixth.

I dunno. Beats thinking about the long, sad downfall of Ricky Romero, or most of what I’m going to talk about in my next post…


Way back on May 1st, DJF contributers Archi Zuber (@Archizuber) and Scott Johnson (@ScottJohnson48) put their heads together to create a GIF of Edwin Encarnacion “taking the parrot for a walk” following a home run, and what they came up with was a little slice of magic.

Of course, being lazy and shitty at this lately, I didn’t post it here– though Zubes linked to it in a Morning After post. Yet, rather than it simply disappearing into the internet ether, for some reason– mostly because it’s great– nearly a month later, it’s kinda started blowing up.

The GIF was posted on Reddit’s /r/baseball yesterday and already has over twenty-two-hundred upvotes, which brought it to the attention of folks like Jason Collette and Ben Badler, and prompted a quick look at the history of the meme at Larry Brown Sports, who call it the “greatest home run GIF ever.”

So… uh… let’s maybe have another look at it, shall we? I mean, if our thing here is going to generate this much traffic, might as well get in on the action, right?

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