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Here’s an idea I’m instantly regretting: instead of empty open thread posts for playoff games, as we’ve done around here in years past, each day I’m going to attempt to have a hopefully-quick look around at some splits and stats and whatever else stands out on a Jays player’s 2013 season, because… what the hell else is there to do for the next month? Or the next week. Or just today– or however long I actually continue to follow through on this exercise.

1:00 PM ET – Oakland vs. Detroit – Jarrod Parker (1.9 rWAR) vs. Anibal Sanchez (6.3 rWAR)
3:00 PM ET – St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh – Michael Wacha (1.7 rWAR) vs. Charlie Morton (0.5 rWAR)
6:00 PM ET – Boston vs. Tampa Bay – Clay Buchholz (4.3 rWAR) vs. Alex Cobb (4.0 rWAR)
9:30 PM ET – Atlanta vs. Los Angeles – Freddy Garcia (0.9 rWAR) vs. Ricky Nolasco (0.4 rWAR)
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It’s funny how Jays fans can see so clearly how the undervaluing of defence played such a role in the run-prevention issues that blasted the 2013 season apart, yet when you ask them to name the best Jays player, most of them will completely miss the mark. Bluebird Banter polled readers last week, and at the time of this writing, Edwin Encarnacion had a massive lead, with 67% of the vote.

The correct answer, of course, is more likely Colby Rasmus. It certainly is if you believe the defensive components of both Baseball Reference’s and FanGraphs’ WAR, where Colby’s high quality defence at a premium position makes up the not insignificant gap in the offensive production between him and Edwin (23 points of wOBA), with him topping Encarnacion by more than a half a win according to both metrics. Baseball Prospectus’s WARP, on the other hand, gives Edwin a slight edge (4.1 to 3.9), but at the very least, even if you don’t trust the precision of the defensive numbers, it’s pretty unlikely they’re so skewed as to not think it’s damn close between the two.

And yet here we are, with Edwin crushing the vote– at least the one in that particular corner of the internet– and Colby coming in with just 22%.

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Today in not-terribly-surprising news– especially if you’ve listened to the podcast we just recorded, which… since I haven’t posted it yet, you haven’t– the Jays have shut Edwin Encarnacion down for the season.

Don’t believe me? Barry Davis of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet has the scoop on the tidbit from the Rogers owned Blue Jays from down at Rogers Centre.

As Drew noted on the aforementioned podcast that you haven’t heard, Edwin has been walking around looking like he’s in a little bit of agony lately, so… that’s not shocking. What is maybe a little bit shocking, though, was the tweet that followed from the Jays’ official Twitter account:

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Here’s something to mildly brighten our sorry, sorry lives as we wait for this miserable fucking season to end– and I don’t just mean that sweet picture above– Edwin Encarnacion will return to the Jays’ lineup tonight as the designated hitter, while Colby Rasmus is feeling good too, and is in tonight’s lineup as well!

Don’t believe me? OK. But would you believe that Jays’ official Twitter feed?


Barry Davis was the first to tweet tonight’s lineup, which features Encarnacion hitting third and Rasmus hitting sixth.

I dunno. Beats thinking about the long, sad downfall of Ricky Romero, or most of what I’m going to talk about in my next post…


Way back on May 1st, DJF contributers Archi Zuber (@Archizuber) and Scott Johnson (@ScottJohnson48) put their heads together to create a GIF of Edwin Encarnacion “taking the parrot for a walk” following a home run, and what they came up with was a little slice of magic.

Of course, being lazy and shitty at this lately, I didn’t post it here– though Zubes linked to it in a Morning After post. Yet, rather than it simply disappearing into the internet ether, for some reason– mostly because it’s great– nearly a month later, it’s kinda started blowing up.

The GIF was posted on Reddit’s /r/baseball yesterday and already has over twenty-two-hundred upvotes, which brought it to the attention of folks like Jason Collette and Ben Badler, and prompted a quick look at the history of the meme at Larry Brown Sports, who call it the “greatest home run GIF ever.”

So… uh… let’s maybe have another look at it, shall we? I mean, if our thing here is going to generate this much traffic, might as well get in on the action, right?

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Calling 162 games every year is not an easy thing to do. That’s 500 hours (give or take) of talking non-stop about the same topic. While you get to cover some great games, you also have to cover the really shitty games. I gotta give credit to Buck – in my opinion, he does a good job. Sure, the BOWTEESTAH’s get annoying after a while, but such is the case when listening to someone talk for a long time.

I teamed up with Vince from to find some of the best/worst of Buck. If you don’t know about the site, it’s a catalog of all of Buck’s fuck-ups. He gave me a ton of material to work with so shoutout to him. So here you go, the Buck Martinez soundboard:

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The longest home run hit at Rogers Centre last night came off the bat of Mike Carp.

It sounds impossible, given what I’m sure we’ve now all seen with our own eyes, as, in the fifth inning, Edwin Encarnacion joined the 500 club, smashing a ball into the fifth deck, becoming the first Blue Jays player to do so since Vernon Wells nearly nine years ago, in September of 2004. But apparently it’s true.

Encarnacion’s blast travelled a “mere” 427 feet, as we can see in the image above from Greg Rybarczyk, aka @hittracker. Carp’s blast, according to Rybarczyk’s site, ESPN Home Run Tracker, travelled 444 feet.

It’s hard to fathom, because… well… look!

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Prior to tonight’s opening of MLB’s Rule 4 Draft– and the Jays’ charity golf tournament, which is happening today– Alex Anthopoulos jumped on the Fan 590′s airwaves and spoke to Jeff Sammut about draft strategy, and where Vladimir Guerrero is at, among other subjects. Obviously there’s not a whole lot that the GM could reveal about how tonight is going to go down, but that’s largely because he doesn’t know for sure himself.

“We kind of run these quasi-mock drafts,” he explains. “Then we’re looking at signability, because now at this point every one of the advisors and the families and the players have pretty much given an indication of what it will take to sign them. So, you start looking at it and you start to say, OK, well, is there a scenario where if we get a few of these selections, and we have to pay them, do we maybe take not as good a talent in the fourth round or in the eighth round and try to save some money there, so we can sign the picks up high? So, that’s all part of it. It’s the opportunity cost of the pick– is there one player who’s good enough to forgo taking not as good a talent a round a few rounds behind. So, that’s going to be part of the strategy that we’re going to talk about, but we’re going to have to obviously let the board play out as well.”

The impression given was that this was something that wasn’t focused on too heavily until late in the process, because it’s so dependent on who’s available at which pick. If we believe him, then, the club doesn’t appear to necessarily plan on maximizing the amount of dollars they can spend on early picks by punting ones later, rather, it’s going to come down to who’s available and how they think they can make the money fit.

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