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According to a tweet from the team, the Jays have subtracted a right-hander from their bullpen in order to add a lefty for the upcoming series against the Rays and Yankees.

The tweet seems to be a bit confused, fulfilling the fantasies of Ottawa’s City Council by suggesting that New Hampshire is now the club’s Triple-A affiliate, so… I’m not entirely sure whether to believe that Carreno is being sent to New Hampshire, where he spent the bulk of 2011, or to Triple-A, which would be Las Vegas, where he’d been recalled from at the start of the month.

Regardless, Carreno didn’t do himself a whole lot of favours by getting a bit walk-y yesterday– coming through unscathed in relief of Ricky Romero, despite giving out three free passes in 1.2 innings– as well as in his appearance on Friday. And Evan Crawford will provide an extra bit of left-handedness, which should help the Jays over the next week, as key bats for both the Rays– Joyce, Zobrist, Scott and Molina– and the Yankees– Swisher, Cano, Teixeira, Jones, Ibanez– have been struggling against southpaws this season.

Of course, Crawford is going to have to be better than what we’ve seen so far in the Majors– and especially better than his performance against Texas before he was sent down, in which he gave up home runs to right-hander Craig Gentry, and lefty Mitch Moreland– for any of this to actually matter.

So… there’s that.


Image via Robert Rogers/Getty.

You won’t bereave this, but apparently MLB doesn’t have a catch-all bereavement list that covers any and all non-injury absences (as I read somewhere earlier that I can’t remember). They actually have a paternity list (which I’m sure we’ve seen players placed on before, and again, I just can’t remember).

I know this because– as I’m sure you’ve heard by now– according to a team release, Sergio Santos has been placed on it, as he’s still not back with the club, after rushing away following Wednesday’s win to witness the birth of their third child.

What this also means is that we may get the chance to see the Major League debut of the pitcher Alex Anthopoulos said on Tuesday’s Sportsnet telecast the he “was very impressed and very excited by.” Evan Crawford.

The lefty reliever struck out an eye-popping 28.2% of the batters he faced while at New Hampshire in 2011. His command is a work in progress– he walked 9.6% of batters last year, but cut that number in half when pitching in the Arizona Fall League, for whatever little that’s worth– but it would easily be interesting to see him enter a game, and I wouldn’t put it past the Jays, in the right situation, to have themselves a look.

“I didn’t know he had a slider the way he did, his curve ball is outstanding, he just pitched last night and was up to 94– he doesn’t sit there, but this is a guy who has a chance to be a long-term piece for us and a real impact guy,” Anthopoulos added (which sounds a bit rich about a reliever, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued).