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That’s right. I’m not going to let the fact that these are the final two games of the season change my pattern of lazily mailing in a weekend Game Threat. We’ll get all wistful on Monday or something.


Ninety-five and sixty-four! Jesus. Good on ya, Balmer.

Now haven’t I done e-fucking-nough today? I know we’ll miss all this over the long, cold winter months ahead, but I just want to relax and watch some meaningless baseball right now, alright?

Consider this your Game Threat…


Dan Norris on the hill, and Dalton Pompey gets another start, leading off this afternoon for the Jays, and… gah, what a cluserfuck of an hour this has been. I almost had a Daily Duce post up when the news broke that Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler have had their contracts extended for five more years (!), so I stopped what I was doing, started writing that, completely blew my time to do a proper Game Threat, and failed to spit out everything I wanted to say about it in time. So now, as this afternoon’s game is getting underway… I got nothing.

Two mid-game posts a-coming, at least! But for now… this is your Game Threat.



Note: John Gibbons says that if Mark Buehrle doesn’t get in six innings tonight — and therefore 200 on the season for the 14th straight year — he might have him pitch an inning or two on Sunday, just to make sure he hits the milestone. So… there’s that.


The roof open on a late September evening. The about-to-be American League Cy Young winner (for the second time) pitching for his team’s playoff life as the Mariners look to erase a two game deficit in the Wild Card race with just six days to go in the season.

It may not be meaningful September baseball in the way that we want it to be, but you can’t say it’s not meaningful. And you can’t say it’s not kinda awesome, either.

Well, except…


Kawasaki hitting fifth? Seriously??? And how do we think the Royals and A’s feel about that?

What jersey will Strombo wear to throw out the first pitch? Are you in as breathless anticipation of finding out what the fuck the Beastie Boys have to do with anything about this as I am?

Hey! Here’s something that should be a bigger item — and might well will be before the night (or at least tomorrow morning) is through: Jon Heyman reports at CBS Sports that, despite the weird comments from Alex Anthopoulos the other week, the Jays are planning for 2015 “without even a thought they might consider changing managers.” So… that’s something. Something good!

Seriously, though, that bottom of the lineup. Woof.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Seattle

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And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
LF Dalton Pompey (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Seattle Mariners

CF Austin Jackson (R)
LF Dustin Ackley (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
1B Logan Morrison (L)
RF Michael Saunders (L)
C Mike Zunino (R)
SS Brad Miller (L)

RHP King Felix



Things truly have come undone for the Jays this week, but maybe that’s precisely the kind of thing that this season needed. The 2014 Blue Jays’ time is winding down, but it’s in these days that we get little moments of excitement — or… at least… y’know… semi-excitement — like the one we’re in for tonight, as Dalton Pompey makes his first major league start.

Granted, we’re maybe not quite seeing Brett Lawrie levels of maple excitement from the maple dick set. Shit, even I’m guilty — my lazy ass sure wasn’t going to whip up a clever photoshop for the occasion (not that I would have nailed it anywhere near as hard as I did on the occasion of Lawrie’s debut anyway). But I think there are some fairly reasonable reasons for that, even if Pompey really is someone we ought to be getting excited about.

The Jays’ previous beloved-prospect-with-the-right-birth-certificate was, by the time of his promotion, a regular at the high end of the various top prospect lists, after being one of the highest Canadians ever drafted, and acquired in a deal from Milwaukee for Shaun Marcum, who had been one of the Jays’ top drinkers pitchers at the time of the deal.

Pompey, on the other hand, has been into a couple games already, for one. More to the point, though, he was a 16th rounder in 2010 — and a young one at that — who didn’t play a full season as a pro until last year at Lansing, spending his previous three years with the GCL Jays, the Bluefield Blue Jays, and the Vancouver Canadians, before getting a five game taste of life as a Lugnut at the end of 2012.

He had never sniffed a Top 100 list, and — just to use a couple quick examples — wasn’t even among the top ten Blue Jays prospects for either Baseball America or Keith Law heading into any of the 2012, 2013, or 2014 seasons.

But this year was one for the ages. One where everything clicked — where all the raw tools finally, spectacularly, translated into actual on-field success.

At Dunedin, where he was a year-and-a-half younger than the average for position players, he slashed .319/.397/.471.

In New Hampshire, nearly four years younger than his position player peers, for 127 plate appearances, it was .295/.378/.473.

And in 56 PA for Buffalo it was .358/.393/.453.

Pompey, at 21, was six years younger than the average position player in the International League during his stint. He’s a fucking switch hitting, above average defensive centrefielder. And we’re worried about Anthony Gose and Kevin fucking Pillar?

This guy… this is the guy.

If it keeps working, that is. So damn right, let’s fucking see it.


Apparently Edwin Encarnacion went for an MRI on his back this afternoon. He also has already hit a home run. So… that’s good, but can we please get some fucking real grass in the Rogers Centre already?

Jeff Blair’s got an interesting piece up at Sportsnet on the Jays’ roving pitching instructor, Rick Langford.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:05 PM ET @ New York (AL); Sunday, 1:05 PM ET @ New York (AL)

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
LF Dalton Pompey (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

New York Yankees

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
C Brian McCann (L)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
LF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Stephen Drew (L)
3B Chase Headley (S)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)

RHP Big Hirok