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They may not always do it on the record, but Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun sure is a wizard when it comes to getting people to talk– especially scouts and executives with juicy, interesting things to say about the Toronto Blue Jays.

I don’t know if it’s just because he’s got so many connections he can simply print a source’s title– even including the league he works in!– and still no one will be able work backwards to figure out who’s dishing him the goods, but it’s a pretty remarkable trick he pulls, and at a big conference like the Winter Meetings, he lands some invaluable stuff.

I’ve already pulled some from his latest to us in the Escobar piece below, but there’s much more in there, and two things, in particular that stand out…

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The Gibbons Love-In

When John Gibbons was fired by the Blue Jays in 2008 we were still deep in the wake of the shitstorm that occurred when a frustrated JP Ricciardi lost his patience and accosted a Wednesdays With JP caller for suggesting the club should pursue Adam Dunn. Ricciardi, you’ll recall, insisted to the world that he’d done research on Adam Dunn, and that Jays fans wouldn’t like Adam Dunn, because Dunn didn’t actually like baseball.

The Jays were 35-39 at the time, two seasons removed from the 86-win 2006 club that stands next to 1998′s Roger Clemens/Tim Johnson year as the franchise’s best since the World Series days. They were seven years into Ricciardi’s tenure as GM, heading towards Gibbons completing his fifth fourth full year as manager, and last in the American League East, atypically behind an Orioles club that would eventually fall back to earth, and a Rays club that was in the midst of breaking out.

In terms of self-preservation for a GM who held all the power and was facing an uncomfortable number of questions about his own competency, it made too much sense to fire the manager at the time he did. And for the hopelessly cynical former president of the club, I suppose it probably even made sense to patronize the fans and jeopardize the development of the organization’s young players in order to miscast Cito Gaston as some kind of saviour.

John Gibbons’ ultimate fate was inextricably linked to these forces, even though his most glaring fault as a manager was that he didn’t have a particularly good team to work with in the first place.

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Elliott: The Return of Gibbers


Gibbons, come on! You can’t leave the desk like that!

According to a report from Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, the Jays will announce on Tuesday morning that they have re-hired John Gibbons– Gibbers!– to be the manager of the club.

No, really.

I just… I don’t know where to even begin, except to say that I hope it’s true, that I think this is friggin’ awesome, and that I’m certain people are going to absolutely hate it. And that that makes me like it even fucking more.


No fucking way!

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